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Art of Deception Kate Hanson #2Se she wants them to know she found train tickets vidence for their case Really She couldn t just phone for a 3 minute discussion I can guess how this would go over in the real world Kate goes ALONE to a suspect s house a convicted sex offender with a propensity for violence This despite it s gotten her into trouble before like last year when Harry Creed got a hold of you She s a huge liability can identify a nineteen fifty something Jaguar from the sound of the motor outside How both cool and astute she backtalks to her police superior despite her civilian standing someone burgles her home and her paramour just happens to be driving by at the time and stops to assist the investigating constable Shades of Twilight what is he a potential stalker Single guy with no life hearing the chimes of a campus carillon housed in the beautiful old building with its copper domed cupola she investigates only to find the door locked and so smashes the handle with a stone breaking it into pieces ven though there is no imminent crisis Good grief the amorous supposedly trained detective goes alone to confront the murderer uite Fortuitously Kate Pulls The Same Kate pulls the same and is able to save his life AND stop the murderer What a coupI njoyed Cross s style nough to venture into another one of her books but it will never again be another Dr Kate Hanson Cold Case A good procedural interesting although a little slow for moments But my main issue with this story is not the plot or the writing is the protagonistI liked Kate Hanson a lot less in this book She acts as if the laws are for others not her and she jeopardizes her co workers in this book She acts as if the laws are for others not her and she jeopardizes her co workers to get what she wants That s not strength is callousness And why why would she go alone to a suspect s house a known sex predator none the less when in her last case she did the same risky thing and almost lost her life And yes I take that mothering a pre teen is hard and if you are an overworked stressed out single mom is ven worse And that she sees the worst of people all the time But I d hate to be her daughter There is no real warmth in that relationship I ll be listening to the next one but at this point I m not really hopeful Art of Deception 2 AJ Cross iBook Dr Kate Hanson is a divorced single Mom of a 12 year old daughter She is a forensic psycholo. Ene suggests the killer has been keeping an ye on his long dead victimAs Kate begins to dig further into Nathan's past she discovers a series of potentially toxic relationships Why do his house mates refuse to talk about that time or their friendship with Nathan And what was his connection to the beautiful and app. .

Gist working as a lecturer at university and also at the UCU the unsolved case unit cold case unit of the police Bernie Joe and Kate work together when she s at UCU Set in the English Midlands Birmingham a mummified body is foundthree murders two decades one killerA chilling discovery leads to trying to link together a series of dark secretsanother deaththen another body By the nd there are a few Who is behind these series of dark secretsanother deaththen another body By the nd there are A Few Who Is Behind few Who is behind dating back and now current There are plenty of good twists in this good read Hopefully in the series will become available soon6 books in this series Gone in Seconds Dr Kate Hanson 1 Art of Deception 2 A Little Death 3 only iBook Audiobook very xpensiveSomething Evil Comes 4 Cold Cold Heart 5 6 No title found 619 Bearable but not that Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven enjoyable0 This was a pretty good book It is the only one I have read by this author I think I would be interested in reading others particularly if there are others in the Dr Hanson Cold Case series Many times I find that I have figured out who did it halfway through the book But not this one And for me that is a good thing Received a copy as a First Reads giveawayI m afraid that I found this book uite tedious and I struggled to finish it I was skimming the pages towards thend just to get it readI didn t find any of the characters likeable and the main characters behaviour was so outrageous I m sure no police force would mployee her The second in forensic procedural series starring an intrepid psychologist supported by a likeable police team and challenged by academic and domestic detritus AJ Cross is an auto buy for me in a crowded genre if I find an author I like I stick with them ART OF DECEPTION was another multilayered clever crime thriller let down only by the xtremely obvious murderer view spoiler It s so frustrating when a crime novel has a plethora of suspects all with motives and vilness coming out of their very pores but one person who fits all the criteria and yet is never suspected or shown as anything other than harmless until BAM he s the guilty one I guessed this killer about halfway inand spent the last half hoping I was wrong Like the twisty turny wonderfully clever Broadchurch who s murderer was so obvious that I assumed the talented writer was double bluffing I was wrong hide spoiler. Arently promiscuous daughter of his professorWhen the disappearance of a local teenager confirms that Nathan's killer is back Kate and the team must work fast to untangle a web of lies and unmask a murderer who has lain dormant for 20 yearsA chilling discovery a young life in mortal danger and a series of dark secr. .

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Good police procedural with plenty of twists turns and red herrings to keep you reading Other reviewers have commented the main culprit was too predictable but I found there was a large nough cast and nough mystery as to what role ach character played and why to keep me satisfiedAlso in response to the review complaining about the use of the word mom the book is set in Birmingham where it s in common usage I found that for such a short book this one didn t really work hard to keep my attention on it s plot point it was a bit all over the place with a lot of repetition and whilst it started strong the investigative analysis of all the players in the book took far too long to resolve and so I Did Lose Interest Towards The End As lose interest towards the nd as went through yet another interrogation I haven t read any OTHERS BY THIS AUTHOR OR IN THIS SERIES SO by this author or in this series so can t say what I ve missed but there were some details that you needed to guess that alluded to the previous novel This British who dun it had a well developed plot with nough information for the reader to come to the correct conclusion to the mystery but not so much as to have it be a dead giveaway The *author s style is smooth and njoyable and the book flowed well My real stumbling block is *s style is smooth and njoyable and the book flowed well My real stumbling block is protagonist forensic psychologist Dr Kate Hanson who works part time for the Unsolved Crimes Unit I finished the book in spite of having to deal with her persona on the strength of the book s writing and plot A couple of characters in the book characterize her as a know it all always needing to have the last word sarcastic From the way she is portrayed I believe she likely buys her knickers a size or two too small Definitely not someone I would care to hang around A mystery reader has to be willing so suspend one s disbelief but some of the circumstances in this novel are just too far fetched for me to swallow the two Her Stolen Past (Family Reunions experienced full time detectives have her take the lead in almost all their discussions of the case and usually defer to her analysis the senior detective brings a folder of the originalvidence files from the cold case Kate takes it and tosses it in the garbage because it s police style information and her paramour detective does a slow handclap of approval the two detectives drive into work on a Saturday at her reuest becau. The New Year brings a gruesome new discovery for forensic psychologist Dr Kate Hanson and Birmingham's Unsolved Crimes Unit A mummified body is found beneath the floorboards of a deserted lake house in Woodgate Country Park The dead man was art student Nathan Troy who disappeared 20 years ago but Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought evidence at the sc.