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Is a must if one wants to convince people but since Jordan was not out there than in his own book plus maybe two others he was the key witness to Marilyn having been reborn in the book Healing of the Soul a fact that speaks for the kind of books that use him as a source but since is basically nothing but a fame craving vulcher with nothing important to say It is always better not to ive him the time of the day Even if you choose to believe Marilyn had a red diary but in this case he is mentioned even though Badman doesn t even believe Jordan actually had it in his posession so why bother Also one thing I don t undestand is how he claims both Wilder and Negulesco were usually very friendly and loving towards her and Wilder s cruel words which he uttered before he knew she was dead were surprising Negulesco s cruel words he doesn t even mention I have always understood Wilder s was a lovehate relationship with her he was impatient and angry but loved the results of her work and that Negulesco never really respected or liked her at all Another weird thing is that when talking about Marilyn s father he uses ONE source that says she called him and he wouldn t have none of her He must know there are at least three people who say she pulled the same phone stunt some people believe she The GI Bride got so much sympathy from Dougherty the first time it really IMO happened that when in need of comforting she did it with others too Natasha and Skolsky Anyway how people FEEL of certain people in her life that cause controversy such as the Strasbergs and Greenson are always a matter of opinion and how one feels about their actions or what they choose to believe so I am notonna dwell on that or this will not be a review but a book in itself I am by no means an expert when it comes to Marilyn s death and frankly I am far interested in her life than in how she died However I have to admit that Badman s conclusion is the one I believe in and have for some time Also his conclusions when it comes to her relationship with the Kennedys is the same one I believe although he said JFK had her picture in his room I always remember it was their father Joseph same with his conclusions when it comes to her relationship with Joe and whether they had plans to remarry are the same as mine Not onna ive too many spoilers and say what these conclusions are Anyway all this is all but speculation and I am not saying he is right but it was interesting to see his opinions were the same as mine The book is an interesting read and there ARE some new interesting stuff and info I just wish the sources would be specific Sometimes they are non exixtent And for me A trustworthy person I believe in is not a source I might not believe that person for all I know it could be Lena Pepitone P Otherwise I would recommend everyone interested in her last years to read this it is also uite respectful to Marilyn and her memory which is something I always like in a MM bio NOTE I have not bothered to read this through at least not yet so excuse me all the rammar errors and stuff like if I remember right will try and correct and check the facts but since I am not a biographer I don t have to P Before I write one of my own that is D Till then I am allowed to accuse biographers of not checking their sources and making the same mistake myself right I cannot say I wholly enjoyed this book I am uite the fan of Marilyn and this book simply didn t hit the mark for me The writing was reasonable save for the odd spelling mistake or missing wordThe writer seems to loss over some very serious aspects of Marilyn s treatment namely at the Cal Neva Lodge Sexual mistreatment is not what I would call that I think we need to Ratscalibur go a bit further thereHe also seems to be writing the book solely to exonarate the Kennedy s Now whilst the evidence can potentially exonarate them it can also implicate them and not enough is made of thatThe writer believes that Marilyn died by way of an accidental drugs overdose rather than any kind of conspiracy This is all well andood with the theory being that the doctors covered it up to save their own careers #etc This doesn t delve into some of the other theories for Marilyn s death and a ood #This doesn t delve into some of the other theories for Marilyn s death and a ood ought to explore all theories before reaching a conclusionThe author seems to have for Marilyn s death and a The Selected Poems good ought to explore all theories before reaching a conclusionThe author seems to have his personal conclusion first without actually showing us how he reached it He then uses the evidence which fits his conclusion and leaves out anything that doesn t On a whole somewhat disappointing A couple of egregious errors IRS Inland Revenue Service and placing Salina Kansas 30 miles south of Gilroy California what can you expect from a Brit marred this otherwise very interesting book Some years ago I had read a biography of Peter Lawford which of course went into Marilyn s death This author has done extremely meticulous research and has a lot to add and a lot to change to what was described in the Lawford book This is billed as a book that dispels the myths and conspiracy theories about Marilyn Monroe s death On the whole it seems to do that and yet there is a lack of sources no footnotes for any of the assertions despite the author casting doubt