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I read this book as a 30 something divorced mom and I loved it the author is married she gets it She has reached back to share her wisdom from single experience and I m so grateful She has not forgotten what it s like on many levelsThe book gives pra. You want to get married You want to have a family So you set out to make that happen with the purest intentions The you work to reach your goal the harder your eyes become fixated Marriage and family are no longer goals of nobility Now they Are Idols You Will idols You will whatever it takes to make the life you want happen – even if it means you sacrifice your relationship with God Then you wake up one day maybe even married and realize that your attempts were futile You’re still dissatisfied heart broken and confused You pu. Fall for Him

Brenda H. Rodgers ë 5 Read

Esires to God s sovereignty I to give this 5 stars but I m an authoreditor too and couldn t help but notice typos and grammatical errors in several topics Overall the content won me over and I recommend this book for single Christian women college age and Just tolerate their single years but live them joyfully and create futures that surpass their dreams by committing their lives to pursuing God wholeheartedly Will you join the challenge to make your single years the most fulfilling of your life “I wish I had read this book when I was 18 years old So many of the chapters in your book have stayed with me on my heart and mind Thank you – both for being my heart and mind Thank you – both for being enough to write these words and for sharing such powerful book with me” Mandy Roberson Mandy Roberson Editin. Ctical advice on 25 common issues that singles face shame to celibacy to community to idolatry to pursuit and courtship Two celibacy to community to idolatry to and courtship Two that hit me the hardest considering the true reason you want marriage yourself or to further the Kingdom and surrendering your Rsued a romanticized life for yourself instead of God’s life for you So you begin recovering The good news You were not meant to recover Recovery from singleness does not have to be the path you take There is a better way In Fall for Him 25 Challenges from a Recovering Single Brenda gives women insight into what she learned after years of living a discontented single life The book is divided into three sections You and God You and Others and You and Men Each section consists of different challenges to help women not.
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