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The Only Thing to FearOkay Wow The first time we were introduced to this book I was thinking OH MY GOD This is gonna rock Actually no But you get the oint The back of the book seemed like a different world that would introduce new Die Geschichte Des Leistungs Und Beitragsrechts Der Gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung Von 1889 Bis Zum Beginn Der Rentenreform perspectives The title back of the book and beginningages seemed really interesting But once we actually started to read the book I thought that it was going to be the most ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji] predictable book in the history Everything especially Zara and Bastian wasredictable and seemed childish The connection was not there and it such a WIERD romance Also the set up of the book seemed really odd to me like it was backwards andor it missed important scenarios or situations Overall I would not read this book again and it wasn t as good as I thought it was gonna be Dear The Only Thing to FearAll I needed to do was see your cover and read your synopsis and I immediately wanted to read you WWII is one of my favorite topics and Nazis are the most intimidating villains history has seen I had no doubt I would like you Only Thing to Fear and I was not disappointedYou explore a very intriguing and very frightening what if What if the Nazis had won In Zara s world they did It s eighty years after the Allies lost WWII and the world has been divided up among the Axis owers Italy Japan and Germany Ever since the Nazis super soldiers Anomalies with bizarre owers flooded the battlefront an uneasy truce has existed between the Nazi Empire and the Soviets But the Nazi world may be on the brink of collapse Zara is half American half Japanese and she has lived in Nazi America all of her life scraping and bowing to the Aryans at every turn She does all she can to go unnoticed because if the Nazis knew what she was a non German Anomaly she d be shot But war is brewing The Soviets are getting restless and the Revolutionary Alliance is aiming for the heart of the Empire Zara s mother and uncle are already involved her Scottish Rite powers may be just what they need to winI applaud your accuracy Only Thing to Fear Minus the Anomalies and their superheroowers you resent a very believable image of what the world might have been like had the Allies lost Punishment is swift and brutal there is no messing around with this totalitarian regime The Capitol of Panem couldn t hold a matchstick to this government And while the story takes lace eighty years later there s still a 40 s era charm to the styleI sympathized with Zara who has lost so much Her mother shot in an Alliance raid gone wrong humbled and humiliated at every turn hiding in constant fear of her Life Among the Surrealists powers being discovered She has a fighting spirit and wants to do everything she can to oppose the Nazis Sometimes this led to facealm worthy brash actions This brashness also made me sympathize with her Uncle Red Loss and fear made him cautious I got tired of his inaction but I understoodWhat surprised me most though was your lack of a love triangle You had the setup Bastian a gentle kind handsome German boy who wants to join the Alliance and Garrison the rugged courageous rebel leader Both very likable young men both a little older than Zara I have seen this a thousand times Only Thing to Fear love triangleNo Garrison is hardly in the book and Zara doesn t notice him beyond him being the courageous rebel leader someone to admire Her affections are solidly engaged by Bastian and Garrison thinks of her as a kid This threw me for a Ä pleasantly surprising loop No love triangle I m still confoundedYourlot was good I thoroughly enjoyed it I was happy that I could totally side with the rebels and I appreciated how you took the time to world build without slowing down But towards the end you started going too fast and before I knew it you were over Your ending is very open no seuel but certainly room for one if Caroline Tung Richmond decided to write one So I can t accuse you of being too tidy you weren t It s very clear that this is just the beginning But as Zara The ABC of Communism progressed through her mission I kept saying to myself Wait wait slow down This is already happeningI loved you Only Thing to Fear You were nearerfection Believable good characters a frightening what if and an ending that just came too fast But I m not sure I can hold that against youFeeling leased Mara Three stars An interesting read that blends a terrifying alternate

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with the X is sick and tired of being oppressed and having to watch her every move She wants To Stand U This Book stand u This book okay It had an interesting concept and lot but some things were very redictable aka the romance The German words made it hard for the book to flow at times It was a treacherous four and a half months of reading because the whole class wanted to move on to a different book The book ended very abruptly and left me wondering why the author would write an ending like that This was liketwo and a half stars I like the idea of a young adult what if Hitler had won book My local school district does a unit on the Holocaust and genocide so I was hoping that this would be a great suggestion for the teachers to give to the kids who are interested in further reading And look no it doesn t have to be filled with footnotes to back up research or filled with years and years of world building because the book actually takes lace 80ish years after Hitler wins but there was a lot of development that I thought was missing What does the rest of the world look like How does the Japanese controlled western half of the US act differently than the German controlled Eastern half I thought that the science fiction element of When The Light Went Out powers stemming from gene work wasn t a terrible idea because of the Nazi obsession with genetics But of course Zara the main character gets to be one of the super rare ones I