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Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time eE Lynetta props she does not make thingsasy on herself This was a tough story to writea lot of complicated and motional topics all thrown together and mixed in a blender full of fucked up choices But she tackled them head on and she did it in a tactful manner So with that being saidI them head on and she did it in a

manner So with that being confused about what I just read I think the problem is I m frustrated I had high xpectations for where I hoped this story would go andnot that it went in a bad direction it justdidn t work for meDenver Magnolia Dempseyeven with as much as I really loved the first book This one I just can t stomach watching the head games and manipulation Denver has created and the conseuences others are now suffering I loved the guys in this book I will give the author a big high five for making roughly 5 6 hero worthy males in one book and because the story is a page turner For those reasons it gets 3 at least up to were I uit If you don t want details stop reading I loved Greer and was devastated with what happened in the first book I typically get mad when authors write perfect 1st guys then have the heroine blow them off for another guy just for drama but Ransom was awesome too I didn t know how she was going to get me past what Greer did to Denver but she did Maybe a little to well Because now I m upset with Denver She manipulated that boy for years knowing he would do anything for her and strung him along playing with his love and friendship Yes he could of walked away but Denver knew he wouldn t He would take whatever scraps she threw at him She wants to move on because he reminds her of Forgetful of Their Sex everything bad That s sweet now that she has dumped all her negative bs and he carried it for her all these years I m glad he is getting therapy and his therapist should be telling him to get as far away from Denver s poison as possible What upsets me isveryone is blaming Greer for that night when that has been her game for years She pushed him to play the forced sex for years knowing that if he didn t she would just find someone Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing else to She KNEW he wouldn t let anyonelse be the mock rapist Considering no kisses and this being her game how did she xpect him to know this was a real NO for her Maybe in his head he had to mentally check out to do it Can you imagine what this did to him at that age to have to pretend to force the woman you love to have sex for many years I hate to say this and will probably GET RIPPED INTO FOR IT BUT ripped into for it but sexually abused him for years She had the power in the relationship She used his love and trust to make him do things sexually he wasn t comfortable with If she had been 25 or older women readers would be ripping her a new one But sorry it s not age It s power and control and she had both over Greer Now she is forgiven and he is the monster That doesn t sit well with me So much so I cannot keep reading about her self induced drama This is a DNF for meI always said a good writer is one that can cause xtreme Walled (The Line, emotions and reactions and this book has me still reeling a week later. Ed but when her true feelings send her reeling will they catapult her into the arms of Greer herx best friend with benefits After never loving anyone herself included she now loves two One kept her alive One teaches her how to live If they didn’t both love her if hearts weren’t bound to be broken it would be the stuff dreams are made ofWill Denver remain locked up in the bullpen or is she strong nough to open the chute and be free. ,
45 Stars Review to come Soon NEW TEASER IMAGES AND EXCERPTComing 5514 Tell me what you feel he demandsMy mouth s gone completely dry so I have to swallow "hard and wet my lips before I can speak Even then I don t know how " and wet my lips before I can speak Even then I don t know how manage I feel good Good The smile in his voice burns SO BRIGHT I CAN SEE IT THROUGH MY BLINDFOLD bright I can see it through my blindfold can do better than good I search my feeble mind grasping at words that will please him I am nothing if I can t please him He s made damn sure of it Your voice scratches across my skin like charcoal and I am only what you sketch me to be Your scent wraps around me like a winter s night making me long for the blanket of your skin yet my body blazes from your withheld touch Very good he praisesI imagine him standing over me gazing down on me like he owns me because he does He s shirtless in only his faded button fly Wranglers His dark skin glistening from the sweat of xertion xcitement dancing in his yes like rays of sunlight on the sea and his full lips beckoning me to kiss him I suirm as much as I m able I wish I could see you All in good time little fighter he soothes You re doing so well Suddenly his lips hover over mine but I know better than to close the distance Kiss me he commandsHmm my pleasure Copyright 2014 by Lynetta Halat All rights reserved ARC provided by author in xchange of honest review 45 RANSOM STARS When I read USED I was so hesitant to read FREED but I am so happy that I did The reason for my hesitation was that I was nervous and scared to see how the whole Greer Denver and Ransom situation will be played out I know there will be others who disagree with me whether Greer could be forgiven