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A Place to Call Home

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Lightness of touch and sense of funIt was a real stroke of luck for Ayesha and Sabina Rasheed when they found sanctuary with Hayden and his lodgers after escaping from Ayesha s abusive marriage with Suresh Ayesha s parents arranged her marriage thinking that she would be loved and looked after however life hasn t worked out well for Ayesha and Sabina their young daughter has become so traumatised by #events that she has stopped speakingThe house where Ayesha and Sabina find themselves is owned by Hayden an ex pop #that she has stopped speakingThe house where Ayesha and Sabina find themselves is owned by Hayden an ex pop who has suffered tragedy of his own He keeps himself shut away from public life but through circumstance has found himself sharing his house with two other people each damaged in their own way Crystal a lap dancer has a tough exterior with a larger than life personality but also has a heart of gold whilst Joy a former neighbour is an elderly curmudgeon whose main enjoyment in life is the garden Ayesha and Sabina have to somehow make a new life for themselves whilst recovering from the torment they have suffered and what follows is an plifting and emotional Read That Tugs At that tugs at heartstrings and makes you realise the importance of friendship and kindness and the need to feel safe The story isn t all sweetness and light however there is a little bit of suspense and danger to keep the reader on their toesWith very different but beautifully crafted characters I think this is one of Carole s best books to date I could happily have moved into Hayden s house myself although my cooking would be no better than Crystal s A Place to Call Home is a book about second chances Although I enjoyed reading it I had some problems with it My biggest problem was that the premise of the story felt completely implausible It is almost a modern fairy tale poor abused woman meets tortured millionaire hero and of course they find solace in each other s arms My second problem was with the end actually with the last Plastic uarter of the book Heroine does something that pissed me off and hero accepts heroine s decision as way of respecting her wishes when he could have done things completely different and save each other weeks of pain Also I didn t like the easy way the villain was off from the story it was too easy and too convenient This was my first book by Carole Matthews but I don t think it ll be my last I may give this author another chance You probably all know by now that I am the biggest Carole Matthews fan ever I absolutely adore all her books but this one I felt was particularly special The suspense in parts was just incredible and made me wonder if Carole would ever consider switching genres She is just fabulous at writing romantic comedy but I did wonder how incredible she d be at writing thrillers too She certainly had me holding my breath and clutching at my chest at than one pointI think that the subject matter of domestic abuse and how it affects a family made this a rather poignant book as it was her normal beautifully written romantic comedy but with a great deal of seriousness thrown in too This made for a fantastic read The characters were all very different but beautifully created as they completely complemented each other and I would haveite happily taken one of the spare bedrooms and moved into the big house myself I wanted to be friends with these people who had Ayesha and Sabina s backs I found myself willing Ayesha on to another life and was so happy that she had found a safe place to be herself in Hayden s home Whenever I pick Where Poppies Grow up a new book of Carole s a tiny part of me wonders how she can possibly continue to write fabulous stories and co. Penedp his home to two people Crystal a professional dancer with a heart of gold and Joy an ill tempered retiree with a soft spot for waifs and strays When Crystal asks Hayden if Ayesha and Sabina can stay with them he reluctantly agrees and as different I ve read all of Carole s books so was #looking forward to this one It didn t disappoint There was a real mixture of characters that seemed to work #forward to this one It didn t disappoint There was a real mixture of characters that seemed to work and I enjoyed the different backgrounds and how they had all come together in one house Okay so it was a bit predictable but that s okay A very enjoyable read from one of my favourite authors I do love my Brit chick lit so it s no surprise that I really enjoyed this one I rooted for Ayesha Sabina Joy Hayden Crystal the whole way through I Raquel, the Jewess of Toledo uite liked how each of their storiesnfurled after first getting Ayesha s story The cover pulled me in and the summary made this one a definite must read I worried Ayesha s husband would find her I hoped for Sabina s first words and wondered what those would be I hoped Hayden got some help for his anxiety problems because no matter how nice the manse he lived in or how lovely the people who resided with him I wanted him to get out into the wider world again after his terrible heartbreak I thought Crystal was just a breath of fresh air even with her struggles and as soon as Joy s story of how she came to be living at the house was told I had all kinds of sympathy and care for her crankiness and all I thought they were all endearing and I enjoyed reading about them It s definitely the sort of book I d recommend for travel or a long weekend if you re a chick lit or contemporary fiction fan A satisfying read ite an enjoyable easy read I "am a huge fan of Carole Matthews and her books reading her "a huge fan of Carole Matthews and her books reading her really helped me get into and love this particular genre and so I have SO MANY wonderful memories of discovering her booksAyesha and so I have SO MANY wonderful memories of discovering her booksAyesha and daughter Sabina left behind a life of pain slipping ietly into the night and away from their home wanting so much for a fresh start for both of them Hayden is a popstar and he