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Kowalski reversing Marco Polo s historic journey from China and discovering the cure for a nasty bacteria that is currently killing people off the coast of Australia but which could ventually decimate the ntire human population Bad guy on this leg Amen Nasser Guild operative who immediately kidnaps Gray s parents to get the upper hand The scientific trail involves Sigma operatives Lisa Cummings and Monk Kokkalis out on Christmas Island trying to find the cause of the recent plague like outbreak Bad guy here Devesh Patanjali Guild operative who has hijacked a cruise ship full of vacuees from Christmas Island to use as guinea pigs while looking for the cure so The Guild can use the disease for bio terrorism Fortunately both Lisa and Monk are on board and working against Devesh s vil Marco Polo s 2 year journey in 1292 from China is described in this novel It is mysteriously erie and puzzling but also intriguing and compelling He starts out with 14 ships and over 600 warriors only to be wiped out by a mysterious plague that wipes out all but 18 men including himself and a betrothed princess bound for Persia There is talk of angels and a map cannibals and pirates This secret must be kept hidden at all costs but what is it Christmas Island centuries laterA husband and wife leisurely Buried enjoying a day diving along the coast of Christmas Island becomes overcome by a phenomenon that uicklyngulfs the water A neon green algae glowing substance has suddenly surrounded their yacht As the wife boards the boat she is immediately covered in a blister like rash that confounds them Soon they realize the sea creatures are floating dead Dolphins fish and sea turtles DON T GO IN THE WATER SIGMA force is back and it is up to Dr Lisa Cummings and Painter Crowe to save the world from a pandemic This virus isn t just any virus Marco Polo s mysterious secret has left clues and the race begins SIGMA s rivalry The GUILD has plans for the virus and they try to prevent SIGMA from getting their hands on the cure which is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding I just can t get over how Rollins captures fact along with fiction in his novels I always learn something new about the world as well as history and cultures centuries before my time Did you know that there are over 18000 Indonesia Islands Only slightly over 900 inhabited and over 8000 unnamed That is just wild In a way I find Rollins books nchanting with the mysteries of treasures that might be hidden and buried as well as the deadly curses fictionally among them I m no Laura Croft though Another great adventure this one I m a little bit mbarrassed to give this book a 4 but there you go It s a guilty pleasure I guess because the book is kind of ridiculous in a testosterone fueled Indiana Jones meets Mission Impossible kind of way If this tells you anything I nearly downgraded it to a 3 because of the cannibals Yes cannibalsI was about 60 pages into the book before I realized that it was part of a series Some of you know that reading a series out of order is one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES EVER so I think it represents a therapeutic breakthrough that I kept reading Really it s just the book was borrowed and I didn t want to keep it for an unusually long time while I tracked down and read all of the books

that came before 
came before basic plot summary Secret military ish agency must stop nd of the world by figuring out the connection between Marco Polo and a strange bacterial outbreak on Christmas Island There s some code breaking and historical speculation that will appeal to the Da Vinci Code nthusiasts out there And did I mention that there are cannibals The Sigma Force is back in action see Map of Bones A deadly microbe has turned parts of the ocean into a toxic flesh ating monster What the hell is going on Gray Pierce and the other fun folks of the Sigma Force team up with the vil Seichan to try to keep their nemesis the Guild from using this biological threat as a new form of bio weapon The action takes place with Grey and Seichan in one group and Lisa Cummings and Monk in the other focused in the Indonesian Islands where this threat to humanity has its origins James Rollins image from World NewsThe formula for actionadventure these days seems to reuire some puzzle solving regarding ancient writings or artifacts and a mystery that has been hidden through history In this book the mystery is what happened to Marco Polo during his return trip from China that caused him to lose most of his xpedition a secret that "Is Intimately Linked To The "intimately linked to the hazard of today It ntails having to figure out a secret code on an obelisk that has been stolen from the Vatican and it goes from there The organizations manage to ffect whatever actions they need done with minimal dealings with the real world but hey this is pure ntertainment Why uibble There is some payload here the Marco Polo bit for one angel writing for another bioluminescence for a third and an intimation that there are awful things lying much nearer than we might have supposed that are not necessarily ntirely dead It was a fun fast read and would be a good book for summer reading This is not book club fodderEXTRA STUFFRollins s siteI read and reviewed one other Sigma Force Book 2 Map of Bone. Idemia è così importante E in uale modo è legata all’enigmatico obelisco al misterioso viaggio di ritorno di Marco Polo dalla Cina mai raccontato nel Milione Da Washington al Sud st asiatico dal Vaticano a Istanbul gli agenti della Sigma sono gli unici a poter scongiurare una minaccia che la Storia sembrava aver cancellato per sempre Ma non potranno fidarsi di nessuno perché chiunue amico o nemico potrebbe avere in sé il marchio di Giud. ,