on previous books or persons who claimed to know MM One of the problems I had with it was that despite the author telling us that his subject was areat actress which he does in the section dealing with the coverup at her death and the aftermath he doesn t actually show that In fact to me her ability was trivialised and the book concentrated on her spending on food booze clothing and other items There were a lot of itemised bills which were possibly included booze clothing and other items There were a lot of itemised bills which were possibly included add versimilitude but I would have found it convincing if there had been attributed sources for the various statementsThe other issue that he downplays all the very serious sexual abuse to which MM was subjected both as a child it seems that because the boarder who took her into his room didn t actually rape her it was actually not a big deal Similarly her being subjected to photographed sexual abuse at the Cal Neva Lodge at the hands of some associates of his is trivialised as mistreatment A big part of the book is to mostly exonerate the Kennedy brothers from any link to her death If the various facts about their being in completely different places during most of the alleged meetings are correct then it seems that this is mostly ossip he does agree a one night stand happened with the President though it is alleged that his brother talked too frankly to her about state matters which then made her a person of interest to the security servicesFor anyone not convinced that her death was accidental produced by taking drugs prescribed for sleep disorders by two different doctors which in combination were fatal as he narrates the material about the bugging of her house and alleged visit by Robert Kennedy on the day of her death in response to her it seems not seriously meant threats to reveal all at a press conference in retallation for their unkindness might point the other way It could be argued that the book should consider these various alternative explanations and use facts to discount them rather than pick one option and steer everything towards that especially iven the lack of cited sourcesAll in all I can therefore only rate this as an OK read that is 2 star Marilyn Monroe A name we have all heard of at sometime in our lives A symbol of be. Ltimi My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA giorni della diva e a vagliare centinaia di documenti riuscendo a illuminare uelle zone d’ombra su cui fino a oggi si facevano solo ipotesi e congetture infanzia negata aborti tentativi di suicidio festini erotici dimagrimenti improvvisi depressione abuso di barbiturici e alcol freuentazioni con i boss della mafia e con i fratelli Kennedy relazioni sentimentali e scappatelle False voci sulla diva circolavano sicuramente anche mentre era in vita uando una volta nel 1962 le chiesero che cosa ne pensasse lei si limitò a replicare «Considerate la fonte» Tenendo a mente ueste parole e attingendo ad appunti interviste fotografie ritagli diiornal.

The Beautiful and the Cursed Even the Dead Orthodox Lent, Holy Week and Easter Rewriting history: Alternative versions of the Caribbean past in Michelle Cliff, Rosario Ferr, Jamaica Kincaid, and Daniel Maximin (Austrian studies in English)
My review is probably for people who know the basics or maybe even of the Monroe saga and so far only covers the first 21 pages LOL Because so far I have only read the bit about her childhood What annoys me most is these there is so much crap out there and here FINALLY is the ULTIMATE truth Naturally no biographer can say the FACT which is that the ultimate truth is NEVER TO BE FOUND it is simply not there Biographies belong to fiction shelves And most of these who toot their own horn are utter crap Another thing I immediately paid attention to is that there is simply NO SOURCES listed Yes he The Book of Leviathan gives thanks but I would like to know where heot the info he claims to be true For example he acts like Stanley Gifford being her father is his discovery whilst in most part I think it is or less established I have a letter from James Dougherty saying Gifford was her father AND Marilyn knew it Badman does Nine Ghosts give info on Gifford trying to adopt her which is interesting but when I leafed the book WHERE IS THE SOURCE For a book that uotes MM saying consider the source and she did say that but Mr Badman does not uote the exact place I just remember it tooit is unforgiven to use a method where he is notiving people a CHANCE to concider the source His list of books really has some dubious characters as well One of these examples is Mr KinnelKimmel being the star boarder and the aunt who punished her for telling on him when he made advances on her he tells about his profession without a source BUT the discovery of the star boarder being Mr KimmelKinnel is fairly new and first appeared in Donald H Wolfe s book in 1998 If I recall the year right He never Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia gives credit to Wolfe or correctly as I understand Mr Roy Turner whose discovery it was and heave the info to both Spoto and Wolfe when only Wolfe chose to use it and that was the one major breakthrough in his otherwise very inaccurate book One should always acknowledge and credit the ones who came before and not act like all discoveries are their own especially if they are such big ones Another thing that annoys