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Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival rNice shortead I enjoyed Damien and Kat The secret was killing me tho Looking forward to Gavin and Zaire s story Interracial Romance A to Z Challenge NHated the writing but me tho Looking forward to Gavin and Zaire s story Interracial Romance A to Z Challenge NHated the writing but the content A cute story about trust and fide Loved IT I HAVE READ NOVELS WITH 200 PAGES THAT I have ead novels with 200 pages that not pack an awesome story the way this author did in 65 pages Lots of conflict laughter and surprises Kat Rochester lets a well meaning but misguided girlfriend talk her into confronting Damian Kat s husband and Damian s mistress Kat thought her husband was having an affair and let her best friend Zaire talk her into going to Vanya s apartment What happens after that is hilarious but heart breaking They all uickly and painfully learn that things are not always the way that things are not always the way appear Only drawback Way too much profanity from the secondary characters Great story This was such a uick sweet ead I Mathruhridayam reallyeally enjoy Violette Dubrinsky writing I felt so sorry for the husband but can t wait for the next books that will star the friendstoo funny I eally enjoyed it Violette has done it again Damien and Kat have been together for 8 years married for 3 and have a precious 6 month old daughter Due to well meaning. “‘Tis the Season to be jolly” her ass What was so jolly about finding out that your college sweetheart turned husband of three years and fath. .

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Tory though both of them tried my patience on than one occasion which is good If I always loved every decision a character made I would be bored and there were no boring moments in A New Year s Surprise Unless you count Kat s mother s New Year s Eve Party which even Kat and Princess agreed was very very boring While I liked A New Year s Surprise I found myself getting annoyed with Zaire one of the secondary characters and one of Kat s closest friends I
#wanted to see #
to see become a fully developed character after her explosive introduction into the story A uick holiday A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned read with some sexy moments A New Year s Surprise was fun toead I m looking forward to checking out a few books by Violette Dubrinsky A funny uick ead for anyone looking for a sweet I R Romance Damien and Kat are a for a sweet I R Romance Damien and Kat are a pair that is so funny when Kat shows up at the apartment where her husband has been going to for the past few months With the help of her 2 best friends things go from bad to worse This is a short ead but well written The 3 other characters make you wish the the book was longer and that they need stories of their own A New Year s Surprise is a winner for Violette Dubrinsky Get this one and enjo. Best friends at her side and a whole lot of ighteous anger Catherine “Kat” Rochester confronts her husband and his mistress on New Year’s But busy body friends and Princess
#a misunderstanding leads #
misunderstanding leads a showdown Kat feels Damien is hiding something from her Once is Kat feels Damien is hiding something from her Once all is and done honesty and love prevails This is a fantastic short story and well worth the ead The story is well told with the main characters being well developed I found my self wrapped up in the story and The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field rooting for understanding andedemption for the characters Violette has a great writing style and her The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division reads are always entertaining T Be careful who you listen too I loved the story buteally felt bad for the husband in this novelette 5 dramatics stars Waiting for the next bookWhat of Gavin and Zaire what s going on with them two I sense some chemistry with them two Loved the ending for Kat and Damien Kat and Damien scions of two prominent New York families were college sweethearts who married despite their families misgivings Their marriage has been the envy of their friends until Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) recently when new mother Kat senses her husband is keeping secrets from her A New Year s Surprise is a holidayomance about what happens when idle talk and misunderstandings puts a couple s love to the test Kat and Dam s love came through uite well in the Er of your six month old is a low down dirty cheater So jolly No Pissed Yes Heartbroken Absolutely Looking for answers Most definitely With her two. ,
A New Years Surprise