and redeemed I firmly agree what he did was wrong but I don t think Greer is a bad person He made a choice that he has to live with for the rest of his life Both Denver and Greer played a part that lead them to USE ach other The Greer Denv 475The biggest thing I learned after reading Freed I m a solid Lynetta Halat fan Freed is only the second book by this author that I ve read I really Tempting Fate enjoyed Used and I like Freedven If you ve read my reviews before you know I love dialogue and Freed had just the right balance of narrative and dialogue I njoyed getting to know Ransom I was a little on the fence about him in Used as to whether or not I liked him I do like himA LOT I loved his relationship with Denver Each had some growing to do by the nd of Used and we got to see that happen in Freed I love the feeling of satisfaction when I come to the One Giant Leap end of a book and I was definitely satisfied with Freed I still hope there is a novella or something with Austin in the future 91214 This weekend only Used Unlovable 1 Freed Unlovable 2 are on saleExcerptBending down in front of me Ransom taps one foot so that I ll raise it He slides one leg of my panties on and then the other before pulling them up to rest just below my skirt Fixing me with his stare he grasps my thighs and presses his nose and mouth to my center My back arches from the wall but my hand. Truth Pain Freedom An awakening like no other When life is determined to buck you off dig in and ride hard The bull The most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves To survive I have to face the truth Easier said than done when it’s not all black and white There’s the in between and this murky void is where I always tend to land The horns Lies don’t always hurt My lies protected me but when they arexposed and I can no longe. S stay where he placed them Fuck you smell good
enough to at but that t happen tonight I whimper low in my THROAT AS HE RUNS HIS NOSE as he runs his nose open mouth over the apex of my thighs placing open mouthed kisses right where I need him most My yelids flutter and close only to pop back open when he commands Eyes on me He places a light kiss right over my swollen begging center My whole body convulses Nuh uh he chastises njoying himself ntirely too much Hooking his fingers in my panties again he draws them up over my thighs and under my skirt His calloused fingertips scratch my soft skin A Bride for McCain even though his touch is gentle Once he has them in place he runs his fingertips down the triangle of the fabricver so slowly stopping before he reaches my need Goose bumps make uick work of my body I m addicted to how responsive you are to my touch he whispers planting a hard kiss there this time A desperate moan wrenches itself from my throat And I haven t Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven even really touched you or tasted you yet Can you imagine how good we re going to be together Denver Swallowing hard I manage a nod cause that s rhetorical right Ransom slides his hands from under my skirt and skims them up my body to fit his hands around my jaw He plants a uick kiss on myar before sucking the lobe into his mouth and nipping at it Remember what I said he whispers No touching yourself Your orgasms are mine And when you deserve them I ll be the one to give them to you I whimper again If it helps I can t fucking wait and when I m stroking myself tonight it ll be with your soft moans in my ar your incredible scent surrounding me and your delectable body that I m imagining losing myself in I groan because no that doesn t help at all actually I bite down on voicing my frustration because I know it ll get me nowhere with this manAll rights reserved Copyright Lynetta Halat 2014 Title Freed Unlovable 2 Series Part of a seriesAuthor Lynetta Halat Release Date May 05 2014Rating 2 StarsHEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler Is it pathetic that I look at the kindle store on twice a day to see if this is available yet No I didn t think so itherUpdate I loved this one too characters developed felt like a little window into two people s lives though I would have liked the secondary characters to not seem so one dimensional but I think that s normal when two people fall in love like Denver and Ransom did Can t wait to see what Lynetta does next REVIEW may contain mature content reader discretion is advised4 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult Romance4 Crazy Sexy Cool STARSListen I may have struggled with the first book HOWEVER there was no struggling with this one I LOVE DENVER I LOVE RANSOM and you know what I LOVE GREER TOOIt started ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review2 little fighter KissesLet me begin by making a few things perfectly clear I love Lynetta Halat A lot I really liked Used I liked the feelings it brought out in me the complexity of the characters and the storyline and I was so xcited about Freed And I do have to giv. R outrun the many shades of truth I’ll be in for one hell of a reckoning The ride From the outside my life looks like one big adventure after another But there is no freedom in anarchy and that’s the way I’ve lived my life Until now Until Ransom Denver Dempsey was a slut for oblivion Now she’s a slut for love And it’s that kind of thinking that got her in trouble in the first place Ransom awakens Denver in ways she never imagin. ,

Summary Freed Unlovable #2

Freed Unlovable #2