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That you can read in a certain way and think you are 100% correct but then when the book comes out it means something totally different yet she hasn t actually told a fibAiden is willing to change everything to be with Keatyn some may say that is not a good thing but it shows his devotion and commitment I just hope in my heart of hearts that he is her HEA although with a forever evolving script will her HEA be with her moonboyfor sure in this book the script is continuously changing so will this reflect on Keatyn s life too It s what love is supposed to be Scary exhilarating from the top of the world to the pits of hell all consuming love As long as we re in each other s hearts we don t ever have to label our relationship As usual we have all the usual hotties in this book there is a lot of fun and you can t help but laugh at what the crazy gang get up to I love Riley he is really coming into his own and to me he really stood out in this book from the other characters The girls are no different and we still have Whitney trying to convince us that leopards do change their spotswe all now that they don t thoughI can t wait for August for Get Me however this will also be bittersweet as it will be the endI now we are going to have spin offs but this will be Keatyn s final book and I for one am not sure I am ready to let her go Hottie God ifly 3Me Are you telling me you re fly LOLHottie God I totally am but no ifly I fucking love youMe Oh Well then ifly too 3 Once again Jillian a fab read with twists and turns galore totally and utterly loved it and as I said my favourite one of the series so farwwwtheromancecovercom 5 ifly stars Words cannot express how much I love this series I ve re read all the books Some 3 4 times All my friends now how obsessed I am with the Keatyn Chronicles I am both saddened and super excited that this amazing series is coming to end So we had Stalk MeKiss Me Date MeLove Meand nowHate Me That title alone was enough to make me nervous I mean who could hate Keatie She is the greatest It is so difficult to review these books I want to say so much but I don t want to ruin anything Here are some things you have to look forward to Keatyn is at a crossroads She can fight or she can wait patiently Loved it but I m sooo glad I decided to wait until the final book was out before starting this because that endingMoving on to Get Me ASAPPre reading excitementNow that the final book is released I can finally continue with this series As always another amazing book in this fabulous series It has a little bit of everything and an ending that will have you crying for the next and last book I need Get Me like yesterday Couldn t hate if i triedSetting Flirty and Dirty Book BlogScene D has just finished reading HATE ME Keatyn Chronicles 5 by Jillian Dodd She s blown away D loves the growth in Keatyn and how that has changed the story in an amazing way Keatyn isn t a self centered spoiled rich id any Keatyn makes all her decisions and follows them for everyone close to her She is realizing what love is and how there are so many inds of love for the various people in her lifeCut to *Aiden Still Remains The Hottie God Has Actually Has Gone *still remains the Hottie God Has actually has gone Hottie God to Ultimate Hottie God OMG he is amazing So thoughtful and has the biggest Has actually has gone Hottie God to Ultimate Hottie God OMG he is amazing So thoughtful and has the biggest D wonders where were boys like him when she was in high school and if she could get a do over she would want to go to Eastbrooke Aiden and Keatyn s relationship is so sweet and how they see each other now is so much mature and thoughtfulCamera pans over the other boys of Eastbrooke Hottie God has a crew of demi gods surrounding them cue Dallas Riley Logan Jake D is hyperventilating and getting the warm and fuzzies with how sweet these boys are and warm and fuzzies with how sweet these boys are and the friendship and loyalty they have for one anotherCue the villians Chelsea and Whitney will never learn Karma is a bitch thoughFinal scene D delivers final monologue to Jillian DoddJ Dodd you rock my socks girl I have never followed a series so closely or been so excited for each and every book From Stalk Me until now in Hate Me the way you have evolved Keatyn s character sigh she has grown and matured I really enjoyed how she handled the situations in Hate MeI still wish I could castrate V with a butter Live Bait knife but Inow you will give him what s coming in Get Me As for who Keatyn will end up with it will be the right boy no matter if your fans are Team A or Team B I m Team A by the way lolI love how Cooper has got a bigger role in this installment His character is fun Oh and OMG Stockton s is the place Where were those when we were in school We didn t even have those in college I love the romance and young love in Hate Me The whole psycho stalker Vincent story line gives enough suspense to No Strings Attached keep the story uick paced Love the fashion as usual and the visual of Aiden in his Prada s and tux is just swoon Not sure if I can wait until August for the next one Yes that was a doozie of a cliffhanger but it is so worth it I HATE that I can t GET until summerRolling credits If you haven t entered the world of the Keatyn Chronicles you are missing out Jillian has given the YANA genre a makeover She s added a hot trendy vibe to it making it about being fun young and in love The Keatyn Chronicles must be read in order toeep with the story line Look for GET ME book 6 coming this summer to an ereader near you Who will Keatyn end up with and what will Vincent s final scene beHate Me gets 55 stars Rated 17 for strong language suggestive scenes. Rest and move on But he hasn't In fact her being gone has only made things worse for her family and friends So it's time to take matters into her own hands It's time for her to start