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Family s accomplishments and successes For as many times as Sarah writes about wanting to be ust Sarah and not recognized as a Jakes she turns around writes about the family s success storyThe very first page second sentence comments around and writes about the family s success storyThe very first page second sentence comments her father being featured in Time magazine as the next Billy Graham The very next sentence talks about their church being the fastest growing church in the nation And then the name dropping beginsOprah Aretha Franklinthe first page of the book has very little to do with Sarah s story at all At one point it felt like a reality TV show in print as she described being angry at her fiance taking off her Alien Conquest jewelry and getting ready to brawl I was concerned for her young son throughout most of the book wondering where he was during all of this drama and WHO was caring for him Notust physically but emotionallyI found myself aching for a baby boy who seemed to be taking second place to his mother s relationships The baby appears to be an afterthought while the dysfunctional relationships with men are front and center in Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide just about every chapterI was REALLY concerned when as a married woman Sarah takes off after her cheating husband and his girlfriend leaving the two children sleeping in the houseThis story wasn t anything new fresh or inspiring It doesn t clearly lead readers in the direction of God as far as what it means to walk with Him be in a relationship with Him and turn your life aroundIt s mainly about a privileged young woman who rebels and has her family backing her up no matter how poor her choices Regardless of how many bad decisions she makes she is constantly bailed out by her family who she eventually ends up working for Her version of single divorced mom is much different than most single moms I know While Sarah definitely had her struggles I think most young women who are truly struggling will find it hard to relate to this particular Cinderella storyI would suggest checking this out from your local library instead of wasting your money There are some books that when you finish them you close them thinking that was the best book you have ever read in your life Lost and Found Finding Hope in the Detours of Life by Sarah Jakes is not one of those booksI am appalled that it even got published It was the worst book I have ever read in my entire lifeSarah Jakes spent the majority of the book describing why she made the terrible choices she made but giving no hope or help to anyone who might find themselves in similar situations On page 85 she did mention Jesus but that was the ONLY time that she ever did mention him She spent the book instead of reminding us that we have a Savior who died for us complaining about why her life was so terribleSarah went on and on and on and on about her thoughts and analogies Oh my goodness I don t even care that you happened to see stars in the sky one day and thought that you might have your life finally figured out You didn t But you didn t point that out did you NO You tried to make yourself look like someone to be pitied over and over and over and over I wanted to scream I DON T CARE You go into tiny bits of detail to make it seem like you are almost gossiping but not uite Oh no this isn t gossip it isust me telling you my story which SO NEEDS TO BE TOLD sarcasmOn page 146 she says So why share this with you and that While Sarah Jakes is 15 years my unior and has gone through way than I did by 25 I can definitely relate to many of her experiences especially as it concerns the mistakes we make when trying to solve problems ourselves rather than depend on God and turn to those who love us without conditions This is a book that I believe all women who deal with insecurities should read Regardless of our parents our wealth our beauty our great educations etc we all have dealt with something that has embarrassed us or disappointed those we love Then we find ourselves on a path of cover ups loneliness desperation and hopelessness we become lost Sarah reminds us that no matter what we can be found but that we must go through the process of healing ourselves not fixing others I love that this book isn t preachy It s an easy read with nuggets that will carry people through tough times I also believe Sarah is a great storyteller I began this book as an audio book but then wanted something I could mark up and add notes so I purchased the physical book as wel. Instead she found herself surrounded by a God she'd given up on crashing headlong with him into a destiny she'd never dreamed of Sarah's captivating story unflinchingly honest and deeply vulnerable is a vivid reminder that God can turn even the deepest pain into his perfectio. Her destiny She is still a young girl with a history of making lots of bad choices It has only been two years since she got out of her penalizing dysfunctional relationship and marriage My hope is that she accepts forgiveness from God and herself so that future choices will not be ones to punish her further but to grow in the Lord s loveThe author spends multiple pages writing about issues that seemed like they could have been covered in a much smaller space At times the story rambles a lot making it a challenge to continue reading Because of the subpar writing this cannot be than a 3 star bookThe publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through Bethany House Publishing for the purpose of review All opinions expressed are my own and I have not been compensated in any other manner Despite my receiving the book free it has not influenced my udgment and I have given an honest OpinionMy Blog S Website S Facebook S Twitter To Be blog s Website s Facebook s Twitter To be I picked this book up out of mere curiosity I always ponder how people in situations different than mine handle what has been given them I gather inspiration for my faith from the testimony of others and I love the truth and grace and strength of God that can be found in these storiesBefore this book I d never heard of the Jakes family I don t know if that s because I m Canadian or simply because I don t have as wide a church base or knowledge but whichever it is I was able to come from a perspective that was fairly unaffected But I didn t stay unaffected This memoir is heart wrenching to say the least Sarah is very open and honest about her sins her need for forgiveness She doesn t try to dismiss her behaviour she simply tries to explain events leading up to certain situations And in one part she actually apologizes to a woman she hurt While some might argue that she s merely trying to make herself look better the point of the book is that she s not better than anyone else As I said before she doesn t try to hide the fact that she sinned She doesn t glorify it but she does make it clear that she is imperfectAnd I loved her for it This is a great book you truly get to see someone grow in their relationship with Christ Even when you think things are going to be all right she makes another mistake and you re left gritting your teeth But also wanting to be there beside her