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I really was disappointed with this book after starting it and nearly put it down But a funny thing happened it started to get interesting at about page 75 or so I m glad I hung in there and kept with it I just might read a few by Dr Rollins A friend recommended James Rollins to me as I like books by Dan Brown and Steve Barry I have read a couple of his books so far and am in complete agreement with my friend I find that the books start off in a very xciting way and hold my attention throughout In this book The Judas Strain I am learning about Marco Polo and the mystery surrounding his 24 year voyage that took him to the palaces of Kublai Khan in China I would highly recommend this book to anyone who Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies enjoys a historical thriller I truly hate being in this position A friend here on Goodreads with whom I usually agree recommended that I try Rollins Now admittedly this is not the first in the series and I don t often start a series in the middle but I was looking for an audio that I could listen to as I was busy with mindless tasks I m straining not to make a joke hereI wish I could say I liked this book I wanted to but I just don tdidn t I was relieved to reach thend To give credit where credits duethe reader had his problems also At one point he read MI6 as M16 and he read the word archangel as arch angel as in arch villain There were other miss pronunciations that bugged meStill the book itself get s it share of the credit We take a bit of historical fact and a smidgen of science and then we use it as a spring board here to launch off into total absurdity at least that s how it hit me I m a big fantasy fan and I m a big action fan so you d think suspension of disbelief wouldn t be a problem for me and it usually isn t But there were things here on multiple levels that kept gnawing at me From the protagonist s inability to get his parents including his Alzheimer s suffering father to simply stay behind or go somewhere anywhere but with him isn t there an aunt Marthaor something to the cliches we keep stumbling over I just didn t care for itSort of major spoiler belowview spoiler See there s this super secret society that s super secretnot super secret Maybe I should have said ultra secret super organization Oh well you get the idea They re all but all knowing with moles verywhere xcept where they re not but pretend to be and see they re seeking this virus that can The Power Of A Choice enter any bacteria and suddenly convert said bacteria into a deadly plague thatats flesh rots people melts skin or whatever Well unless you have this special protein see and then you can convert it all into a cure and all anyone has to do is drink your blood or at your flesh and they can get better Inconvenient but it s okay because you also undergo a sort of metaphysical change to and become one of
the wonderful people 
wonderful people are waiting for something in the future but we re not sure whatexcept it s still a long time away and till then you get to go somewhere like heavenmaybe but still a long time away and till then you get to go somewhere like heavenmaybe but re not sure again and hang out with people you love who have died of the plague because they didn t get to at anyone s flesh but now they re happy and okayDid you get thatOh and if you re one of the people with the protein you glow when your ready to be aten Now this is not to be confused with the whole glowing vampire syndromesee that s a sparkle not a glow Just wanted to be sure there s no confusion hereI m not sure how to tell if your one of the very few people who can make the virus good but it seems to have something to do with social consciousness as the doctor who is one and glows also gave us a lecture on how the seas are dying because people use fertilizer and fish too muchand maybe global warming And after she changes she wanders through the jungle spotting ndangered tigers and turtles I know she must be special because if normal humans wander through the jungle and meet an The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right endangered tiger species the human getsaten You get the idea I supposeOh the history This all started because Marco Polo messed around where he shouldn t haveit was bad There was this opening that let the Judas Strain what they call the virus outor possibly in if you figure the world is a place to let stuff inand the place had to be closed seeOh well hide spoiler James Rollins novels generally remind me of some weird combination of Michael Crichton Dan Brown and Tom Clancy none of whom are among my favorite authors Rollins is though I love the combination of mythlegend science and intrigue The Judas Strain starts with a viral outbreak follows Marco Polo to Cambodia via an ancient manuscript and has the SIGMA team tracking terrorists on three continents If that sounds far fetched it s only because you haven t read it Rollins nearly always leaves me thinking huh What if AN ANCIENT PANDEMIC CAUSING VIRUS whose origin and cure is linked to "The ANGKOR WAT And The "ANGKOR WAT and the return voyage of MARCO POLO from the court of KUBLAI KHANyep it looks like another job for SIGMA FORCEThe SIGMA Force is one of the truly delicious concepts to be introduced into the popcorn Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling eating page turning actiony spy guy thrill o rama genre PhD toting scientific brainiacs with Navy Seal kill skills and James Bond spy craft minus babes and boozedamn SIGMA is a covert ops team working und. Una giovane donna irrompe nella casa di Grayson Pierce agente della Sigma sviene tra le sue braccia Sconcertato lui la riconosce all’istante è Seichan membro di una potente organizzazione terroristica La donna è gravemente ferita ha con sé un piccolo oggetto un obelisco di pietra su cui sono incisi simboli di una lingua antichissima addirittura antecedente ai geroglifici Cosa significano uei segni E chi vuole