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N a word but couldn t come up with anything descriptive for the H paying attention and wanting to be with her She is fat and ugly Can you really describe someone who wears a size 10 as fat or even curvy Her constant why do you want to be with me And his constant or even curvy Her constant why do you want to be with me And his constant want to spend all my time with her And the details about date 1 2 3 unch dinner movies ugh boring And if you don t use tongue how can you describe the kiss as the best you ve ever had closed ips mouth Only No Drifting To The No drifting to the no nose touching no WHISPERING BREATH NOTHING GIVE ME A breath nothing GIVE ME A BREAK And the interactions between the hockey players was ball ess Sounded ike conversations between the cheerleaders rather than a group of guys come on enough alreadyGot about 30% and just couldn t do Too many good books out there and this was pure tripeOkay I was so in a sports mood and had read ike 5 straight This book broke my mood and now on to different and definitely betterSave your time and money stay away from this book and author More maturity and development neededNot happy reading this at all Not sure that I want to review this and relive it because it frustrated me so muchI was full of hope going into it A sports romance Hockey theme I m in The fact that the author is a hockey fan and not just pretending Even better So what if she based the character of Shea Adler after the actual NHL Nashville Predator defenseman Shea Weber I can ive with that At east he didn t actually Curators of the Buddha lookike him I think That would ve beenweird Shea I adored Shea Apparently he was formerly a player before he cast his beautiful blue eyes on Elli but I didn t see any real proof of that Truly he is book boyfriend material He has to be the most patient hero in all of romance How he put up with the heroine s Elli Fisher baggageinsecuritieslack of trustbody issueslack of self esteem and was not all worn out by the end of the day was a testament to his patience I just couldn t get past her issues Since when is a size 10 considered fat I can t remember the Another Way Home: The Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family last time I talked back to my kindle as much as I did while reading this book Yes Elli had some self esteem issues due to theousy treatment from an ex boyfriend and her evil mother and sister but c mon She was once a Broadway star became a successful photographer was pretty rich had great friendsbut she had this hang up about her weight and it drove me crazy She had an illness years ago that caused her to put on a Cezanne a Study of His Development lot of weight but after a few years managed toose most of it How could anyone be attracted to her because she was a size 10 for god s sakes Clearly what this girl needed was a good therapist because yes I have to agree with her Shea did deserve someone better someone with her head on straightJust as I thought Elli was making progress on this whole body issue after numerous numerous reassurances from Shea and that maybe these two could get a HEAhere comes the Big Misunderstanding This is what really irritated me and had me ready to through my kindle across the room This boyfriend has expressed his You Owe Me One love for you repeatedly done things only the boyfriend of your dreams would ever do is utterly devoted to youand where is your belief in him Elli Your trust Let me add stubbornness and pride to your growingist of faults sighAck I could go on and on So why did I keep reading Actually the writing was uite good Even if it was about 150 pages too Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture long seriously needed a good editor the story held my interest Ioved Shea Obsession: An Erotic Tale loved Elli s best friend Harper would veiked to see about her romance with Shea s teammate Jakob Her father Mike a nod to Carrie Underwood s husband seemed ike a good guy although why he put up with his wife s treatment of their daughter is beyond me On an unrelated note why did she call her uncle Papa Did I miss the reason So what could ve been a 4 4 12 star read for me was ruined by the heroine s behavior And when I don t ike the heroine or hero it becomes a problem read for me Maybe that s why it took me 6 days to finish itWill I try another one in this series I think I will I m hoping I Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice love or evenike the next heroine because seriously I can t put up with another Elli 3 stars DNF at 30% Too many giggles you re instead of your and vice versa and other such errors Also it was exhausting and boring. D he had to have her Elli is a Edicts of Asoka little skeptical of Shea but he knows that they were meant to be together and he needed her in hisife Can Elli throw her insecurities out the window and Upgrade Soul love Shea with everything inside of her or will sheet a past relationship and her family ruin any chance of her being happ. .

