E–book/E–pub Grave Girl Grave Girl #1 by Amy Cross

Grave Girl Grave Girl #1

Amy Cross Ì 3 ead

I found this book to be a fun ead The pace was uick and the supernatural events creative in parts and derivative in others and the supernatural events creative in parts and derivative in others had a blast throughout I probably would have given it five stars if it had a decent editor It s iddled with forgotten events typos and eye olling dialogue For most books that would be enough for me to toss it but the author has an amazing sense of pace and can spin a Busy Park really good yarn This book deserves a better score but theeader also deserves a better editor Decent ghost supernatural eadThis book long It seemed like a bunch editor Decent ghost supernatural eadThis book long It seemed like a bunch books of short stories that just kept picking up where one left off the way the chapters kept starting overThe story itself was on different and kind of interesting Although I noticed a lot of GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany repeated sentencing Sam s a Leeds girl who wants to get away from her old life turn it around and go somewhere no one knows her as Sam the Slag or slut She seally screwed up drinking all the time amount another big secret she is holding in She The Confederate Privateers runs to a small odd town to work as a gardener that she has no idea means she s going to be taking care of a cemetery She s a caretaker She doesn teally mind the work since its keeping her from being stupid and doing stupid things Her past us behind her Then a bunch of strange things start to happen Well they did from the beginning but she would shrug them off as it was a truck of her eyes or she was tired The Sparky a statue Big Bad Detective Agency reveals himself as a old caretaker warrior actually and kinda freaks her out a dead girl who s come back to life kind of Anna who they don t no why but maybe she s special for someeason and she s still The Placer rotting away as she lives in the cottage with Sam Then there s threw death who comes to life off and on another statue And the evil Fenwick who s trying to wake the devil who s harried under the town This all gets crazy and sams secret isevealed a lot if her Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism responsibilities to come and of course living with live statuesI don t want to tell but this book is very weird It did hold my interest The end wasn t too bad and theirs a next book Will onlyead it ProbablyI like Amy Cross She has some eally great books This is ok at least the 4star I gave it Probably would ve went 5 had I not noticed errors and too much epeating But I would say it s worth Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness reading if you want toead something truly different in the ghost evil people the devil death live statues people ais. When Sam Marker an away from her old life all she needed was a job and somewhere to live Anything would do And then one fateful day she saw that the town of Rippon was looking for a new gardenerUnfortunatel. Ing from their graves some evil things also aising trying to kill Sam It s just odd But it is long so if you start know that I ll find the ight man for you I ll find the toughest son of a bitch who ever walked the landMayor Guffington Winters is determined to find the ight man to tend to the cemetery in his home town Rippon Sam Marker answers the a Another great ead from this talented storytellerThis fast paced Story Is About A Journey is about a journey where a young girlwoman called Sam is on her way to a job one which she hopes will give her a fresh start away
Fromwe Gradually Find Out 
gradually find out will give her a fresh start away fromwe gradually find out whatHowever job is not at all what she expectedOverall a bizarre and original tale that is both creepy and funny psychological and deep while dealing with very Der Bilderwächter real issues that can plague the human soul It certainly kept my interest throughoutI love the writing style of this author despite the typos and look forward to Really enjoyed this book I didn t know it was a series when I first got it think it may have been a free promo but glad I found it It doesn t hurry along the pace is fairly sedate but it sucks you into the story Very atmospheric I m going to get the next in the series for sure I ended up liking this book way than I thought I would The first in a trilogy Sam takes a job as a Gardner of the town cemetery a job that entails than it would seem Monsters zombies angels and the devil Some standard tropes that actually work along with interesting characters some deeper than others a pretty fast paced book with the standard Cross horror stylings This is the first book in a trilogy The town of Rappon cannot keep aegular gardener for the cemetery Some disappear and some of them uit Mayor Winters is desperate to find somebody to fill that position Winters hires Sam Marker for the position Little did Winters know that Sam was eally Samantha Once Winters found out that Sam was a young lady he tired to discourage her from taking the job The mayor showed Sam her living uarters It is a small cottage that is located within the cemetery When Sam saw the cottage it looked like no one had lived there in years Sam is a non believer of ghosts and ghouls The mayor comes to tell Sam that he has a job for her He said that Mrs Mayberry was found dead in her bedroom and a grave has to be dug The town of Rappon has no fancy euipment to dig this grave with So Sam will have to dig the six foot deep grave. Y for Sam the 'garden' is actually a cemetery and it just so happens to contain the deadliest grave in the world As she tries to adjust to her new life in the sleepy little town Sam finds herself increasingl. ,
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With A SHOVEL HE ALSO TELLS HER shovel He also tells her it must be eady for the next day Sam is not going to buckle under pressure She will have the grave Letters to Rollins ready for the next day While digging the grave a little old lady comes up to Sam and ask her about Mrs Mayberry funeral The little old lady tells Sam that she is doing a good job Soon Sam willealize that Rippon is no ordinary town and the cemetery is everything but peaceful I enjoyed eading the first book in this series The author did a very good first book in this series The author did a very good of developing her characters This help to make the story even stronger I plan on eading book 2 in the near future 2020 Scotland Yard reading challenge graveyard on coverI loved Sam the main character by the end of the first chapter I think she is theeason I liked this book so much She as a character made this story Let s ecap Unsuspecting girl takes a gardening job which is actually a cemetery And not your normal oneThis is a solid story I like Amy Cross She has a great imagination I wish there was blood and guts to this book but it s not that kind of ead The ending summed everything up perfectly but still I thought backwards trying to make sense of a few things that I wasnt uite sure of Anyways it s a good book with an entertaining storyline Even though I loved Sam I tired of Unverified: A Novel reading about her past That got kinda boring At least those parts were short I think I m in love with Sparky What s not to love about him He listened never argue and definitely swoon worthyAnyway how should Ieview this without spoiling anything I just can t So I m sharing what I dislike insteadFirst the cover It s horrible Second the snail pace flashback of Sam s past Okay I get it She wasn t an angel not like my darling Sparky that is and she had her moment but the flashback build up was annoyingAnd I m off to ead the second book BEWARE of SPOILERview spoilerBasically Sam answered an ad for a gardener only to find out she s the new gravetaker Everything was going smoothly even though some spooky things happened like the stone angel moving and such She found out later that below the graveyard was another grave and the occupant was the Devil himself And it s her job to not let anything woke the Devil from his slumber hide spoiler It s like the editor gave up 23 the way through the bookOverall it was an entertaining ead It was not scary by any means but again entertaining and for this it earned two stars I m not sure what. Y drawn into a strange double life Dark forces are gathering in Rippon seeking access to the Devil's grave and soon she finds herself trapped in the middle of a struggle that could decide the fate of the wor.