I Repent (READ)

D Emily and Kevin get married and turn their lives over to Jesus Good Thing They Did thing they did Emily has to go back home one last time to pickup something Once she gets in the house Jason is there and he lets her know that he knows everything that s been going on between Emily and Kev he is furious because he and Kev are best friends from childhood He eventually shots Emily and leaves her there to die Kev is waiting for Emily outside in the car with her sons He comes in when she doesn t answer after he calls her several times He is devastated to find her bleeding on The Floor He Calls 911 floor He calls 911 help I didn t like the way the book ended because I m not sure if Emily died or not Read May 2013 This was a decent read although the story had no ending It just ended I get the fact that it was supposed to be a critical thinking moment which it was but when I m reading fiction I like for the story to have definite ending or a Segway into the seuel I hate to be left hanging with no conclusion to the story or characters I like that the ending was supposed to be a turning point life lesson moment. S in but she's out of answers and she's out of places to hide She's tired of running and she doesn't want to uproot her children again so she decides to confront her abuser She has no idea that facing him and confronting her problems will lead her into the arms of Jes. Would be doing something then all of a sudden it was different Kev was smoking put the cigar o This book was good although it took me a while to finish it I enjoyed it and I recommend it to others Reese divorced her husband and took her two children She s out one night with her best friend Eva and Eva s husband when she meets Jason and Kev Reese eventually gets into a relationship with Jason Reese and Kev have chemistry from the very beginning but Reese and Kev have chemistry from the very beginning but Jason approached REESE FIRST KEV BACKED OFF REESE first Kev backed off Reese Kev do however become good friends throughout it all As time goes by Reese finds out that Jason is not a business man like he led her to believe but a drug dealer and a murderer At first she s okay with it because she gets all the material things she wants and Jason takes are of her two sonsDown the road Things are not so good any as Jason starts to beat Emily cheat on her and totally disrespect her All the while her relationship with Kev grows and they become really good friends and Kev is the shoulder she cries on along with her friend and sometimes babysitter ToyaIn the en. And she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous love triangle Things only become complicated when physical abuse rears its ugly head Reese is dealing with obstacles than anyone should have to endure Reese knows she has to break away from the ungodly situation she ,


I RepentA woman searches for love remembering her Christian upbringing while simultaneously trying to avoid it The writing is decent action is outside Christian upbringing while simultaneously trying to avoid it The writing is decent The action is outside experience so I can t attest to how realistic it is It feels as if the plot points might also be outside the author s personal experience The guilty monologues become repetitive and the moral of the story is unclear unless it is that if one keeps one s promises to God bad things won t happen The book isn t terrible it s one of the better ones for this genre but it still needs refinementThis book contains drug use sexual references and smoking This book is about Reese and all of the things she goes through with her high school sweetheart Julius and later on her drug dealing boyfriend Jason Reese goes through a lot because she s made Vows To God And Broken Them Time And Time Again to God and broken them time and time again s best friend Kev secretly is in love with Reese and will protect her at all costs I did think this was a pretty good novel my problem was there were so many discrepancies expample 1 minute she uit her job then the next she was still working Jason. When she decides she can no longer stand for her husband's adulterous behavior Reese packs up their sons and moves to Columbus Ohio to start over Healing from her divorce she thinks she has it all together until the Midwest's biggest drug lord sweeps her off her feet.