because you see how hurt she is and how much she desires pure love and affectionWhen she finally is found it s refreshing it s not because she s finally with a good Christian man who s saved her from herself It s not because she s become perfect It s because she s finally WITH GOD It s the real thing not the romantic ending of a story book at least not with a Prince Charming as Sarah says in the bookBasically if you enjoyed the movie Juno but did not agree with its morality here is a Christian TRUE LIFE version of that same tale And my what a tale it isFour stars for the book but Five stars for this girl Sarah Jakes you have my deepest respect I received a copy of this book from the Bethany House Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review Thanks for the opportunity Absolutely amazing story Granted this is about the life of a pastor s daughter but she doesn t overload the reader with God every 5 lines some find that distracting and to each their own I found myself having to stop myself because portions I read were so relatable to things I ve gone through that I felt like she had been following my life story and documented it all Sarah shows that not all preacher s kids have the wonderful pretty life that Christians go through Hell too and that if you completely and totally allow Christ to rescue you in your storm there s sure to be sunshine ahead And if storms do come which they will you re better prepared on how to handle them Brilliance and wisdom in this book Would definitely recommend to many of my family and friends This book was very disappointing and not at all what I expected I did not find it inspirational It was chaotic and drama filled from start to endI realize the author s intent was to be vulnerable and transparent but it seemed like she was counseling herself in most of the chapters I did feel for her being a prominent pastor s daughter pregnant and unmarried and the stigma she faced with all of thatHowever much of the book felt very self promoting as readers are constantly reminded of her. Pastors in the nation As a teen mom and a high profile preacher's kid her road was lonely She was shunned at school gossiped about at church And a few years later when a fairy tale marriage ended in a spiral of hurt and rejection she could have let her pain dictate her future. Sarah JakesA good insight on how Sarah grew up the numerous challenges she went through and the oy of having a supporting family Great read This was a very interesting bookI thought it might be really different as her father is

a well known 
well known I thought that it would be religious for lack of a better word Sarah was very down to earth and honest which I found very refreshing I like that she explained what she was thinking as she did things and you could feel her struggle for making those decisionsShe was brought up with a very religious family which on the one hand can really make things hard I think having this background is what kept her from totally straying away from those that she lovedI was happy to see that the family did not turn their back on her or her new family They were there to support her but not to make her do things their way She had to learn things in her own time as well as her own wayI was glad that Sarah also showed that although people may claim to be religious saved again people They are still human and are ready to pass udgement even when it is not their place to do so You can feel the shame and pain that these people inflicted not only on Sarah but her whole family I think we as humans think it is our right to Womens Political Activism in Palestine judge and expect people to act a certain way and when they don t they get their nose out ofoint and think they they are better What we fail to realize is that sin is sin there is nothing in the bible that says one thing is better or worse than the other So when a Christian gets righteous about someone having a child out of wedlock when they themselves are doing something as simple as a little white lie They are walking on slippery ground and should get straight with GodIf you can I would highly suggest giving this book a read I didn t know anything about Sarah s life until I stumbled across her blog What I love about this book is Sarah s transparency She tells it all the good bad and the ugly In order to heal and minister to others you must open up your mouth and testify about what God has done in your life I would strongly suggest this book This is the story of Sarah Jakes daughter of well known pastor Bishop T D Jakes She is ust twenty five but has certainly lived a life of dramaSarah became pregnant at thirteen Because of the guilt she felt for becoming a teen mother she worked extra hard in her high school studies and graduated much earlier than she would have had she not missed time with her pregnancyNext Sarah enrolled in college but started flunking out when she became involved in a dysfunctional relationship with a football player This man cheated on her constantly As soon as one liaison ended he was uick to find another to replace herDespite his disloyalty and Sarah s awareness of it she sacrificed anything to have a relationship with him This included lying to her family moving in with him throwing away her chance for a college education and working as a waitress in a strip club Despite all this Sarah wanted to marry him and his blatant cheating continued after their marriageSarah is blessed to have had her family s support and the means to provide a good ob and material goods for her Her family has stood by her no matter what and provided a safety netThe title of the book Lost and Found implies there was an aha moment with God when a change took place in Sarah s life However there never seemed to be a defining moment when she turned away from one kind of living and started down a path toward a Godly life Instead her story seemed to be one of making "a series of bad choices and then sometimes adding religion to the mixThe first fifty pages or so are filled with "series of bad choices and then sometimes adding religion to the mixThe first fifty pages or so are filled with unhappiness about being in a well known preacher s family with a mega church Difficulty in a well known preacher s family with a mega church Difficulty with her family being famous is used as ustification of why she started experimenting with sex at age thirteen I have sympathy for Sarah However I would have liked for Sarah to take responsibility for her actions herself to hear her say I messed up I shouldn t have done that I would also like for Sarah to understand on a very deep level that she has God s forgiveness She does not need a relationship where she is mistreated and devalued as further penance for her pastI applaud Sarah for being transparent about her life Being a teen mother and a single mother is not an easy road The uestion is where will she go from here what will be. Like every girl Sarah Jakes dreamed of a life full of love laughter and happy endings But her dreams changed dramatically when she became pregnant at age thirteen a reality only compounded by the fact that her father Bishop TD Jakes was one of the most influential megachurch.

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