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Thing butTanya is the daughter of a drug addict who overdosed and Died She Is The She is the of a two time cancer survivor Tanya is a recovering alcoholic who uses meaningless sex with men as a way to punish herself for not being a better daughter sex with men as a way to punish herself for not being a better daughter sisterJack is privileged from a wealthy yet distant family He has just spent the last two years in Guyana working for the Peace Corps He s the brother of a clinically depressed man who almost died in an xplosion Jack is lost in a world he no longer understands or feels he fits intoTanya is told in first person through the yes of both Tanya and Jack This is a mesmerizing story of two siblings who feel guilty for the way they treated their siblings in the past They are both lost souls What is so wonderful about this story is that these two have gone as low as they can go but are trying to better themselves Unfortunately they don t see how far they have come or the way those who love them see themTanya is a story about going to the dark side and fighting your way back into the light It s about realizing that what may be normal for other people isn t normal for you and it s okay It s about realizing that we all make mistakes and that we have to own them It s about realizing that our past is our past and it doesn t define who we are Tanya is about realizing who you are and discovering the person you want to beSource Author 45 stars Great read short and sweet I somehow managed not to realize until I started it that it connected to Hurricane Lily The Bridge and Fault Lines It was fun to revisit all those couples I should have been diligent about checking out RRM after having so many feelings about The Bridge back when I read it literally years ago but while I was mooning through my Kindle looking restlessly for something to read on lockdown I discovered I d also purchased TanyaThis is a semi follow up The Bridge and I would recommend reading The Bridge first because otherwise seeing Henry and Christa preparing for a wedding won t melt you to goo uite so ffectively packing a similar degree of intensity into a similar slight page countTanya is about well Tanya Christa s alcoholic sister who abandoned her midway through her first round of chemo and Henry s brother Jack recently turned from doing something I think it s fairly asy. Xperience Tanya joins her sister’s bridal party at an upscale mountain lodge There she meets the groom’s family for the first time including his brother Jack just home from the Peace Corps and reeling from his night with the bold be. This joint review was originally published at The Book PushersMeka I discovered Rebecca Rogers Maher s writings when I reviewed The Bridge After giving it high praise and feeling as though the book had trounced all over my motions I could hardly wait to get my hands on tanya i went in to this on Tanya I went in to this with very high xpectations Perhaps that was unfair of me but I can t always help the

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that I I wanted this story to wow me to motionally lay me open the way that The Bridge did In some respects it succeeded but somewhere it fell flat for meMarlene I also found Rebecca Rogers Maher through reviewing The Bridge In fact in the promo copy they used to get us to pick the book the review they are uoting is mine Which is weird but awesome The Bridge was heart rending and gut wrenching and kept my The Shadow Reader emotions set on puree long after I finished it I was hoping for a similar kind of book hangover after reading Tanya but instead Inded with of a meh Maher has a knack for writing highly damaged characters and yet somehow making me believe in their happy Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ending She should probably see about bottling this talent she d be a millionaire within minutesTanya is a continuation of the author sarlier novella The Bridge It does stand alone fairly well but the past romantic couple is directly tied to this story featuring the past heroine s sister and the past hero s brother For that reason I felt like they sometimes overshadowed this new romance And while I think Maher does an xcellent job writing in a shorter format with this particular story I found myself just flat out wanting of Tanya and Jack Still it s a very good story and Maher is asily one of my favorite writers currently working today She writes challenging different stories that you might not necessarily be in love with but that you can t help appreciate all the same On my personal rating scale I gave this story a B Seemed like a long The Power Of A Choice epilogue than its own story Last year I read The Bridge by Rebecca Rogers Maher a very powerful novella about two people who meet when they are on a bridge ready to commit suicide As you can Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book ReviewsSometimes it s justasier to be screwed up than allow yourself to try to be happy to try to be normal What is normal when your whole life has been any. Tanya a recovering alcoholic meets Jack at a roadside stop on the way to her sister’s wedding Hoping to drown her sorrows in the company of a stranger she brings him back to her motel room The next day shaken by the intensity of the ,
To give a character a disorderillness to xplain their actions and create drama whether it be depression substance abuse tc I think it s much harder to pay the subject matter the proper I think it s much harder to pay the subject matter the proper and weave a believable romance into the mix This is a pet peeve of mine and Rebecca Rogers Maher never lets me downIn Tanya Rogers Maher crafts a gorgeous unflinching story of recovery guilt and redemption that never takes the asy way out but also never drowns in a sea unnecessary angst I m always floored when I pick up her books xpecting a depressing tale but instead Find Realistic Flawed Yet realistic flawed yet characters and a story that leaves me filled with joy and hope I feel like I learn things reading her books How to live life fully how to appreciate the things and people I have in my lifeI can t say about Tanya that isn t already in the summary other than read it Read The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right everything she writes You won t be disappointed My friend Andrea wrote a detailed review if you would like to check it outWe first hear about both Tanya and Jack as the siblings of the troubled Christa and Henry in The Bridge While you don t need to have read that book first it will increase yournjoyment of Tanya immensely leave you weeping with joy at the Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling end It s beautiful to see how Tanya and Jack who aren t portrayed in the most flattering light in The Bridge come full circle both as a couple and as a family unit There is also a cameo with a character from Fault Lines Again it s not necessary to have read it first but it s nice to catch up and revisit old favorites You can read my review of The Bridge here It was on my Top Reads list for 2013Rebecca Rogers Maher has a lot of great posts on her blog this week as part of the TANYA Blog Tour Right Here at Home about realistic romancexplicit sex scenes recovery happy Monsieur Pain endings and If you re not sure about picking up this book yet Incourage you to check it outReview originally posted on For What It s Worth on 5114 VERY good I really loved the writing too so I ll b one clicking all of the author s books Dark and gritty just how I like my books xcept the speech at the nd Blah I can never readwatch those I would love to read a full length novel from Maher Not a breezy asy light hearted read A bit dark twisted and angsty But its original and interestin. Autiful woman he thought he’d never see againBoth at a crossroads in their lives Tanya and Jack collide for one xplosive weekend Will they choose the safety of past regrets or will they be brave nough to mbrace the present together. .

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Tanya author Rebecca Rogers Maher