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R otherwise or the general society s attitude towards same sex relationships they don t even think about anything interesting neither Ealdwin nor the reader ever does get the details of Ackley s experience with Taceo though it s hinted he might have some baggage there Bizarrely given that the two heroes are forced by magic to stay close together eventually being handcuffed together anything sexual is barely acknowledged and then almost instantly repressed again with the help of paperwork view spoilerThe first kiss takes place at the 96% mark immediately followed by the first discussion of their relationship hide spoiler Beware SUPER LONG review with TOO MANY gifs and some spoilers Battle of Will is one of those books ou can t wait to readAnd for very good reasonsBefore I start let me say who should NOT read this book People who 1 want insta everything2 want sex from page 12 want at least three sex scenes in the book4 do not care about the story just want the fucking If ou know what I meanSo now that we ve addressed that let s continueI ve read a lot of MM fantasy books Many of them were real good Battle of Will is without any doubt one of the better written onesIt is very important however to understand that the book really DO lacks insta everything and this IS a very refreshing thing to see in an MM bookThe relationship between the characters was built slowly and had of an enemies to allies and enemies to friends feel In this the book reminded me of Captive Prince Volume One by S C Pacat Just a few facts about how Ackley s and Beorn s relationship progressed during the book view spoiler At 67% Beorn first wonders about the possible rumors Ackley sleeping with him in his bed Honestly I ve expected this sooner much sooner soon after that first mentions of some feelings toward Ackley and attraction At 84% Beorn s mind helpfully suggested a few options to focus and distract Ackley but none of them were viable considering they were outside and that he and Ackley didn t have that sort of relationship At 85% There was no real reason to not reuisition enough bedding for Ackley to sleep separately Beorn realized as he approached the pallet They no longer needed to stay in close proximity Still unless Ackley pushed for it Beorn didn t see any reason to change their sleeping arrangements It would play into the loose cover he was trying to establish that nothing had changed YEAH RIGHT At 90% Ackley s first self confession of his feelings At 96% first kiss At 99% finally sex hide spoiler During the first 100 pages of the book I was convinced this would be a 5 star read But in the end I gave it barely 3 stars because I got so incredibly bored during the remaining 200 pagesI didn t mind that there was no big love story in fact I would have liked it better if the author had built a friendship between the two MCs instead of a sueezed in romance Seriously on the last twenty pages she suddenly remembered that there was supposed to be some romance in this book and it was like an after thought There was no real chemistry between the MCs not on a romantic level Yes they fit together as friends but I didn t believe the romanceAckley didn t much develop as a character and I lost interest in him pretty soonAnd the endless scenes of I work on the spell sometimes with Leavey although he is incompetent sometimes alone and so concentrated I don t realize there is a world around me Yes I get it Ackley works on the spell Everywhere Constantly I started flipping pages whenever he did itThere were good scenes in this book and usually I like Sasha s books but this one was not for me I know in a few weeks I have to think hard what it was about because nothing really stuck out A proper fantasy story I love the really stuck out A proper fantasy story I love the characterization This story has a lot of

action and not 
and not one in bed I really enjoyed seeing how two enemies have become friends and slowly progressed to lovers Battle of Will is a great fantasy story first and it just happens to have two male protagonists There is a great plot with danger magic treason and treacheryAckley was a bodyguar. From his own country bound magically to the crown prince of his enemies Ackley is certain of just one thing whether he can figure out how to break the spell or not his death is assuredNote This story is part of LT3's Serial Fiction line. ,

