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Er the top the book really is a romantic comedy anime in literature form with a slightly darker tone underlying the foolishnessKnow what you re getting into and you ll enjoy it If you don t enjoy that sort of story you wont find anything to change your #mind herenow excuse me i m off to #hereNow excuse me i m off to the next volume This was the most twisted rom com I ve read and I need of it lol A bunch of murderer s in a reform school and its a rom com what I need to get Volume 2 soon lol Another light novel where when I first started reading it I was not so sure about it Unlike others however it wasn t the writing style language used or immature comedy involving over sized breasts though there s that too and poorly written to bootIt was actually the hyper violence In his closing notes the author comments on how this is a love comedy and they wanted to keep the stench of blood to a level where it wouldn t overpower the romance I am not sure how this came across to others but I got very little romance other than the basic anime esk take on what romance is and a whole lot of blood violence and near death Now that said on what romance is and a whole lot of blood violence and near death Now that said gets toned down as the book goes on with some of the bloodiest and detailed violence happening in the opening act rather than later on in the book which is why I was so slow to read it initially and then read it faster as things went onThe characters are interesting and enough so that you will want to keep reading to find out ust why they are who they are and why they are in this school There s a very nice and surprising twist about 23 of the way through the book and I was very pleased when it came about It changed the dynamic of the entire story and is the sole reason I picked up the second book in the series because before that I had already decided that I would go no further than this book It is also the reason this is a three star book rather than a two star oneThough the writing is very much in line with a lot of light novels I found that I actually paid it less attention with this book especially in the later chapters It actually fit some of the insane things that went on and fit the characters fairly well Though the one with the speech impediment oi does that get old fast and annoying even faster Do I recommend this light novel I m not sure I enjoyed certain aspects of it The combat was handled really well the characters were interesting and the overall plot was handled well But there were a lot of things that annoyed the heck Out Of Me Especially of me especially character s G sized breastsSo really I would recommend it to people looking for a non fantasy light novel Otherwise there are better light novels out there Omg I love the premise of this book wrongly accused school of murders and ust psychos all the while trying to maintain your innocence while not trying to look weak This light novel follows the MC perfectly with him trying to navigate this weird school of literal crazy people who are charged with actual crimes there is no fluffy I didn t do it no they are crazy From the beginning to the end I enjoyed reading this book it was one crazy event after another You would laugh than worry than laugh again than truly see drama and wonder will he get out of it ok Great book Loved it so much I got book 2 3 4 and enjoyed them as well. ?コメ 殺人鬼と死春期を Zip Rar RapidgatorUploaded Toggle navigation ZIP RAR DL MANGA 水城水城 サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を 第 巻 April ziprar 小説Novel 水城水城 サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を 第 巻 Rapidgator Psycomevrar Psycomevrar Psycomevrar Psycomevrar Psycomevrar PsycomeUnplagued サイコメ LINEマンガ サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を 作者 水城水城 サイコメ 殺人姫と林監学校 作者 水城水城 サイコメ 殺人希と期末死 験 作者 水城水城 サイコメ 殺人忌と裏盆会を 作者 水城水城 サイコメ 殺人機と体育災を 作者 水城水城 サイ 【書籍】サイコメ文庫版 <~巻> 水城水城 サイコメ殺人鬼と死春期を サイコメ殺人姫と林監学校 サイコメ殺人希と期末死験 サイコメ殺人忌と裏盆会を 型番 c 中古販売価格 円税込 soldout サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期をのレビュー一覧 | ソ 「サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を」についてのみんなの感想・評価・レビューです。電子書籍はソニー【Reader Store】。国内最大級の品揃え!無料本も多数!.

A Long Time Dead Mike Hammer
サイコメ 1 殺人鬼と死春期をI ve no idea what book the other reviewers here thought they read but this is a heaping trash pile The premise other reviewers here thought they read #BUT THIS IS A HEAPING TRASH #this is a heaping trash The premise interesting enough and the illustrator is great but don t let that fool you this is a terrible novelAnd it s awful in both ways it could be awful for a translated work The original script is poor with characters that will have you in a perpetual wince with their words and actions dumb scenarios derived from idiot plots ie scenarios that would be instantly fixed if the characters actually talked to each other and did the things you expect them to do like rational people and strange sharp turns toward sexually suggestive content eg one moment the protagonist will be going on mental rant about a murderous female classmate of his and the very next sentence he s talking about the color of her panties in vivid detailThen the translation is ust as bad too with some of the most awkward sentence structures and literal translations I ve seen that put this in line with a fan translation than a professional translation Lonestar Sanctuary jobThis is the first LN I try from Yen Press line of light novels and I m honestly very weary about trying others Even if it was priced at half of what it is now it wouldn t be a good purchase I hate to be a debbie downer but calling this anything other than terrible is being deceitful I ve been pretty deep in anime culture for over a decade and I m not really phased by the common tropes and things so understand I m not coming at this from a point of view of prudishness It sust that bad A fun readAn interesting concept thats kind of like a cross between Assassination Classroom and Criminale with some good humour specific to the genre Their was a boy named Kyousuke Lived With His lived with his and their parents was on vacation Kyousuke went for a walk at a abandoned place but their was a murder at that stop not long the police went after him thinking it was him but he ended up in a school to straighten them up with other killers His sister was worried then anything through the book He got to meet new friends through the book as well I think this book was interesting for an anime book but like a book you actually read like a real american book not like comic strips I liked the fact that the book had many emotions in it not one specific emotion like sad and serious this book haves multiple emotions The only uestion i would have on this book is did Kyousuke get out of the school from the other books PanderingThat s the only way to describe this bookTaking a big gulp of every trope cliche and 21st century approved sensationalism Mizuhiro s Psycome is a transparent chore pleading for money from that most desperate and willing to spend crowd the stereotypical male otakujuvenileloserHarem lead little sister incest fun with rape panty shots falling down with hands landing on a girl s chest I can t even bother to go on But it s all there every form of pandering possibleI don t understand why yenpress has boiled their efforts of light novel localizations down to these harem works but this is the end of it for me I really can t handle another one of these books as the points getting ticked off my I with each of these light novels has become frighteningIt isn t erotic it isn t comedic and it isn t entertaining If you have. サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を |無料試し読みなら サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を|未成年犯罪者を集めた施設「プルガトリウム更生学院」。普通の高校生である神谷京輔かみやきょうすけは冤罪によって学院に入学させられてしまう。周りには、いつも気だるそうな紅羽鋭利人殺害、常に怯えて涙目の五十嵐舞那人殺害、なぜかガスマスク ヨドバシcom サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期 サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を(KADOKAWA) 電子書籍の通販ならヨドバシカメラの公式サイト「ヨドバシcom」で!レビュー、A、画像も盛り沢山。ご購入でゴールドポイント取得!今なら日本全国へ全品配達料金無料、即日・翌日お届け実施中。 サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を(水城水城) ファミ 【無料試し読みあり】サイコメ 殺人鬼と死春期を(水城水城)ファミ通文庫)未成年犯罪者を集めた施設「プルガトリウム更生学院」。普通の高校生である神谷京輔かみやきょうすけは冤罪によって学院に入学?.