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Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust eAlypse and that it wasn t rushed for pacing reasons or ruined by sorcery I dxpected the book to nd on this note so it was a nice surprise that readers didn t have to wait one second longer than the opening pages for something that s been thirteen volumes in the making I was also thankful that the ceremony wasn t A COG IN THE WHEEL OF PLOT DEVELOPMENT AND cog in the wheel of plot development and the protagonists actually got to njoy their special dayThis novel followed the same pattern as all of The Others That Came others that came it which was another plus because it felt like a Merit Ethan story Neill stuck with the familiar instead of trying too hard in an attempt to make history with an unforgettable climax that winds up being somewhat disjointed from the rest of the volumes There s a Big Bad the team does a bit of recon and then the katanas come out There were still a few bombshells that kept things interestingThis series uirkiness was out in full force from the literature themed wedding to Darth Sullivan s pet name for Merit and the jokes that Pansy Vol. 6 ensue when Gabriel s prophesy takes flight We also got plenty of moments with the treasured secondary characters and thepilogue jumps forward by twenty one months to nsure that no stone is left unturned I hate goodbyes however it s hard to argue with this one when the writing was just so darned good it s hard to argue with this one when the writing was just so darned good Neill you slay meBLADE BOUND closed the door on the CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES but another one will soon open on a spin off 45 Stars Merit and Ethan have had their ups and downs and have always come out on top but now they are up against some ancient magics that might just do them in for good Vampires werewolves sorcery oh my What could a girl ask for It is undeniable that Ethan s and Merit s love is a love that will survive the test of timemaking it ven harder to say goodbye to Merit Ethan and crew Neill has created a bunch of characters primary as well as secondary characters that have bloomed into life through her talented imaginings Even though Blade Bound provides the perfect closure this is going to be difficult to any Chicagoland Vampires fan Blade Bound is a meaty and addicting conclusion to the Chicagoland Vampires series I abso freaking lutly loved itI m hopeful that Elizabeth I even though Ethan s and Merit s story hasnded that Neill will revisit this world with a spin off seriesI received this ARC copy of Blade Bound from Berkley Publishing Group This is my honest and voluntary review This book is set for publication April 25 2017My Rating 5 starsWritten by Chloe NeillSeries Chicagoland Vampires Seuence in Series Book 13Paperback 384 pagesPublisher Berkley Publication Date April 25 2017ISBN 10 0451472349ISBN 13 978 0451472342Genre Urban FantasyItunes Noble Reviews For the first time Ethan graces the cover of a CV novel I m gonna dieeeeeIT S THE LAST BOO. F dark magic Merit and Ethan realize the danger is closer than they could have ver imagined As a malign sorcery spreads throughout the city Merit must go to war against supernatural powers beyond her comprehension It’s her last chance to save verything and veryone she lov. The End I had xpected a different nding the nd of a thirteen length series I had The Baby Swap Miracle expected of a closure and I would ve like to see view spoilerMerit pregnant and Ethan s reactions while she is hide spoiler Loved it Loved it Loved itThere is never a dull moment in a life of Chicagoland vampire There were so many battles so manynemies so much destruction What could we possibly xpect from the final installment How aboutYep I m not ven joking But let s leave that for a dessert shall weIt all began with a aboutYep I m not ven joking But let s leave that for a dessert shall weIt all began with a I ve been so waiting for Oh and for my future maid of honor s future reference take notes from Mallory on organising my bachelorette party ok I do want a gorgeous shirtless man with a sexy voice to recite Byron to me instead of a boring striptease And chocolate Lots and lots of chocolate On verything Moving onThe wedding was great and beautiful and verything it was supposed to be xcept I was on the Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation edge of my seat waiting for some kind of disaster to occur and ruin that happy moment Merit walking down the aisle nothing Going through vows nothing You may kiss the vampire still nothing We ve made it through the wedding and reception without supernatural dramaIf you just jinxed us I m going to be so pissed At least they had their happy day mostly over with yeah Mass hysteria winter in the middle of summer and other fun stuff were reserved for the honeymoon Who wants to go to Paris anyway I heard it s boringA kind of wedding present from Sorcha the Bitch Witch Didn t she know to get a kitchen appliance likeveryone Gender Justice else Geez woman Overkill muchBut as you probably agree with me Sorcha wasn t nearly badassnough of a villain for the final book Ergo dragon Dragons make verything better in my opinion Like chocolate Merit and I take our chocolate very seriously I recommend the chocolate shakes We make the best in townMy gaze narrowed and Ethan just chuckled pulled bills from his pocket and offered them to

