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R original #Magazine Appearances Many Feel Like #appearances Many feel like writer learning his trade and others are better written but still feel rather throwaway the work of a penny a liner happy with a first draft in order to earn his wage Burrage was famously prolific For Burrage fans these are still worth reading of course and there are a number of much accomplished stories and some alarming spooks including a rampaging phantom apeman and a vengeful spirit which foces one man to murder another It s impossible not admire Burrage s style at its best and he s the master at finding new ways to introduce the action so as to add authenticity. Thur Conan Doyle and MR JamesIntruders is the first in a four book set collecting together the bulk of Burrage's supernatural fiction Of the twenty six stories in this volume Burrage's supernatural fiction Of the twenty six stories in this volume three have been published in bookform befor. Here is what I thought of book when I read it 13 Years AgoOK I years agoOK I just read INTRUDERS WEIRD TALES and I m here to announce that you are all right Always good seldom spectacular does indeed apply to the first ten stories or so which all satisfy but lack that certain We now AMBurrage as one of the most prolific authors in the genre that is broadly classified as supernatural horror But the main reasons behind his success was not his prolific nature But The Consistent Ulaity the consistent ulaity he maintained across so many stories over decades In this collection alone we find short taut stories capable of raising the hair. During the first four decades of this century Alfred McLelland Burrage 1889–1956 was one of the most prolific British writers of short popular fiction There was scarcely a mainstream weekly fortnightly or monthly whose Co. .

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Behind one s neck stories that are simply delightful because of their gentle humour and stories that are poignant reminiscent of love loss death and sorrow The stories are really good and I would definitely like to come back to them again when the evening becomes stormy and the house becomes lonely Recommended The weakest of the Jack Adrian edited Ash Tree Press compilations of Burrage s ghost stories but only by virtue of the overall uality of the stories the fact that Adrian managed to gather these yarns together makes this a must have book All but two or three of the stories have never been reprinted from thei. Ntents page did not at one time or another feature his nameHis speciality was the light hearted love story but his fame today speciality was the Light Hearted Love Story But His Fame hearted love story but his fame on his tales of the supernatural His talent in this direction was recognised by both Sir Ar.
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Intruders New weird tales