has hidden himself away for years with only Crystal and Joy coming into his home So when Crystal asks Hayden if Ayesha and Sabina can stay he reluctantly agrees But soon they form a bond and can they all keep the bad away and save each otherOne way to describe this stunning book would be to say it was like a rollercoaster ride I felt so many emotions reading this I laughed I cried and shed a few okay than a few tears I was just so emotionally involved in the characters their lives and everything I was reading I cared SO MUCH about the characters and I was truly gripped wanting to know what would happen to them Ayesha and Sabina s story really stuck with me and I couldn t put the book down because I was desperate to know how things would go for themCarole Matthews tackles some very serious and sensitive issues in A Place To Call Home and I feel that this was done with thought emotion and so much care I was particularly drawn in because of these aspects and I must say for me it was a very emotional read I made such a connection with the characters at times I was moved and I finished the story feeling as though Carole and her words had left a strong impact on meAs well as this Carole writes some happier moments and mixes them in to create a stunning story A Place Called Home is a truly captivating novel that combines lighter moments with serious topics that are handled in such a moving realistic and sensitive way One of my favourite novels by Carole I have to admit to being just a little biased here because Carole Matthews is an all time favourite author I ve read all her books and there isn t one that I haven t enjoyed A Place to Call Home is a slightly darker read than Design for Six Sigma usual in that it touches on the subject of domestic abuse but it still has her trademark. In the dead of night Ayesha takes her daughter Sabina and slipsietly from her home leaving behind a life of full of pain Boarding a coach to London all Ayesha wants is a fresh start Hayden a former popstar has kept himself hidden away for years He's only .
Me p with wonderful and new ideas for her plots #But she NEVER lets me down and her books just get better and better This one certainly was A M #she NEVER lets me down and her books just get better and better This one certainly was A M Z I N GI think that A Place To Call Home is the best book that Carole has ever written Can t wait for the next "one 4 Heart Breaking Heart Warming StarsA Place Called Home is the first book I have read by Carole Matthews What " 4 Heart Breaking Heart Warming StarsA Place Called Home is the first book I have read by Carole Matthews What absolute pleasure and joy every page was I devoured the book over a weekend and experienced pretty much every emotion available while reading itThis is a house of broken heartsThis is a book ite simply that highlights all that is good and all that is bad in the world today I was in eual parts charmed and horrified as the story progresses The story begins with Ayesha Rasheed felling her marital home in Milton Keynes with her daughter in the dead of night Coming to the UK some 10 years previous from Sri Lanka she had high expectations for her arranged marriage and the opportunities and experiences it would afford her Unfortunately as the years have passed and the opportunities have dwindled her husband has become bitter and violent towards her fearful for her daughter Sabina who has stopped speaking she decides enough is enough and leavesEnding The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! up in London Ayesha finds herself takingp residence in one of the spare rooms in a former music stars house on the edges of Hampstead Heath slightly farfetched but I was enjoying the book so much I didn t care The wealth of diverse and likeable characters in this book were an absolute treat for the imagination I loved curmudgeonly Joy with her gardening obsession and hidden heart of gold Crystal is the kind of woman we all need one of in our lives as a friend she has her heart firmly fixed on her sleeve and her bubbly effervescence fizzed through the pages Hayden is the sort of tortured soul that any sane minded woman would fall deeply in love with This is a man that opens his house to those struggling but expects nothing but friendship in return Grieving the loss of the love of his life this rag tag group of women manages to gradually pull him back into the land of the living one special moment at a timeI think I have run out of words to how much I enjoyed this book Although it deals with serious and dark issues I it highly entertaining and totally enjoyable It s good to see that once in a while nice guys don t always finish lastARC provided via Netgalley and it was an absolute pleasure to read this book and provide the above honest review I bought this book back in 2014 when I recently got some books from back home I added it because I wanted to read it a lot The cover and title attracted me to the book and now that I m reading I m ALL in It s sort of nerve racking and excitingAyesha is a woman who is originally from Sri Lanka she marries a man who lives in England she gets horribly abused but her daughter who is traumatized helps her make the decision to run away from her abusive husband and his silent family with the clothes on her back to London to seek help from an organization that takes care of abused women thank God for such peopleI imagine Ayesha as Sakina Jaffrey when she was younger Although i ve discovered recently that i like Carole Matthews books this one i couldn t finish I didn t like the way it was written and i don t believe that someone in an abusive marriage would be ok being on her own in a room with a strange man a matter of days after leaving her husband I know this is fiction but if you re going to write about such a serious subject i feel it needs to be accurate and in that respect i didn t think this wa. S they may be they Wciv, Volume 1 uickly form annlikely bond So when enemies threaten their peaceful home they will do all they can to save it and each other Uplifting and emotional this is a novel of new beginnings of discovering love and of finding A Place to Call Home.