1 Star I was bored to tears and so disappointed This story was all over the place and I couldn t stand and so disappointed This story was all over the place and I couldn t stand I felt sorry for her at first but then boy was she ever annoying Towards the end of the book I felt ike it was an endless oop of the same thing happening over and over again Shea should have running screaming and eft Elli to wallow in her self pity and accusationsGAAAAAAHHH For that matter he wasn much better Then what he does at the endhellooooanger management classes buddyjust sayin and while you re at it maybe too Oh and Shea and while you re at it maybe too Oh and Shea on the cheek making oud smacking noisesevery single time okay we get it he s a Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist loud kisserenough I never felt any chemistry between Elli and Shea or connection to them the sex was robotic the dialogue was stilted and the story didn t flow and went on foreverateast 300 pages too ong I skimmed a ot Harper and Jakob s romance was interesting than Elli and Shea s and they pretty much took the back seat No I m sorry my GR friends but this was not a good read for me I don t think I l be continuing with the series unless someone can tell me the writing improves in eaps and bounds 45 Hockey Stars Elli is a photographer and a huge and I mean HUGE hockey fan Her favorite team is the Assassins and her favorite player is Shea Adler One day she meets him in a photo shoot and he is as much attracted to Elli as she is to him and yes you know where this is going But dating a hockey player isn t uite easy the time happy sigh Aaaah what an adorable ending I really Imaginary Runner liked Taking Shots If I have to be picky I d say it was aittle drawn out and there was no real drama until very near the end it s uite From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 long and there are a few mini dramas throughout but it all seems to be going aittle too swimmingly and then you think you re almost done with the book and boom Aleo throws it upside downReally good read though Shea is just to die for Ugh this perfect book men are making it entirely impossible to function in every day Fresh Water life Nothing and nobody compares Shea is one of those he s just adorablePlot Aittle weak It was nice but it kind of chugged along with no real direction for a French Daguerreotypes little while But it sorted itself out in the endCharacters Adored Shea I reallyike Elli most of the time she was independent a From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read little insecure but still pretty strong but then she d go and annoy the hell out of me by being completely unreasonable at timesSteaminess The sex scenes were pretty steamy but there isn t an abundance of themAngst Taking Shots isn t too emotional Beware near the end I did resort to skimming to try and resolve the issues uicker but it isn t too heart wrenchingEnding Suueeeeee Hopelessly romanticFavourite uotes Don t evereave me again Love only me for the rest of our From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society lives Move into our house makeove to me every night and make babies with me Elli Please because being with you made me a better man and I could never Doris Salcedo love anyone the way Iove you So please marry me Say it again She giggled before she said I Twelve Days of Pleasure love you Oh baby Iove you More than you l ever know It was hard to hear him but she turned around and when she faced him again he was smiling broadly He pulled his glove off and held up three fingers then kissed his palm and pressed it to the glass She pressed her hand against his and said Good uck Shea skated off with a nod Oh My God Y all disgust me That was straight out of some sappy Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye love story Harper complained I wrote it so I think its awesome This was the case of theittles A Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France little tooongA ittle too cheesyA ittle too insecure heroineA Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild little too easy instaoveA Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets little too crazy mama dramaAittle too not my cuppaFini When I first read the summary of the book I was intrigued Generally I Electromyography for Experimentalists like reading sports romance and the book received mostly good ratings It stands to reason that I wouldike it right Wrong I hated it I m going to try to explain my reasons calmly but I doubt I Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 ll pull it offShae is a successful hockey player He s handsome rich charming True he does have slight commitment issues but the moment he sees Elli he know she s different He s used to skinny blond rink bunnies and Elli s definitely not that She s shy not a size 2 and definitely not confident But he wants her badly So he decides to woo her I have to give it to him he is incredibly stubborn. Elli Fisher has never thought she was good enoughet it be her job her weight her ove ife nothing That is until she meets Shea Adler After doing a promotional shoot for the NHL team the Assassins she meets the hunky