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Really enjoyed catching up with Aidan and LilliThis was a reat follow up to Save The Date we ot to see the sensitive and caring side to Aidan which made him even hotter I m so lad that after they ot married they didn t just jump into bed together the build up and Aidan trying to woo Lilli was perfectThe book has and Aidan trying to woo Lilli was perfectThe book has big twist towards the end which I have my suspicions about and makes me want book 3 even I loved the supporting characters especially Viola she had me iggling at her talks about her and book 3 even I loved the supporting characters especially Viola she had me Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture giggling at her talks about her and Following on the heels of Save the Date we now find our couple following through with marriage contract and starting to build a romantic relationship We don tet insta love and I was pleased in that regard I like the slow build towards a possible HEA for them There is angst and drama this time around and made the book a bit intense There are still those annoying editing errors But all in all I m still hooked on the trilogy and looking forward to download 3 Am loving this series so Edge of Venomverse glad they have fallen in lovewho is the mysterious pill handler Will the next few months allo ok Will the company be saved from the board Will they have a big fat HEA I really hope so Yes just as fab as book 1 There wasn t a lot of angst and turmoil but enough to keep me up all night reading that I haven t been to sleep yet Lol Starting on book 3 today Woot woot Ok just read that book 3 will be coming out next week which is Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) good because I don t want to wait too long I hate that it seems Lilli and Aiden will be dealing with conflict I wish Lilli could accept that Aiden loves her and admit her live in return She really is just being stubborn and she has 2 babies. This is the second installment of the Modern Arrangements TrilogyWe areathered here todayLILLIAN SNOWE has finally succumbed to Aidan's relentless pursuit But before they say 'I do' the surprises begin Some ood and some bad it becomes clear that while some want them. Here Comes the BrideArs with no cheating produce an heir Pretty easy huh Let s just say that Lilli Aidan are uite ood at completing their checklist wink wink In between those things we et to see Lilli come Into Her Own Find A her own find a in this new upscale world with the children s foundation We also find out about the secret pill plan a scary accident a couple of pregnancies Very excited to read book three My Highlights1 The Deed FINALLY done done done some 1a Memorable Love Scenes The library the treadmill of course the bed2 Viola Her loose lips when she

S Drinking Are Hilarious I 
drinking are hilarious I practically see the blush on everyone s faces My Lowlights1 The Pills I practically smelled that thing a mile away But I m both ticked off excited at the same time with the results2 Aunt Anne Uncle Henry What else can I say "BUT UGH THEY ARE AWFUL PEOPLE TALK ABOUT PRESSURE "UGH They are awful people Talk about pressure enerally try to wait until all the books in a series are our before I begin because I m not the most patient person I read the first book without knowing it was part of a trilogy and loved it I ve been waiting for this book to come out and i wasn t disappointed EXCEPT It ended so abruptly I know it s the authors way of setting up book 3 but it was almost like we were mid way thru a page and it ended I like the way the author has been pacing it I was worried it was Blue Guide going to be of an insta love situation once they were married but she s showed them actually learning about each other I think the twist would have of an impact without the reference to it in the beginning of the book It kind of killed the suspense of it since you were just waiting for it to happen Now I veot to wait till May to see how it all turns ou. Are his tool for seduction but it turns out all he needed was better vision Feeling ready to stake his claim on his inheritance and his wife a disaster may take away what he needs mostYou are cordially invited to the union and marital bliss of Aidan and Lillian Iverson.

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To think of which really makes me mad at her I Understand It Wasn T The Best Of Circumstances But understand it wasn t the best of circumstances "BUT YOUR HEAD OUT AND START "your head out and start about the other people who need you instead of feeling sorry for yourself I can t wait to see Aiden s wrath come down on Becca and whoever put her up to it I really hope it was Henry but I have a feeling James may have had knowledge of it or been in on the plan Aiden may be happy about the results but he loves Lilli so the fact that someone lied and betrayed the both of them is not Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa going to slide Excited for book 3 to see how it all ends Areat follow on to the first book I really liked the way Aiden was romancing Lillie and the fact that she didnt just fall into bed with him Also happy that there is an explanation as to why they feel the way they feel for each other as I hate it when its instalove and there is no real explanation as to how or why they fell in love If anything I think these books are 2 short I have finished both book 1 and 2 in the space of a few hours I hope book 3 is longer I have to say I was in a crossroad where I didn t know if I should buy this book or not cause of budget Now I m Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare glad I did because it was a really reallyood book better than the first actually Aiden was just dreamy sigh but I have to wait until May for book 3 NoooAiden the first actually Aiden was just dreamy sigh but I have to wait until May for book 3 NoooAiden This book is even amazing than the first book Had a lot of twists and keep you wanting I cannot wait for the next book FINALLY some of that sexual tension has been relieved So obviously the deal has been enacted the wedding finally takes place it really is beautiful Now all that is left is to consummate the marriage stay married for four ye. Together there is an outside force trying to tear them apart Lilly just isn't sure she is cut out for this kind of lifeAIDAN IVERSION III is about to put the worries of his employees board and family at ease He is about to secure his wife Grand estures and small tokens. ,