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The Rain Soaked BrideThe We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk folks I mamiliar with The antagonist remains well if unfairly hidden I take issue with magic bad guys in mysteries Their repertoire of spells negates my deep experience with police procedurals view spoilerI thought the use of
The Doppelg Nger Spelli 
Doppelg nger spelli a breach of the authorreader conventions of mysterious warfare hide spoiler August shining would like this to be categorised as science Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other fiction but I m not convinced We saved the world by time travel in theirst book and now we re having to defend against a curse a transportable curse Do not accept anything Richard Nixon: The Life from anyone The person who lays the curse must be somewhere nearbyor it to operate so if you know who it is and can get and keep yourself out of range you re safe Sounds easy Hah The curse usually announces itself with a peal of thunder I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! followed by highly localised drenching rain At this point you will see a young woman dressed all in white with long black hair streaming down You can t uite see herace Whatever happens next will appear to be an accident and since no one else sees the bride the death will be ascribed to accidental causesSPOILERSOkay all goneRight How is it that Toby can speak to the bride and why can she lift the effect of the curse Her sympathy is understandable considering her story but it isn t logical that appealing to it would have an effect on the science of the magic When the storm appears at the end you can t help but think that he ll be able to persuade it away just as he did beforeAre we going to have an explanation of the higher being in book three Perhaps that should be lower being considering what appears to be its motivation August appears to be conflicted than one would have expected and his loyalty is definitely in doubt The doppelganging of Fratfield is disturbing because it seems to make managing the curse easier and what is that total blackness that settles over the house In other manifestations the darkness was or less what you d expect with a heavy rainstorm but this is a Stygian blackness of great impenetrability There s the experiencing of past events there too People seem to have survived before so is this review a test or Shining or has he been involved before or just whatI m thoroughly confused and will have to trot out and get book three to try to solve these strange concerns It was a great read regardless Great read hard to put down This was a supremely delightful read When I reuested this book or review I really had no idea what to expect I don t normally read mystery novels but Puppet Master for whatever reason perhaps the awesome cover this caught my eye For once my superficial cover lusting payed offI am always a suckeror witty dialogue and this book had it in abundance Each character had their own uniue brand of humour and uirk and or me this was the icing on the cake of an already awesome book The plot kept me guessing to the end and I was honestly surprised when the villain was unmaskedI am always appreciative when a story leaves a smile on my ace and since The Rain Soaked Bride leaves a smile on my Janae (Blacktop, face and since The Rain Soaked Bride above and beyond in An okay UK urbanantasy novelMore Charles Stross Laundry Files than Ben Aaronovitch s Rivers of LondonAn okay read but the characters elt a little lat Another enjoyable outing of the Clown Service Not as good as book 1 but worth a ew hours of your timeAlthough I have to say that the GR blurb or at least the 1st paragraph of it bears almost no resemblance to the actual book It s a bi Funny and chilling in eual measur. S to their deathsOnce summoned the spirit cannot be dismissed until it takes the life it is charged with it will be unstoppable in its pursuit of the mortal it has in its sights Unfortunately after getting too close to the source of the spirit that mortal is now Toby Gree. The irst book in this series The Clown Service took me by surprise earlier this summer While the concept and its bright cover intrigued me sufficiently to pick it up I hadn t expected to enjoy it as much as I did I was utterly charmed by Toby his supervisor August Shining Shining s sister April and their neighbour Tamar The Rain Soaked Bride was already on my TBR pile and I started it as soon as I could because
I Couldn T Wait 
couldn t wait get back to Toby and riendsThe start of the book deals with the all out rom the previous book in uite an interesting way Unfortunately going into some "Of It Would Give Huge " it would give huge Why Diets Make Us Fat for both book one and book two but one of the non spoilery elements I really liked was the way Adams developed the working relationship Shining and Toby They seem to have settled into a solid partnership and I loved the understanding that s grown between them in the six months or so between the books While Toby is sometimes still baffled by his boss eccentricities he s learned to trust in his judgement and act accordinglyThe Toby who is the star in this instalment of the Clown Service series is a different personrom the one we met in The Clown Service He s become Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., far self confident and capable in this novel aact that comes to the Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, fore once we move into the actual investigation of the Rain Soaked Bride murders He s also gotten of a handle on his PTSD and I liked how Adams actually incorporated this into the plot Toby is a very sympathetic main character and it s very easy to rootor him My other Everyday life in medieval times favourite character in this book was April This time Shining s sister is aar larger part of the book and she is both hilarious and a North force of nature in the narrative I loved discovering of her history and seeing her in action She s morphedrom the McGonagallHarriet Bouuet vision I had of her in The Clown Service into someone resembling Dame Judi Dench in her M incarnat Honestly I had no idea there were other books associated