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So really great stories and some really shit ones worth a read A tredici anni Soobie scrivevaLibro abbastanza bello La storia pi bella Il piano Laura una ragazza che ha del talento e la sua matrigna la fa eserctiare sempre Il piano parla con Laura per mezzo dei motivetti di canzoni Poi il piano Naturally being a short story collection some stories were better than others The book starts off very well indeed then around the middle things start going wonky with some less than stellar stories but finishes strongly with the last one or twoI had to check and make sure this was actually a young adult publication after reading the first couple of "Stories It Is I D "it is I d child hood read Es mi primer libro de terror ue le ya hace varios a os y fue amor a primera vista esos relatos cortos y muy oscuros ue te dejan una sensaci n de vacio y mucho terror en lo profundo del inconsciente y un sabor a lo desconocido y espeluznante lo volver a a leer mil veces m s a cada relato una verdadera oya de 13 autores en un s lo libro The Cat Dogs Slow beginning and the cat dogs creatures are biologically impossible to be formed However as the story progresses it got really suspenseful that I hold my breath as as the story progresses it got really suspenseful that I hold my breath as keep reading S Good start for the collectionThe Piano Eh it was average The main character wasn t sympathetic as she didn t care about the people whom she knows died and ust comes off a bit selfish The plot wasn t enthralling as it s basically the supernatural object killing people who stand in Laura s way A few things I like the communication of piano to Laura by playing songs and mystery origins regarding a gypsyThe Devil s Footprints Interesting this story is sort of like an extension of the real life 1855 phenome. A volte essere troppo amanti della lettura può costare caro come scoprirà a proprie spese la protagonista di uno di uesti racconti E un prezzo altrettanto altro dovranno pagare l'automobilista bloccato nella brughiera

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Thirteen More Tales of Horror Point Horror 13'sYstery of the buyers that I was excited to know what their deal was at the end of story However as I "keep reading the story I realized this is a crime story as I begin to "reading the story I realized this is a crime story as I begin to interest in the story as the plot becomes less interesting Near the end the story does give some tension that my interest was renewed Ultimately this short story t bad as there weren t too much boring moments it s only there weren t too much boring moments s only plotCloseness Felt like the story didn t have much The real scare only comes at end That said the mystery of the organization was intriguing the main characters was likeable to read a story about and the ending was really disturbing It s meh but at least it s readableThe Ring The premise is terrifying What if you have the ability to read people s mind That s something I don t want to have and the story showcases I thought the story was satisfying but it was so depressing and very mean spirited due to the fact that everyone hates the girl Overall good story but should probably tone down the mean spiritednessBone Meal Gruesome short story but it s the whole nothing scary happened with peculiar things happening and then shocking ending Couldn t enjoyed the story as I expected what the ending this and this whole story was dullAfter reading this collection I enjoyed this collection Even though there s storied here than the first collection which is one the stories I enjoyed were really good for interesting premises and actual horror that sends shiver to my spine Even the average stories were a bit better as well I can t give this high rating because there are still fair share of stories that I didn t care for or I didn t like Still this collection was worth a read for those wanting to read horror stories anthologies. Hé uando sulla neve fresca davanti alla porta appaiono le impronte del diavolo sarebbe più saggio darsela a gambe senza voltarsi indietro invece di accogliere sventatamente in casa propria un ospite indesiderato e morta. Non devil s footprints In fact this story references that This was pretty scary from the "Feeling That Something S Going "that something s going and that something bad will happen to the devil character s appearance I also like how the people are killed at the end as a nice twistSofties Very interesting world building I definitely wish there were information as to what created the Companions and laws regarding them Also has social commentary that s not too far off from today A short story I definitely will read againThe House that Jack Built Hmm Not my favorite TALE BUT IT DOES HAVE LITTLE but it does have little and interesting tale I think it s because the story dwells too much on describing the house s craftsman structure and not what made the house the way it is especially the ending as it was creepy but I want to know what the creature isThe Station with No Name COuldn t get into the story It was dull and the story ust ends too uickly I only liked the setting as it did give me shiversSomething to Read Cute story with a cruel twist The main character was really unlikable thoughKilling Time Can be uite scary but the story needs fleshing out what makes the clock that way and the creatures associated with the clock I still think the story s goodJRE Ponsord Nothing too deep of a plot and wasn t scary but I really liked the short story as the it makes me wonder how the ending goes and the climax gives off so much mixed feelings whether it s being little creeped out by the Ponsord undead fellow savory that the main character s bullies died or bemused whether I should support the main character because he s aware that he practically killed other human beings Still a satisfying readThe Buyers The beginning hooked me in the beginning with the N prossimità di una grande casa deserta il ragazzo in cerca di pareti da ricoprire di graffiti metropolitani l'adolescente dal cuore tenero che ha salvato dalla morte per annegamento una cucciolata di strani gattini Perc. ,