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is a written uite and mysterious readA woman leaves her husband and Amsterdam behind without a word and rents an isolated farm house in rural Wales She fills her days happily by working in the arden and overgrown paths surrounding the house On the farm live ten white The Second Cure geese One by one they start to disappear for no apparent reason A young man shows up one day stays the night And decides he doesn t want to leave With sparse prose the novel is filled with the tranuility of nature but also with a continuous underlying tension Details about the woman calling herself Emilie start to emerge but in a subdued manner The plot twists in unexpected waysThis short book which I read over a few days is enchanting simple but also haunting You won t forget Ten White Geese4 out of 5 starsA thanks to Zoey for her review recommending this book Easily the best novel I ve read this year and also the hardest to review Three days later I ve dropped trying to read anything else because it s stillrowing in my mind I ve been working on my Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities garden instead It seems the appropriate thing to do I hope to follow up with arounded review when my thoughts are fully formed It is no surprise that a book about a scholar deeply immersed in the formed It is no surprise that a book about a scholar deeply immersed in the of Emily Dickinson is also about death The titular ten The Sorcerer's Apprentice geese by the end of this book number only four But this book is about deception too and perception love and relationships nature andardens We pass two months in Wales but every season is accounted for Gerbrand Bakker has created a knotty piece of fine art for us to contemplate We never learn how old she is Agnes or Emily as she liked to be called We know she is probably at the end of child bearing age so desperately had she tried to conceive She is an intellectual writing a dissertation on the poems of Emily Dickinson that poet she must have once admired but Eagle's Gate grew to resent She is ill We learn that early along with her sense of being stuck and unsure in which direction tooShe arrives in Wales alone escaping the failures of her past She walks One day a badger bites her foot as *she lies sunbathing on a rock Not long after Bradwen a boy and *lies sunbathing on a rock Not long after Bradwen a boy and his dog stumble into her yard and stay But statements about events are foreplay here for there is undertone and atmosphere and references and indications which are of the book than the story itself Like poetry perhapsAfter her encounter with the badger Emily pulls out her copy of The Wind in the Willows one of the main characters of which is a badger The book is mentioned again when Bradwen takes it from the house on his departure That The Wind in the Willows is mentioned than once cannot be coincidence But why that book Perhaps we are to draw light comparisons between Emily and Toad for she is at her happiest in the bath makes a mash of her career alienates and betrays those close to her is on the run Bradwen might be Rat for he carried a backpack and simply takes what he needs for his journeys offering friendship to Toad when he needs it most and is locked up while Toad makes his escapeBradwen is a curious figure whom we can t see as a reliable character He lies by omission as does Emily He never tells Emily who his father is and how he came to stay in this place but clearly he is at home in it He is willing to make meals in exchange for a bed He shares a comforting unerotic coupling with Emily filled with silence than sound and worries ever after that his World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi generosity might add to her burdens Sam the dog might be Mole who accompanies Rat and finds the badger A badger is a solitary creature who simply hates society perhaps the reclusive Ms Dickinson herself cleverenerous and welcoming when another comes to visit but must be sought out Friendly but fearful and elusive the badger and doesn t ever seem to come when called Dickinson was apparently better known as a ardener while she was living than for writing poetry Does this draw a line from Bakker to Dickinson and badgersGerbrand Bakker writes with a clarity and a depth that borders on knowledge about pain confusion hurt alienation even sickness unto death and in the voice of a woman I m a strange man maybe but I think there is no fundamental difference between. The new novel set in the UK from the author of the Impac Prize winning bestseller The Twin A Dutch woman a university English lecturer researching the work of Emily Dickinson rents a farm in remote rural Wales  When she arrives there are ten eese living on the farm but one by one they disappear Perhaps it's the wo. De OmwegHe poet who stayed isolated in her later yearsEmilie avoids interactions with other people but a few things are revealed about her previous life by what she says or does not say She s run away from her former life but is making no attempt to start a new life The psychological suspense builds from her unusual reactions to peopleHints about Emilie and others are dropped as the story slowly unfolds but many uestions are left unanswered at the end Gerbrand Bakker who also works as a ardener writes beautifully about the rhythm of the day and the lovely natural world Although there is little dialogue and very little plot this haunting story will keep the reader thinking long after they have turned the last page He lifts each item from the old refridgerator Turning them in his hand he examines them Some he considers worn used and re cooked bland with age Over a sideboard he slices and rates pares Then he places the unlovely shavings into the heating tomato sauce From a secreted drawer he raises the wooden ladle Its scars from use run dark in Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything grooves as bars for Short sparse and strange Gerbrand Bakker s The Detour is the enigmatic tale of a Dutch woman Emilie who runs away from her husband and takes up residence in an isolated cottage in the Welsh countryside For some time she lives a solitary existence there as the reasons for her decision are slowly made clear to the reader Her only companions are teneese and even they are disappearing being picked off by a predator one by one Then her privacy is disturbed by the necessity of a visit to the local doctor s by a farmer who makes unwanted advances towards her by a boy who takes a detour across her land with his dog It is the last encounter that proves the most significant as Emilie develops a tentative and unsettling relationship with Bradwen who is almost always referred to simply as the