Ors and inconsistencies throughout the novel Also while I loved that the fantasy and the desire to end the War Was Front And Center was front and center the story I wished we could have seen of the developing romance between Ackley and Ealdwin I feel like we were missing just a little something between themAll in all even with its flaws I still really enjoyed the story It s fantasy than a romance and focuses on the journey Ealdwin AND ACKLEY GO THROUGH FROM BEING Ackley go through from being to allies It has a lot of world building and descriptions with an emphasis on the daily work of a prince turned King I absolutely loved it and recommend it for those who enjoy a good meaty fantasy that has very little romance I m also hoping we ll get stories in this world because I d love to see what happens next especially if it involves Leavey getting his own HEA A long interesting story with a compelling plot and the slowest but sweetest romance aspect this was everything I hope to find in my storiesAckley was a snarky moody character that I loved immediately There was just something under the surface that called to meBeorn I took a little longer to warm up too At first he came across as an ungrateful snob but it didn t take long for him to start seeing sense Leavey was an interesting side character but I was left with a few uestions about him I hope one day we will get his full story as I sense a troubled past with himOverall this appealed to my medievalmagic fantasy and I was so happy it was long enough to satisfy me as I find most shorts by this author leave me wanting lol This book is really good I thourougly enjoyed the ennemies to lovers Not a five stars though because the ending is kind of abrupt it would have been better off with at least one chapter to show the budding relationship If I was going to describe the book in one word it d be OKThe fantasy plot is rather slow which is okay but it needed some tension or pizaaz somewhere that it wasn t getting I m okay with a gradual build of romance Slow cooking is fun but literally until the last 100 pages ou would assume these men were asexual beings with zero interest in sex naked bodies cocks orgasms etc There is like no attraction built up even when ou get to the building romantic nature of their r 25this review is vaguely spoilerishThis book is in a favorite genre and boasted an intriguing premise two solid leads and an exciting opening scene but reading the book itself was an experience in frustration As in most novels the author plays things close to the vest in order to maintain suspense and develop her dynastic cum mystery plot as well as the romance But at least for me both key aspects were seriously mishandled virtually all the significant dynastic events were front loaded in the first half culminating in the various crises at the palace those were not fully resolved but nonetheless disappear from the book As far as the romance goes there was enough action in the first to obscure the fact that the two leads appear to have no sexual feelings for each other or for anyone else for that matter only a growing respect in each other s honesty The first mention of any attraction comes at 70% of a 500 page book That might work if there d been action instead but once the heroes leave the capital we get a series of narrative delays and feints ones which mostly consist of the characters doing paperwork drinking coffee mentioned than a hundred times receiving and sending messages moving to another camp and repeating those activities In the midst of this both heroes repeatedly ponder speaking to each other and then decide not to in favor of paperwork or coffee Those few significant events that do happen are buried amidst the tedious ones and despite hints that some of these mundane activities might be than padding a messenger bursts through the door there are repeated mentions of a secondary character s magically locked trunk that seems suspicious literally none of it leads to anything There is barely any dialogue between the two heroes little sense of their formative experiences or previous relationships sexual O he is and all the people he has tortured But the problem rapidly grows much worse than that when Ackley realizes his true purpose is assassination of the Morcian crown prince an assassination Ackley prevents but at great costBanished. An Excellent read My first from this author and I was very pleasedIt s MM fantasy Romance But The Focus Is but the focus is the fantasy rather than anything elseAlso one of the few mm books I can run on ttstext to speech on my reader without having to plug the headphones in In run on ttstext to speech on my reader without having to plug the headphones in In words family friendly apart from a bit at the end hehOne little niggle alternate chapters used a particular character s first or last name alternately Well I missed the bit early on in the book which introduces his full name so it was a little confusing how the character s name kept changing Later on I figured out it was because the POV was switching between the two MC sWhile this would not have been a major problem had I been paying attention earlier on it does seem to indicate that there really wasn t enough difference between the author s writing to really showcase the double POV style of writing and the whole narrative could have been done just as well written entirely in the third personThe reason this didn t get the full 5 stars is that the story was a little too predictable both the Sub Plots And In Main plots and in main were wholly expected Still it was a very good read overall This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review siteWhen Ackley saves the crown prince of Morcia from possible death he inadvertently gets magically bound to the prince Now tasked with being constantly within Prince Ealdwin s presence the two must figure out how to counter the spell that brought them together But what s a Skirfallan mage supposed to do when he s in a country that hates his very race and his every action is only met with suspicionIn the mm genre one of the things that I find lacking is the amount of true high fantasy stories out there You have what I call contemporary fantasy which is basically fantasy elements in a contemporary setting and semi fantasy which is a fantasy world but with only the bare bones for descriptions Battle of Will is in my opinion a classic high fantasy tale filled with a ton of descriptions two prominent warring races a royal prince a traitor and a forced bonding between enemies Basically everything I could want in a fantasyAnd how I loved every second of it From the moment that Ackley realizes what is about to happen to Prince Ealdwin to the last word in the story it satisfied all my cravings for a true high fantasy tale It has a slow build up with descriptions left and right about the war the layout of the country and the spells that Ackley is forced to look through You have the very real animosity between Ackley and Ealdwin the inability to believe what the other is saying is the truth and the very real possibility that if someone kills one of them then the other will die too It has some action some twists and some sweet moments written in a way that had me spellbound throughout the bookThe characters have such depth that I felt like I knew them each personally Ackley is very surly and stubborn He s not afraid of saying what he wants especially to a prince and absolutely will not back down even when Ealdwin is at his most scariest and intimidating Ealdwin isn t used to anyone sticking up to him so Ackley not only confuses him but intrigues him I loved how Ealdwin was a respected prince who had no issues with fighting the war from the front lines but I also liked that even with their situation Ackley couldn t put away his bodyguard instincts and not protect Ealdwin even when he didn t need to or want to It was sweet the way they hated each other but slowly created a friendship that had so much trust there was never any doubt of the other person s actions until Ealdwin tried to show Ackley his true feelingsI had a few issues with this story though My biggest being that I felt the resolution to who the real traitor was and how to deal with him very anticlimactic With everyone that was killed and everything that happened to not only Ealdwin and Ackley but to the King of Morcia I expected action to be taken to handle the King s killer I felt there also needed to be editing considering there was a lot of typos grammar mistakes punctuation err. At a memorial service meant to honor the dead and mark the beginning of a truce between Skirfall and Morcia Ackley spies a figure who does not belong a mage interrogator whose presence will only cause harm should the Morcians realize wh. ,

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