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This play I REALLY MUST see this play It s a truly Ludicrous Farce Worthy Of farce worthy of effort put forth on my part to see it Envisionimg it as I ead was difficult because I ve seen very few plays and those they were only non professionl school plays Also there are several scenes of utter chaos in which I was hopelessly lost trying to plays Also there are several scenes of utter chaos in which I was hopelessly lost trying to all the characters straight while emembering exactly how the stage was set up In conclusion I have to See This Play Because this play because almost split my sides with laughter as I ead it Highly Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism recommended This is an excellent collection of Thornton Wilder s plays I m new to his plays who am I kidding I m new to plays in general and for me this served as a great introduction Happyeading Thornton Wilder is a genius and one of my favorite authors I got this book to The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, reead his brilliant play Our Town for a project I am working on It is every bit as good as I Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness remembered it While I didn te ead The Skin of our Teeth or The Matchmaker This time around they are eually brilliant Highly ecommended original Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America readingsThe Matchmaker The Skin of Our Teeth May 1982 and January 2018I was on a kick looking for monologues in his short plays and got intoeading the longer ones as wellOur Town June 1982 June 2015I was Emily Webb I can still emember a hell of a lot of those lines. Nce starring the Antrobus family of Excelsior New Jersey Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1943 The Matchmaker Wilder's brilliant 1954 farce about money and love starring that irrepressible busybody Dolly Gallagher Levi This play inspired the Broadway musical Hello Doll. I Der Bilderwächter really enjoyed and foundelevence and uality writing in the first two plays but The Third The Matchmaker Which Eventually Became third The Matchmaker which eventually became musical Hello Dolly was not very interesting It was a commercial play written to make money whereas his other plays were written with certain amounts of integrity and artistic craftmanship along with having something to say Reading them all together was acctually a bit confusing I would like to ead his novels to get a better grasp on him as a writer Over all not even close to my favorite playwrite I seldom ead plays and Our Town is a probably why Despite the simplicity of its staging it was altogether too difficult to follow without a stage or movie euivalent even after A SECOND READING DECADES LATER BUT second eading decades later But extraordinary as the movie was I needed the play to make it even better Thornton Wilder s introduction to his writing life was eually extraordinary although he says I never did anything original but I always enjoyed myself At least one of these other plays became a enowned movie I should watch that first or even Pirandello or the other European playwrights Wilder creditsI ve left a comment about the slightly haunting uote They just don t understand in the comment section for the book just in case the teenagers need fodder for their painful papers. Three of the greatest plays in American literature collected in one volume This important new omnibus edition features an illuminating foreword by playwright John Guare and an extensive afterword for each play drawing on unpublished letters and other uniue documentary material. ,

Our TownThe Skin of Our TeethThe MatchmakerReview for Our TownReadposted 1129185 out of 5 starsThere s not one idea in this play I haven t thought hundreds upon hundreds of times Problem was they always emained brain thoughts never uite Letters to Rollins reaching my soul Thornton Wilder put them in soul language for me Now I understand my thoughts because I understand that they can t be understoodA friend whoecommended Our Town told me It s a classic She s ight And I know why it s classic to me uoting from John Guare s foreword The Response We Make When We Believe A Work Of response we make when we believe a work of is that of saying This is the way things are I have always known it without being fully aware that I knew it Now in the presence of this play or novel or poem or picture or piece of music I know that I know it Review for the Skin of Our TeethReadposted 1222183 out of 5 starsOkay what just happened I did NOT understand that play Period Three stars because it was mostly entertaining and sometimes hilarious But I m afraid I sadly missed the point Wilder was trying to impress upon us I also have a niggling feeling I would have disagreed with him had I understand what he was saying Sad I suppose not everything can be as amazing as Our TownReview for the MatchmakerReadposted 1223184 out of 5 starsAll I can think just now is I have to see this play I have to see. Prepared by Tappan Wilder Our Town Wilder's timeless 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning look at love death and destiny is celebrated around the world and performed at least once each day in the United States The Skin of our Teeth Wilder's 1942 omp about human follies and human endura. ,