the vendor you 
vendor You have started a conversation you don t have time to finishHow chocolate is chocolate I askedBut the man was prepared and his xpression was utterly serious Our chocolate base includes a syrup made from small batch beans from a roaster in California flakes of ighty five percent dark and cocoa powder from FranceYour terms are acceptable I said with ual gravity What can I say saving the day From Notes to Narrative every day reuires a lot of calories It helps whenveryone pitches in Vamps sorcerers shifters Red Guard better late than never Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America even humans not as much help as nuisance but still With dragon it takes a villageIt all works out in thend And the cherry on top We find out Ethan s nickname for Merit Finally Oh and if you wondered about that little premonition Gabe had some time ago it gets some attention here too Being as it is the final book and all. The thrilling final installment of Chloe Neill’s New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series sees a sinister sorcery advancing across Chicago and it may usher in the fall of Cadogan House Since the night of her brutal attack and unwilling transformation to vampire Merit?. .

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All in all it was a very satisfying God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School ending for me and I will definitely read the spin off series author is cooking up because those two at thend were just the cutest thing verOver and out I will not stick around this long I m on book 7 and I just want some fucking closure A fantastic this long I m on book 7 and I just want some fucking closure A fantastic to a long and worthy series Lots of humor and action with passionate characters working together to protect the city they love We ve got a wedding here and of course a villain to fight and ven a view spoilerprophesy fulfilled hide spoiler 35 4 s Sigh so this is basically the last book for Ethan and Meritat least for their story arc and I really hate to say that I was disappointed but I was It s just the same ol same ol went on too long But kudos to Chloe Neill for nding the series specially when sooo many authors just go on and on However the Chicagoland Vampires will be continuing in a spin off series If you don t want to be spoiled DO NOT READ THE BLURB it will definitely ruin things for you Soabout the story Ethan and Merit are getting married YES I was really xcited for that but I just knew that at any moment disaster would strike But again kudos to Chloe Neill for at least giving us what she did The bad news is an old nemy is back UghI really didn t care for any of it I could hardly wait for it to be over although I did Foraging for Survival enjoy the one bit of karma The good news is that thending plays a part in the prophecyI was wondering how that was going to come about And the Fragments ending is reallyxciting with how it sets up the spin off So not totally a good bye and it will be interesting to see how Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries everyone is when the spin off comes out And of course I can hardly wait for the Hhit s going to be sooo goodThe spin off isremember to not look unless you want to be spoiled view spoilercoming out in 2018 hide spoiler The last book It s finally over Also it s on Netgalley for all you people who are still following the series Boring There s not much pointven mentioning the plot it was the same rehashed cheesy supernatural villain with no personality does vil things so Merit and the gang save the day and nobody but the bad guys die rubbishMerit was the biggest snowflake ver xample view spoilerher being the only vampire in history to have a magical vampire baby all because she was oh so brave and strong So daft It was bad nough that vampires
in the series 
the series able to at like normal but being able to have kids was a whole other level of stupid hide spoiler Reviewed by Rabid ReadsFor me to feel completely satisfied with the CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES conclusion Chloe Neill needed to do three things 1 Give Merit Ethan their HEA 2 Wrap up the final arc 3 Go out in style Did BLADE BOUND pull it off Yes yes and YES I liked that the author wasted no time in getting with the weddingpoc. ??s stood as Sentinel and protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House She's saved the Windy City from the forces of darkness time and again with her liege and lover Ethan Sullivan by her sideWhen the House is infiltrated and Merit is attacked by a vampire seemingly under the sway Blade Bound Chicagoland Vampires #13