guess that s to be expected With the lack of world building came the Nazis who in my humble opinion could have been worse We geteople saying cruel things to Zara because she is bi *RACIAL AND THERE IS A PUBLIC *and there is a ublic the eople live in overty but I don t know I think Richmond went a little soft handed with this Overall it wasn t terrible I doubt I d read it again and I wouldn t extol its virtues to teachers but it has an interesting remise that unfortunately it doesn t deliver Source Netgalley35 starsThe Only Thing to Fear is an imaginative dystopian featuring two strong leads and a chilling setting Author Caroline Tung Richmond takes readers to a world where Hitler won WWII and the Axis เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร powers divided America Nothing of the old republic is left besides old memories Protagonist Zara however is determined to change that by joining the underground rebel group and helpinglot the Fuhrer s assassinationThe Only Thing to Fear is creative and it has a lot of atmosphere with Nazis atrolling the streets and swastikas decorating the towns It is not however as much of an actual alternate history as I had envisioned Richmond does follow a few threads of history into the future imagining a world where the Nazi still hunt down undesirables like the Jews and encourage good Aryans to have large families to erpetuate their lines German children attend military academies and everyone else goes to work Despite all this it becomes apparent early in the book that the lot and characters could have existed in any other dystopian world With the added science fiction element some humans have developed superpowers from all the Nazis gene. In a stunning reimagining of history debut author Caroline Tung Richmond weaves an incredible story of secrets and honor in a world where Hitler won World War IIIt's been nearly 80 years since the Allies lost WWII in a crushing defeat against Hitler's genetically engineered super soldiers America has been carved up by the victors and 16 year old Zara lives a life of oppressi. Tic tinkering this book does not need Nazis at all They add a specific flavor to the dystopian world but they are not necessaryAs for the characters Zara is an excellent 待つ [Matsu] protagonist one whose skills balance out her flaws She occasionally lapses into what areet eeves for many YA readers being overly dramatic over nothing and taking stupid risks in attempts to look brave but these are decisions she makes moments in her life they are not her defining characteristics As a whole Zara is brave and determined and beguilingly trusting in a world where she has no reason to trustLove interest Bastian is subtly swoony the forbidden German romance in a handsome six foot ackage He also has a spectrum of character traits strong enough to renounce his role in German society and tender enough to look after his mother in a hardened worldThe rebels could use a little work or at least a little intelligence Several years ago one of their members was captured and the Brainwashing of the German Nation plans of a vital mission were revealed during torture So one would expect them to stop revealing the full details of importantlans to everyone who comes along including new recruits whom they have no reason to trust This is Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) perhaps a silly detail but readers may have trouble believing in the validity of a rebel group that has no idea how toroperly lan a missionWhile the setting and characters are generally strong the themes of the novel disappoint Alternate history and dystopian are both genres that readily lend themselves to exploring important life uestions and The Only Thing to Fear misses its chance to do so Although the book is about a teenager who joins a lot to kill the Fuhrer it does not really address the implications of what it means to kill someone And that is a mistake Zara is not a dystopian automaton who has been raised to kill like the rotagonists of Legend or Reboot She is a farmhand and a cleaning girl No matter how many executions she has witnessed she is not a murdererThere are also a few moments in the book where there are clear opportunities to segue into a discussion of how the rebels are different from the Nazis Both are killing eople they do not like So are they different If so why The book never tackles this uestion either even when it seems a second away from raising itIn the end I really did enjoy The Only Thing to Fear The writing is strong and clear The characters are complex and well developed And the setting is chill inducing The book simply is not keen on Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns philosophy or on discussing any of the themes it clearly brings up during the course of the action It is all about the show and the ride and is not very concerned with what it all means which is disappointing Zara slan to keep her head down and just lod through life is not working out Partly due to the fact that she was not raised that way Largely because of the erplexing unwanted attention from Bastian Not just any Nazi the son of a colonel knows better than anyone that Aryans do not mingle with sub humans Although she s not Jewish to the Germans as half breed stock she falls into the same category Fit for only factory or farm work Certainly not for fraternizingZara s earliest memories are of her mother and Uncle Red leading the local Alliance all efforts into eradicating the Nazi rule She could not wait to be old enough to join them Before she could reach the coveted age though a mission went terribly wrong and Uncle Red s attitude was adversely affected Compounding an already complex matter in her grief and frustration Zara s Ouroboros power emerged No one was stunned than she was to discover that she was an AnomalySelect Germans had been gifted withowers enabling them to conuer the Allies so many years ago The remaining Anomalies serve in an elite division of the Nazi military When the rare non Aryan Anomaly is discovered things are a bit different That Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 