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This is type of book in which everything is loaded with symbolism and meaning There is little action the language is stripped down and the behaviour of the characters is often surreal what to make of the chain smoking doctor and his ossiping in the hair salon or the peculiar semi sexual tension between Emilie s husband and the policeman Then there s the fact that Bradwen slots so easily into Emilie s life and household and that both of them accept this unusual arrangement Although the book has some traces of that occasional awkwardness which seems to be a hallmark of translation the simple elegant prose is a perfect fit for a character like Emilie Despite the fact that she is the main focus of the story she remains a mystery to the reader right to the end and her final actions come as something of a shock The Detour is cold stark and arguably uneventful but for me those were the things that made it memorable There s a strong sense of unease running through the story and I thought the surprise of the ending was wonderfully done I was also weirdly lad that view spoilerEmilie s husband didn t reach the ending was wonderfully done I was also weirdly lad that view spoilerEmilie s husband didn t reach in time hide spoiler Ach Another fine novel from the author of The Twin another exploration of how it happens that a person resigns oneself to her or his own company cuts ties with the surrounding community develops small strategies of distraction and repose As you might uess this is not a cheerful read but Bakker s prose crackles with a definite dry sense of humor that I don t find in similar novels by for example by Dag Solstad or Per *PettersonIt Would Be A *would be a to say too much about the plot of The Detour which begins with a Dutch woman escaping her past and seeking refuge in a small cottage in Wales She calls herself Emily after the poet whom as desultory scholar she both treasures and resents There s minor comedy in the way she tears apart Dickinson s poetry and a particularly hefty biography I have I think the same collection of Poems This one is from the section Time and Eternity p 185 Ample make this bedMake this bed with awe In it wait till judgment breakExcellent and fairBe its mattress straightBe its pillow round Let no sunrise yellow noiseInterrupt this A Secret Kept ground The Detour kept me company through a couple of very sad days and that s saying a lot Bakker s prose is emotionally exact and radiates filaments of hope and humor even in its darkest passages. Go and look for her They board the ferry to Hull on Christmas Eve But in the meantime the woman increasingly seems to be losing herrip on the situation Gerbrand Bakker has made the territories of isolation inner turmoil and the solace offered by the natural world his own The Detour is a ripping and subtle new nov. .

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Men and women A lot of people would say otherwise perhaps NPR interview 2013 This point of view may come from his training as a ardener Humans of either sex are the same species one sex has basically the same wants needs desires as the other our differences don t define our essential character That having been said this was a woman apart and in exuisite pain I recognize her but I hope I never meet am her Ach Gerbrand Bakker s book refuses to leave me In the same seven minute NPR interview mentioned above Bakker says that the process of writing this novel precipitated in him a reat depression I am not surprised But literature can make us think about what man is and Bakker doesn t leave us bereft Every avid reader can attest to this phenomenon sometimes when we o through our most challenging times we serendipitously connect with a book that speaks to us both deeply and profoundlySo it was with Ten White Geese a book with an immense contemplative power that brought me to tears without uite knowing whyGerbrand Bakker crafts a deceptively simple story an Emily Dickinson scholar who calls herself Emilie flees her marriage and her life in Amsterdam to rent a farmhouse in the small Welsh village of Caernarfon The house is rather isolated except for a seemingly predatory shepherd who tends to his flock a not so friendly badger and ten white The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World geese who refuse to be corralled to safety even as they slowly disappear And into this world a visiting stranger a young man shows upGradually the book reveals its secrets who is Emilie and what is she fleeing Why are theeese vanishing How does the young man fall into the picture To even hint at the answers would create spoilersSo I am left with saying this the themes of the book the wavering line between isolation and intimacy the coming to terms with mortality the connection between nature and humankind the complexity that is present even in simplicity are all delivered with a tranuility that belies the dramatic tension There is often sheer poetry in the prose understated revelations sidelong limpses into lives that prefer to remain enigmatic Ten White Geese touched me deeply and has haunted me ever since I reached the end It s tender surprisingly sensuous and compelling al at once Kudos to a flawless translation by David Colmer who translated it from the Dutch This is a uiet book set in Wales with And Beautiful Prose A Book In Which I Had *and beautiful prose a book in which I had clue I was reading or where it was oing Yet the prose kept me reading a few things fell in place the descriptions of the arden the farm and the place she was living was stellar A few things began to fall in place and the reader learns what brought her here and why There are no asping denouements no active action s A panoply of the senses Pensive reflective and moving Beautiful A woman rents a remote Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell greystone farmhouse in Wales She has left her husband needing time to herself limiting her world making it small Nature the uiet the colors the sounds of water A old woman scent hangs in the air is it residual or current A painfully shy badger who shows itself only to her Aaggle of white eese softly clucking disappearing one by one Written in spare beautiful language Ten White Geese is a captivating book in a very uiet way A woman leaves the Netherlands and obtains a short term lease on an isolated Welsh farm house with a view of Mount Snowdon The home is surrounded by meadows a Lake And Overgrown Walking and overgrown walking She has been fired from her job at the university for having an affair with a student Her marriage is troubled She seems unwell and regularly uses painkillers She s disappeared from her old life and now calls herself Emilie since the subject of her PhD thesis had been Emily DickinsonEmilie finds some comfort in working in the ardens and clearing the walking paths She rarely sees another person and her days are spent with nature with the land She s observing the badgers and the neighbor s Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind grazing cows and sheep And she watches the ten whiteeese which are disappearing one by onemaybe a fox is the nighttime predator Emilie feels the presence of the Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus ghost of Mrs Evans the previous owner who recently died and smells an old lady smell sometimes in the house The spirit of Emily Dickinson is also present Rk of a local fox The reason for her move abroadradually becomes clear her husband is trying to track her down Having confessed to an affair with one of her students in Amsterdam she has uietly fled to Wales from a situation that had become unbearable Her husband contacts the police and teams up with a detective to.