fighting back Hey Vincent You ready for a little chaos. Oy YA then you need to READ THIS SERIESNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to wwwrealitybites letsgetlostblogspot Like us on Facebook wwwfacebookcomrealitybitesletsgetlost Copy Fancy Strut kindly provided by author for an honest review 112213 Finished Adore Me and LOVED IT I need this book ASAP8 10 13That moment when you realize you have to wait until April 2014 to read the next book in the Keatyn Chronicles And then slowly you remember that the novella will be out this year in November and suddenly you perk upPre order Adore Melink date November 23 2013 This is installment of The Keatyn Chronicles was a bit slower Hate Me had that transitional feel so while some very important things happen it wasn t uiet as entertaining as the other books have been That said after the 12 way mark I was very interested things pick and heat up LOVED playing pool with Aiden And that ending has me super anxious to get my hands on Come and Get Me Who is Keatyn s moon boy Only one book to go Hate Me Keatyn Chronicles 5 by Jillian Dodd5 IFLY stars It means we re going to survive theiln too No matter how high the heat I have to say this is my favourite of the series so far and that is saying something I have always tried to justify reading this series to myself as being 40 I should be past reading about high school antics and teenagers but I am seriously addicted to this series I had a crap time at school really really bad the victim of bullies my school life was hell so I missed out on all the fun and frolics so I live vicariously through Keatyn in this series and live the school life I feel that I should have had That is the beauty of the series you are never too oldA lot happens in this book and as much as I would love to spill the beans I can t seriously it would spoil it too much But the biggest development in this book is Keatyn herself She really grows up she takes charge of her life and of her destiny and the fate of her family She is selfless in this book and everyone comes before her even her friends a far cry from the slightly selfish Keatyn that we first encountered in Stalk Me Keatyn has got to the point of fight or flight in this book but Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka knowing how ballsy our Keatyn is she chooses the fight option Coming up with plans to draw Vincent out into the open hoping to fluster him to the point that he makes mistakes Keatyn puts her own life on the line to put her cunning plan into motion Certain people are there for her and others she thought she could rely on fail her but she has a trusty team on her side none so than Grandpa Gah I love this man teamGrandpa Glad to see I taught you well Just remember any idiot can poke a rattlesnake with a stick but a wise mannows exactly how long that stick is Everyone nows I am a staunch Team Aiden fan and those that are will not be disappointed well maybe a little He really pulls out all the stops in this book he swoons he romances he is just so darn perfect and you do feel the chemistry between them radiate off the page Maybe I am setting myself up for a huge fall and bitter disappointment but I truly hope that Keatyn s HEA is with Aiden Their connection is not just physical it is emotional and I feel that they are soul mates ying and yang For the first time Aiden S Thoughts And Feelings Are thoughts and feelings are into this book and it was beautiful to read Even the Team B people must feel that Aiden really comes into his own in this book Whilst I appreciate you never forget your first love the type of connection that these two have is one of those once in a lifetime ones I love that these two have not really delved into the physical side of their relationship they are concentrating on building the foundations Keatyn has never approached a relationship like this and it is this that is another sign of her growth and maturity These two really begin to gel as a couple and even though Keatyn s secrets are not out in the open Keatyn takes the approach that if they *Were Truly Meant To *truly meant to then when the real truth is finally revealed he would understand and they would still be together Even though the truth may hurt Aiden in the first instance I feel positive that he will understand Keatyn s reasoning and her necessity to protect those closest to her At the end of the day in a roundabout way she has revealed the truth to him and nowing how intelligent Aiden is I am sure he will re group connect the dots and stand by her side at least I hope so And does this iss ever speak It s a iss that s emotional than it is sexual It s a iss that says all our fighting all our misunderstandings our lack of communication all the hurt feelings
worth itits emotion mixed with And I decide that might be the most powerful combination of all Brooklyn well I couldn t help but feel even detached from him than I did before in this book He may come up with plans ideas and be Keatyn s sounding board but I feel that he never seems to follow through none so in this book He still wants to be the best that he can be and follow his dreams leaving Keatyn to find and fight her own that is no bad thing but I just felt he was pulling away in this book Absence doesn t seem to be making the heart grow fonder with these two Keatyn is seeing a different side to Brooklyn but I do feel that this is maybe Jillian s way of making us think one thing and then she will hit us with something totally different She is clever like that as we all now She may be the ueen of words she has this A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 knack of saying one thing. Girl Pretty Little Liars and reality TV will devour this pulse pounding sexy teen drama set against the backdrop of Hollywood and an East Coast boarding school Keatyn was told if she went away the stalker would forget about her lose inte. Ifly I fucking love you Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this installment as Keatyn ends up heading back to school Great scenes with the gang at school involving all sorts of activities as well as a lot of time spent with There were very steamy scenes as well as Keatyn trying to lure Vincent to make a move on her in an attempt to put an end to the danger that has separated her from her friends and familySadly my guy seems to be out of the running Dawson Please Jillian give him another shot The God of All Hotties was complete perfection in this book and once again I found Brooklyn to be a major disapointment A reader will be excited that Jillian Dodd has definitely narrowed the playing field down to two guys for the Moon Boy big reveal Aidennows part of me The me I ve become But part of me is home with my family B I Love My Dad knows the old me Henows my family and understands my life Neither of them All about Us know all of me The ending was terrific and I m hyped for the finale and hopefully some amazing spin off series 5 I couldn t hate you if I tried Stars Hate Me begins with Keatyn having to make a decision She has spent the last few books running and hiding from Vincent and she is tired of running She is exhausted and feels responsible for the hardship and turmoil Vincent has caused her her friends and her family Keatyn has to make a choice continue to hide and wait or fight back What I loved about this installment lots and lots of God of All of Hotties Aiden is seriously one of the most swoon worthy characters I have ever read about and he didn t let me down in Hate Me I ve never asked you to promise me forever Boots he says the hint of a smirk playing on his lips Just promise me tomorrow I wasn t sure how anyone could ever hate my Glitter Whore Keatyn but Ms Dodd worked it out perfectly I loved the direction this book took and choices made I cannot wait to read about Keatyn and the Gang I ve been stalked andissed and dated and loved but now I can see it clearly on their faces Hate For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways 35 disappointed stars I got bored half the book That is a first in this series The last 30% of this book worths reading and I can t wait to finally read the last book Yessss 4 days to go Cannt wait my fav series of all timesCome to me babyHere a series that the the author writes the readers are addicted I woo you Jillian to write for us I must admit that I usually hate authors that extend the series and very often I do not continue to book 2 3 etc because it not interest me enough to go on Maybe because the writting is boring or the story is boring But This series is above every other one The way you write is funny the characters are lovable and the story is nice I would love to watch it on Tv Well done Jillian SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised45 STARS *out of 5Genre Young Adult RomanceSuspense45 IFLY STARS I took discretion is advised45 STARS *out of 5Genre Young ADULT ROMANCESUSPENSE45 IFLY STARS I TOOK RomanceSuspense45 IFLY STARS I took time and I posted *of 5Genre Young Adult RomanceSuspense45 IFLY STARS I took my precious time and I posted updates because I want people to read and get the full experience that is Stalk Me Kiss Me Date Me Love Me HATE MEBe prepared Jillian Dodd did an AMAZING job This book is daring angst filled emotionally charged and shocking Excuse me while I step away to sip on somethingOk I m back now Honestly I m still trying to wrap my head around it My thoughts are so scrambled Alright here is what I can say while eeping it as spoiler free as possibleThis book left me breathless with sweaty palms and my heart racing a mile a minuteHow is you ending up dead a win CooperFight or Flight in Hate Me Keatyn has had enough She is done with allowing Vincent to be in control and she s decided to take things in to her own hands Every choice she makes puts her in a life or death situation Meanwhile everything with her and Aiden is perfect well as perfect as things can be As for Brooklyn it seems like he is slowly slipping through her fingers Or is heKeatyn longs for things to be back to normal She wants to be reunited with her family Or if anything have her family united and out of harms wayCharacter Breakdowns Magnifiue Keatyn steps up in a BIG way in this book She is bold tenacious and cunning as she faces off with her enemy in a very unexpected way I cheered K on the whole time and so will you I felt her highs and her lows She became selfless in a fight for her life Her freedom Readers will not be disappointedThe Boys SWOOOONEvery scene with Aiden left me swooning Be prepared ladies he is panty melting and oh so sweetRiley and Dallas are still adorable funny and lovableJake MAJOR SWOOOOONDawsonDawson surprised me a little In a good way Brooklyn iswell Brooklyn rolls eyes I ind of felt bad for him at one point thoughHIGHLIGHTS In no particular order Rumors Top of the Eiffel tower at sunset Control in the chaos The Prince Stockton s Mr Cooper wiggles eyebrows Happy Birthday x two Knox A game of Pool That magical tongue Fight or Flight HATE ME Naughty Chocolate More lies My ThoughtsJust when I think I now which way the story is going I get thrown a curve ball There are a lot of surprises some good some bad Jillian Dodd does an AWESOME job at setting up for Get Me and now I am waiting with baited breath for August to get hereParting word It seems Keatyn is not the only actress amongst her classmatesMy RatingsCharacters Loved most hated a fewWriting Style Fun Witty and SavoryPlotStoryline UnputdownableSteam Factor MediumModerately Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 6Entertainment Level From Low Med High I say HIGH Overall LOVED ITMy Recommendation If you enj. From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the sixth book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale romance with swoon worthy characters suspense and a glittering celebrity world Fans of Gossip. ,