poor soul will be taken to a laboratory to be studied tested and ultimately dissected Zara has two huge secrets to keep if she hopes to stay under the radar of the suspicious Germans Having Bastian hovering bugging her may just be the last straw Aryans speak to hereople for only a handful of reasons none of them good Most worrisome they would never ever feign interest in the Alliance even as a sick joke She may not know what Bastian is truly up to but Zara not know what Bastian is truly up to but Zara know that she s no time for the likes of him There are brutal deaths to be avenged and one very last chance for her to convince Uncle Red that she belongs with the AllianceIt s no wonder I ve seen The Only Thing to Fear by Caroline Tung Richmond on so many students To Read lists This fast aced action acked Sci Fi story of what if is simply stellar And I absolutely love the atypical ending which was not gratuitous but rather allowed the narrative to wrap up a bit naturally with an authentic feel This review was written by jv oore for Buried Under Books with huge thanks for the Advance Review Copy to be donated to my favorite classroom library *Crossposted The Library MistressI *The Library MistressI 15 when I first learned about Nazism extensively We were studying World History and it was then when I first met Winston Churchill and started idolizing him Leader Historian Nobel Prize in Literature winner but that s another story alright History fascinates me If not for our History teacher being so grumpy and our class scheduled so early I know I could have aced that class Truth be told our class failed World History miserably another story to be told in full next time and I was from then on branded as the girl who fights the History teacher the girl who reads history books just to get on her History teacher s nerves and the girl who will never graduate along with the Honors class This however is not an entry about my History teacher but just a relude on why my high school friends always associate me with two things Superman and Nazi forget Superman and just focus on the latter My BFF even gave me a swastika bag I decided against osting the hoto here to spare you guys of my Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion puke worthy teenage selfie because I really am engrossed with Nazism ever since I laid eyes on that Nazi coffee table book we have at home I totally despise Hitler and everything he did but there s something in that symbol that captured me I am very weird like that I later on learned that swastika came from the Sanskrit word svastika which meant good fortune and that made me feel a little better about myself Hahahaha And so when I found out that a new Young Adult book about Hitler came out I becamearticularly interested especially when I learned about its remise that is so much different from The Diary of a Young Girl and The Book Thief The remise is simple yet very though Punainen metsä provoking What if Hitler won World War II I really never thought of that before Where will we be now and what will the world look like if we were dominated by the Aryan race What will happen especially to us who do not share the same height and hair and skin color I started asking myself if I d ever be accustomed to shouting Hail Hitler or maybe just maybe I can flee whilst singing away like the Von Trapp family Teehee I know bad joke That is the world ourrotagonist Zara is in The world where everyone is obliged to adore the Hitlers the world where the Germans are the master race and a half Japanese like her is treated like rug well everybody is treated as rug as long as you aren t Germa. On in the Eastern America Territories Under the iron rule of the Nazis the government strives to maintain a master race controlling everything from jobs to genetics Despite her mixed heritage and hopeless social standing Zara dreams of the free America she's only read about in banned books A revolution is growing and a rogue rebel group is lotting a deadly coup Zara might
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N and not serving in the governmentThe world Richmond built in this book is not what I actually realized it to be but it worked just as well it only had a tinge of Dystopian like air to it so I find it just hard not to compare Zara to Katniss Let it be known that I will always compare every Dystopian book to The Hunger Games Zara like Katniss is headstrong and Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work persevere Zara wants change and her heart is full of anger and her mind is full oflans of revenge I Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents: The Politics of Leadership from Roosevelt to Reagan particularly didn t like that about her becauseositivity Have courage and be kind remember but it only made her real human like someone living in such dire situationLiking this book really came too easy for me It has all the right ingredients for a great book The conflict the heartaches kilig scenes care of Bastian I also like that even though Zara can really be stubborn she can also be so vulnerable when it comes to A Spectre Is Haunting Texas people she care about I d also like tooint out that it made me so happy that the author cut off the budding love triangle right away because I am not ready to rant I am Team Bastian all the way Hahaha Zara sank into her chair stung Here was her chance to finally join the Alliance but even Garrison had shot her down She didn t know what else she needed to do to become a Tilak Kathalu part of the resistance kill the F hrer with her bare handsSeriously now what I hate about this book is its stand on moralityarticularly murder The statement above is just one roof that this book romotes murder as long as you will be killing the bad guy I know I know you really kill the bad guy in some of the books but the oint I want to hammer home is you don t justify it especially that your readers are teens and your lead characters are of their age as well or really this is just about morals and good customs Murder is a crime against humanity and by being a murderer what makes you different