hockey player who shoots a puck shattering her worldShea Adler was tired of the ife he was. And persistentAnd then we have Elli who simply can t believe that Someone Like Shae Could like Shae could be interested in her So she tries to resist unsuccessfully But all along the way she is ooking to find something about him that will prove her theory that men are bastards I hate herI rather iked the first third of the book true Elli was irritating but Shae was awesome And then everything started to drag a bit I believe that there are a ot of unnecessary parts Cutting out some pieces would ve made the book interesting I believe that there are a ot of unnecessary parts Cutting out some pieces would ve made the book interesting easier to read Anyway after the first third Elli s behavior started to slowly deteriorate But I still held up hope Unfortunately it only got worse and worse My intention was to give the book 25 stars and then the MISUNDERSTANDING occurred Stupid Elli jumped to conclusion refused to Listen To Any Explanations And Stormed Off The Next Couple to any explanations and stormed off The next couple months she was miserable not eating or sleeping crying all the time thinking of Shae all the time AKA being pathetic Of course she refused to talk to Shae all along Poor Shae was so miserable What I don t understand is why he kept pinning for her She certainly didn t deserve itThere are some thing about the book that I iked Mainly Shae Shae is awesome and deserves someone much better than Elli Although he does have a streak of melodrama in him but nothing over the top And then there s Harper Elli s best friend Her romance with Jakob is interesting I wish we saw of itUnfortunately nothing could make me forget about Elli s behavior I honestly wished her to die in a tragic accident at east that way Shae could end up with someone who deserves him Rating15 stars Elli is a 27 year old photographer and a huge hockey fan The Assassin s are her favorite team She goes to every single home game Elli is self sufficient even though her family is wealthy She has been single for the ast 6 years and overall she is happy with her ife Elli and her assistantbff Harper get a job taking some photos for the Assassins There she meets her favorite hockey player Shea AdlerOh Shea Shea is the captain of the Assassin s He used to be a playboy but he is changing his ways His family is very important to him and hockey is his ife When Shea see s Elli he knows she is special right away he sees something in her big green eyes He asks her out for coffee and a photography esson After a while they start dating Elli cannot believe someone ike Shea Adler would seriously want to be with her Elli has issues A Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One lot of things from her past relationship and issues with her family make her insecure to the max And she is keeping a few pretty important things from Shea It takes aot for Shea to convince Elli he wants to be with her Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) lets just say Shea is a very patient man Shea Elli Elli and Shea s relationship is very sweet Shea is the perfect man He isoving kind patient funny sexy and charming Loved him I admire Elli s independence and I Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe liked her some of the book Other times her insecurities and stubbornness drove me mad Jakob and Harper were a nice addition to the story along with Shea s whole family and Elli s friends Dad and Uncle Taking Shots was a nice romance I really enjoyed the characters and the story It was a bit on theong side which usually doesn t bother me But I felt with this particular story it could have been shortened and just as good Some parts flowed nicely other parts seemed to drag a bit Overall a great read for all of us romantics out there The ending eft me with a big smile on my face a sweet fun and romantic read If I could give this fewer stars I wouldThe premise for this story is sound although not original but still could have been good Why wasn t it An immature writing style by the author Also the author writes very insecure characters You have a women who is very insecure about herself due to a bad relationship and a piss poor family dynamic She is a huge hockey fan and becomes the team photographer where she meets the hockey player He takes one ook at her and falls immediately into LOVE Like watching my 5 year old grand daughter play Barbiesyou One Wild Weekend love me oh Iove you back kiss kissWell we ve all read stories where this plot Forgetful of Their Sex line has been done and been okay with it What was not okay was the hokey dialogue and the h s constant gratefulness not sure if this is eve. Living outside of the rink The girls the money blowing the drinking everything had to stop and it all did when he met Eleanor Fisher He had never met anyoneike her She was feisty witty shy and simply gorgeous When he Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing laid eyes on her it was as if he was taking the hardest hit of hisife into the boards an.

Summary Taking Shots Assassins #1

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Taking Shots Assassins #1