Hēdonē ☆ 3 read

Beautifully written and hot But it lost me a little because of all these messages and the talk was heavy The beginning was interesting and as the book rogressed it became interesting BUT BECAUSE OF THE TALK I because of the talk I get lost a little It was a assion filed book and interesting to read However it was a first book like this that I read I read mostly HEA romance so this ending although intriguing is not something I expected Great book and the end Is Unexpected But Good unexpected but good loved the female character because she knew what she wanted and wasn t afraid to voice her opinion or a fantasy but the male was definitely false He lives a false life and he lives a different life when he is online and seducing She lives her life open and not hiding while he seeks something outside of his marriage and staying married and miserable The only redeemable art was the end where I was slightly taken off guard by the end Yet relieved it was over I was lucky enough to receive this book for my honest review Too be uite honest with you I don t know what to "write about this so called book I am gonna be nice and give this book 3 stars I honestly can " about this so called book I am gonna be nice and give this book 3 stars I honestly can tell anyone they should actually 待つ [Matsu] pick up this book unless you like a book that consists of yahoo messenger and emails with a lot of sex talk This book is so screwed up at least to me it was First off cheating on your spouse is not right at all In my opinion even if the husband says it is ok it still is not right Candra and Fabien both have a weird story to tell Actually the truth is that this author has an off the wall story to tell I believe to ea. “ I'd like to have three men at once one for each orifice with each of them taking turns fisting me I can only imagine thehysical and mental l. Ch their own I think I WOULD HAVE LIKED THIS BETTER have liked this book better there was an actually story line to it just not emails and text messages back and forth To be honest I couldn t wrap my head around this book at all I really hope that someone can If your into this kind of book Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) power to you I am no wayutting this author down this book was just not for me but it may be for you Happy Reading Fabian comes across to me as a bit Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt pretentious and repetitive when chatting with Candra In saying that I still enjoyed most of their conversations even though I didn t like Fabian as aerson at all I enjoy most erotic books but I do enjoy Even husband and wives are strangers This uote from the book sums up Illicit Lover erfectlyWith modern technology having an affair has never been easier Pull out your laptop whip out your hone do a few taps on your tablet and your sexting browsing cheating websites sending emails Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns planing your hook ups all while sitting next to your significant other Illicit Affair is a brutally honest storyainting a sad look at infidelity in modern societyTold Principles of Isotope Geology primarily through chat logs and emails of two marriedeople s illicit affair OscarW the screen name of our rotagonist is married to Tara and while he claims to love her he is no longer attracted to her and constantly belittles her in his thoughts He is so wrapped up in his online affair with Venus a married woman who loves her husband and family but is looking for some fun that he misses what s going on in his own lifeTheir email and chat exchanges are both erotic and real Illicit Affair isn t erotica but. Easure that would come from being so ”It’s her addiction; her approved “meets” Conditionally approved In one of her midnight online escapad. ,

Erotic literature It s intelligent with complex Characters That Feel So True Between Their that feel so true Between their logs you get insight into our rotagonist thoughts as he becomes and wrapped up in their affair This story is not a fantasy but reality and while it was one of the best ieces of literature I ve read in the last few months I didn t like itIt was too real for meH don has written an amazing book and I do recommend you read it if your looking for a serious and tragic look at modern infidelity H don draws you into his characters head "Pulling You Along Through Their Affair I " you along through their affair I t ut it down almost compelled to make it to the end and find out how OscarW and Venus s affair would affect their marriagesDespite not liking the story it s just not my taste this is an extremely well crafted novella and I can t recommended enough if you want to read a true erotic literature I give it 5 star for skill style and believability that the took in creating this book Illicit lover 5 starsFabien hides from his unfulfilling marriage on a website illicitlovercom and he is intrigued by Candra who is in a happy open marriage They exchange numerous emails back and forth which were uite interesting to read although some of it was repetitive about Fabien wanting to not only take her but to own her and that is where they are at odds her husband comes first While reading this I was thinking it was hard to get into it and was going to give it 3 stars but the ending wow speechless it changed my mind to 5 I cant give the ending away but the saying roved to be true even husband and wives are strangers. Es she meets a somewhat “mysterious elouently gifted in words lover” who romises to fulfill all her desires if she commits one thing too him