from the bad guy I know you guys will throw THG on me and I dare say that Katniss killing President Coin is the lowest art of Mockingjay for me I really can t stand murder I could have given this full five stars if not for my morality issue I mean the Anomaly and Dual Anomaly concept is great I definitely like how the story was weaved as I ve said above it was heart tugging all the thought The Why Cafe provoking but why does it have to be about killing And why does the killing need to be unacceptable Why Why does it affect me like this WhyyyyyWhat I don t understand is why we have to kill Dieter He ll be dead in months Uncle Red asked not touching his food What s theoint of killing him now See Even Uncle Red could not understandAlene grunted while she reached into her ocket and ulled out a small handheld camcorder You need to tape the assassination Otherwise this whole thing is for nothing Yes and Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) proclaim to the world that you are a murderer alright Why he said taken aback We have to for the Alliance broadcast If it were up to her they would kill the F hrer and leave right afterward but the Alliance needed this footage for the mission to succeedSomeone someone tell me why they have to broadcast the killing My I suddenly dropped and I cannot comprehend We ve suffered under the F hrer s oppressive rule for decades but tonight we claim our freedom Zara didn t know where these words were coming from but she didn t uestion themYou know what I remember Yes Katniss sroposNot for Zara killer of the F hrer the Mischling the kami who had slain the most owerful man in the worldNot typing anything because I don t want to rant No No NoZara had gone to bed as just another Kleinbauer and had arisen as the face of the AllianceThe Mockingjay Ahuh AhuhIt took me a long while before writing this iece but I still can relieve all the feelings I had the day I closed the review copy handed to me I even came to a Soul of Dust point wherein I asked myself if I am just singling out Zara since I haven t felt this much about other lead characters not even Katniss Or maybe it s because I ve expected so much from Zara and I ve expected her to do the right thing the right thing for me that isThis is theart where I write my recommendationYou have to read this book and tell me it s okay that Zara murdered the F hrer Ugh I was so excited for the concept of the book An alternate history what if The first 14 gave some historical insight that could have turned out to be true what if the Soviets and Hitler had honored the Non Aggression Shadow Game pact and Hitler never turned on them Then Germany would have had a better chance of winning the war That believable The Soviets laterossibly turning on the Germans believable The Italian economy collapsing first believable Nazi medicine leading to new advances believableSuperhero ERIS: The Patsy (Warped Comedy Adventure Book 1) powers this is where I lost it I kept thinking Avengers Then I mentioned the book to my other half and he said yeah like Captain America and Red Skull I looked up these characters and realized wait thislot line has been done beforePlease stop taking history and twisting it to the oint in which I have to explain to my students that no the Avengers did not save us during the Cuban Missile crisis Maybe I would recommend this book to a teen who loves comics Beyond that I want to screamAnd FDR s Only Thing to Fear speech was about the Great Depression In an alternate universe Hitler and the Nazis won Zara is a young teenager who helps her only relative her Uncle around the farm Growing cabbage for the military troops this is her life When she starts to get attention from a young German teen she realizes there might be hope after all Will he betray her of help save the rebellion to take down the head of the snakeI loved the new world that Caroline built She describes a lot about what happens to other countries which I like because most authors don t mention anything but the United States The fictional history that she weaved through the story was so interesting and I was never bored Zara being a half Japanese and half English main character is so great to see I wasn t surprised at all that Japan and Italy would be their allies To see the rejudice and racism that happened between her and others is also a given I wasn t expecting any Jews either to be alive and that thought horrified me Postwar cleansing It s like they wanted to be clean of these sub Verräter der Magie par humans shudders There s also the Colonel that gave me the biggest shivers who would stare at her in the mosterverted ways So creepy I liked the story and it kept moving and moving until the climax The one thing that I didn t think was necessary was the romance Even though it wasn t a big art of the story I think even romance Even though it wasn t a big art of the story I think even none of it would keep it strong It s hard to fall in love when Nazis are hunting you down I was also not surprised when there were super human Anomalies who would become art of the military Genetics and testing on the Jews is something the actual Nazis didOverall I enjoyed reading about a different world if the Nazis won The fight for love and freedom is so strong and that was the biggest message here RATING 35UOTESThe Nazis make the *rules and we have to follow them It s as simple *and we have to follow them It s as simple thatThese mixed breed specimens are often lacking in some way and that why we openly discourage the crossing of the racesI thought you were smarter than this I thought if taught you betterYou only see the Eckhart in him but he s nothing like his father Just like I m nothing like mineYou re the bravest erson I know Zar. Old the key to taking down the Führer for good but it also might be the very thing that destroys her Because what she has to offer the rebels is something she's spent her entire life hiding under threat of immediate execution by the Nazis In this action acked heart stopping novel of a terrifying reality that could have been Zara must decide just how far she'll go for freed. .