uccidere Seichan In un’iso. Er the auspices of the DOD as an agency of DARPA Defense Advance Research Projects Agency SIGMA is charged with tracking down and neutralizing threats in the form of advanced technology whether biological chemical or mechanical The threats are always large the xplosions are always loud and the pace with a few xceptions I mention in my gripes is always on turbo Now in a less capable story teller s hands this Michael Baysummer blockbuster sounding novel could get out of control uickly and begin to reek of cheese Fear not because James Rollins is a very capable story teller and maintains very good command of his plot His novels are very well researched and incorporate fascinating real life historical vents and mysteries which he then xtrapolates from to create a wild story with nough factualhistorical background to keep suspension of disbelief possible Despite my not uite 4 star rating for reasons set forth below this is a series that I intend to continue to read as Rollins is a very compelling tale spinner and his plots are big bold and very well thought out Put simply they are both smart and a ton of fun The Judas Strain is the 4th SIGMA novel and finds the team racing against time as usual to investigate an unusual and highly contagious viral outbreak in the Indian Ocean The plague has the potential to be an xtinction level vent if not contained or if no cure can be found Complications arise when SIGMA s Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. evil counterpart the GUILD shows up looking to control the plague and possibly weaponize it Of course those of you who have read previous SIGMA novels know that there is MUCH MUCH to the plot than that The story of the plague actually begins with Marco Polo s 13th Century return from China after spending 20 years in the court of Kublai Khan Marco left China with 14 ships and 600 men but when he arrived in Italy was down to 2 ships and only 18 men In his famous book of travels Marco hinted at a mysterious tragedy but refused tolaborate This historical mystery forms the jumping off point for Rollins story From there clues lead to a mysterious connection between Marco Polo and the Vatican clues written in angelic script the Hindu temple complex of Angkor Wat cannibalism piracy and lions tigers and bearsOH MY Exciting smarter than your average action thriller and containing highly ngaging plot points If you are a fan of this genre you should definitely be reading this MY GRIPESFor all the love I heap on this novel there are a few issues I have that keep me from giving it a 4th star though just barely First as with many of these types of novels it is very formulaic You know pretty much what you are going to get when you pick it up Good guys win bad guy lose world is saved peace preserved and justice served Nothing horrible about that it just takes a bit of the tension out of certain aspects of the plot My biggest gripe is that I think the story should be about 150 to 200 shorter than its 550 pages by cutting out the failed attempt to flesh out the characters
and provide uiet 
provide uiet family moments and bad romances This is one thing Rollins does not do well and yet he spends too much time trying to make it work His characters are two dimensional and for this kind of story that is just fine If he were to cut out all of the attempts to round out his characters and show they have any life outside of SIGMA he could trim "THIS DOWN TO 350 TO 400 "down to 350 to 400 of smart high octane covert action mystery with great historical background and turn this novel into a 5 star thrilltastic joy bringer Alas he doesn t and it is the xtraneous stuff that Rollins does not do well that keeps me from giving this a higher rating Still the good parts are so interesting and I love the complicated historical based plots so much that I will continue happily reading the series hoping for of the same good and less of verything lse 35 stars RECOMMENDED After finishing The Judas Strain I remain a HUGE James Rollins fan I think Map of Bones and Sandstorm are my favorite books in the Sigma Force series but really they are all superb adventures and The Judas Strain is no Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, exceptionAfter reading 4 books in the series I m completely invested in these characters I have im This is the third book in the Sigma Force series that I ve read and absolutely loved James Rollins writing is historically accurate and amazingly detailed It s one of those books that draws you in from the first horrific chapter and keeps you turning pages as fast as your fingers andyes allow Of course there are multiple things going on a historical trail and a scientific trail which ultimately converges with dire conseuences I particularly liked the inclusion of Kowalski an Il morto di Maigret ex military man who is now doing security for Sigma Force He is included on the mission to provide muscle not brains but his one liners are spot on and hilarious He provided a much needed dose of comic reliefSigma has one majornemy in the war against terrorismThe Guild they are a badass outfit that is usually one step ahead of Sigma but Sigma always wins the race Guild agent Seichan shot in the gut nds up crashing her motorcycle in Commander Gray Pierce s driveway Seichan and Gray have a past and it s not a friendly one The historical trail involves Gray Seichan a Catholic priest and. La dell’arcipelago indonesiano si diffonde un’epidemia devastante che costringe le autorità a reuisire una lussuosa nave da crociera in modo da isolare le persone contagiate da un virus letale sconosciuto Tuttavia soltanto poche ore dopo alcuni pirati abbordano la nave ignorando il ricchissimo bottino concentrano invece la loro attenzione sugli individui infetti sugli scienziati che stanno investigando sull’accaduto Perché uell’ep.
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