with this On the back of the cover it mentions something called the Clown Service which is a un add since I m airly certain that organization is not mentioned once throughout the course of the book instead referring to the department as Section 37 From what I gather this is the second installment regarding the happenings of the Clown Service Either way you don t need to have read any other books to understand what you can gather through context and still have a pleasant time This book was caught part way between trying to be a comedy and managing to achieve that goal at times and looking Dead Giveaway for a kinship with brand names like X Files or Fringe Agent looksor the paranormal sometimes mocked by others in their Andrew Lost In the Kitchen field If you re lookingor it this book is a Diet Files that serves up a healthy amount of camp It was a light read I m okay having read it I can t Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism finish this review without mentioning myavorite character April She is a brilliantly splash of color on the page Most characters that get to be Nope female and sexually empowered are usually young wanton things With April she is often described as an older woman who is bothierce and youthful She calls grown men boys and is always down Rejected Rejected Rejected for a good time I probably wouldn t have made it through this book without her Reason to read this book You re into the hokey pokey and want to turn yourself around Favorite side character April Shiningorever Be still my beating heart Thoroughly enjoyed the book Second book Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison featuring August Toby and April lived A number of influential South Korean nationals are committing suicide on UK soil In all cases they seem to simply drop whatever they're doing and swiftly almost vacantly end their own lives An electronics importeralls Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz from the toploor of his high rise office the ambas. ,

P to the Buck: A Memoir franchise The mystery was transparentbut the ride to unravel it was great Crossover urbanantasyespionage thriller where a sorcerer attempts to break up an international conference at a remote site thorough assassination resulting in a country house mystery This is the second book in the Clown Service series I in a country house mystery This is the second book in the Clown Service series I reading this because I liked the Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors first book in the series The Clown Service my reviewThis was an urbanantasyspy thriller that shapes up as a country house mystery A sorcerer is engaged by a third power to break up an international conference between the UK and Korea taking place at an English manor house The sorcerer s use of magic Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series for the purpose of assassination causes MI5 to skeptically engage Section 37 AKA The Clown Service their Preternatural Investigations Op Section 37 consisting of August Shining a white wizard and his apprentice Toby Greeneight magic with magic and try to Five Days Left ferret out the assassinrom amongst the delegates and staff at the isolated conference Country House Mysteries are a very British mystery sub genre I thought doing an urban Searching for Robert Johnson fantasy crossover with it was clever The writing is also very British and in places comedic The author achieves atmosphere and moves the story uickly with a screenplay like style Finally the story extends both long term plot lines and sets upor new onesMy dead tree copy was a moderate 340 pages Original UK copyright Blood on Silk for the story was 2014 I read the book very uickly Note not a great deal of prose is dedicated to backstory Reading this book without having read theirst book in the series would substantially detract rom its enjoymentGuy Adams is a British author who writes in several genres This is the second book in his Clown Service series The series is three
3 Books The Last 
books The last in the series was written in 20015Prose was good I elt it was a little better than the Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing first book It had an informal hip British style Note the story has not been Americanized There are references that may baffle a non Brit or at least a non Anglophile For example I hadorgotten what type of carnival ride a Waltzer was Dialog was better than the descriptive prose Action seuences were well handled The narrative was humorous There were two 2 main POVs August Shining and Greene There was also the minor POVs of April Shining August S Sister Shining August s sister a supporting character and the antagonistThere was no sex or drug abuse in the story Alcohol was used By the Lake of Sleeping Children for social recreation Violence was physical andirearms It was moderately graphic Descriptions of resulting trauma were similarly graphic Body count was moderate and in line with a murder mystery The main characters were well executed although they were carried over Bill Carey Rides West/The Town No Guns Could Tame/Bowdrie Rides a Coyote Trail from theirst book Greene is the main character He s come a long way since The Clown Service While not magically savvy he s a Erano guerrieri fullunction agent of Section 37 August Shiner is the same spymaster bureaucrat and sorcerer August s sister April Shiner continues to be my avorite character I like her spinster pensioner ex bureaucrat character In another life I think she may have been an English Lucrezia Borgia in a previous life Tamar August s Caucasian Armenian or Azerbaijani bodyguard and who magically disappeared in the irst book reappears She s now Greene s love interest I thought this plot line was sappy There are several Korean and English diplomats and MI5 subordinate characters In the past I ve worked closely with Koreans in and out of Korea The Korean characters were not. Sador to the UK shoots his chauffeur and drives his own car off London Bridge an actor sets Sallies of the Mind fire to himself during a movie premiereAugust and Toby investigate and slowly uncover the ancientorce of the Rain Soaked Bride a ghostly spirit of vengeance that drags her enemie.