me big time is that biographers usually male downplay the trauma that her childhood caused her Okay so it was not 12 foster homes but for a child never to be able to شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى grow steady roots never to feel SOMEONE loves her unconditionally except for aunt Ana who also had to send her away to have been in an orphanage and the one person she trusted to take her there CAN cause her to remember these few places and being forced to marry at 16 as 12 and the orphanage as aloomy place And then to have been taken sexually taken advantage to boot you don t need to lose your virginity to have been a victim of that and as for me I don t have a hard time believing AT ALL that a young vulnerable The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) girl would be taken advantage One study claimed every fourth female has suffered something like that in their childhood forgive me I don t have the source right here D or maybe I am just cynical We do know she exaggerated and even lied but we also know sometimes our memories turn happy memories into extreme bliss and sad memories sometimes to utter torment However one sad memory I just don t buy is that she remembers Christmas 1926 when she made her way to the tree and onlyot a cheap trinket while other kids Riding Hard got nice toys I don t buy I DON T believe a six month old could make her way anywhere let alone feel left out even if it came from her own mouth My kid was happy to just play with the wrappings until he was two So whether this really came from herself I don t recall it you can always use common sense Or maybe Mr Badham does not have children As I said she DID lie look at Belmont interview she says her mother is dead even as late as that Whether she lied toain pity or to protect ppl s privacy is not the point the point is she DID lie Another problem is Gladys I have read from A Miller s book she tried to suffocate her and that was adopted by Barbara Leaming In no other book has it been Gladys always Della Now Badman says it WAS Della but that Gladys tried to kill her three times and MM talked about it all the time where is the source How did she try to kill her Where are the interviews about MM saying someone else besides Della tried to do it Maybe Miller confused Della with Gladys Could happen Anyway before I see or hear #An Interview From MM #interview from MM saying ALSO Gladys tried to kill her or the suffocator was Gladys I believe what SHE said and that it was Della we have witnesses for that The Bolenders heard the hassle as she broke the door and died soon after in a mental hospital Here for some reason at least I believe Mariyn s memories unlike the Xmas sstory might have happened but someone has then told her later Della was Arabian Challenge going mad and we do have adult witnesses Also Badman does not mention Lester was also an orphan but adopted by the Bolenders nor Bolenders claim they wanted to adopt her whether true or not but Gladys wouldn t let them These are all speculations and depends who you believe was she felt left out in a strictly religious home or did the nice Bolenders takeood care of her and wanted to adopt her If Gladys indeed lived there too here he even ives the source that IS a new finding Moving on to the actual bit he is concentrating on and hoping it ets better Plus to the style of writing it is an interesting and fast read Almost done despite some minor flaws and doing what most biographers do omitting stuff to suit their purposes the agenda they probably have chosen before starting to write the book and choosing sources accordingly the rest of the book seems to be better researched
Than The Beginning An Example 
the beginning An example omitting when he lists people who said she was happy and in no way suicidal he mentions Norman Rosten Actually Rosten said that at the time she did sound happy but SO happy that something was off and he should have noticed it again if I remember correctly Also George Barris is among these people Yes Barris did say she was happy and would not have killed herself but Barris has always believed she was murdered something Badman does not mention cause it does not click with what he tries to prove Also he claims Arthur Miller was surprised and thought it was an accident when I have understood that Miller always thought the accident WOULD happen sooner or later accident OR suicide which would not make him surprised Badman does have some dubious characters he seems to trust James Bacon among others and most funnily the UFO expert Dr Donald Burleson There were but I forget should always write them down and if I were him I would not ive Ted Jordan enough credit to even mention his name even though he does not believe him Further he could have mentioned WHY Jordan definitely never even knew Marilyn Jordan s first mistake is on the first page of his book that they met when Norma Jeane was in the Blue Book Modelling Agecy in 1943 and 17 years old they met when Norma Jeane was in the Blue Book Modelling Agecy in 1943 and 17 years old NJ did not even join the Agency before 1945 This already would have proved him a fraud among dozens of other mistakes but Badman does not mention them It is important to discredit people like Slatzer and Jeanne Carmen since they have been in all these documentaries and books so much and clearly Slatzer HAD done is own research like any other fan and had maybe athered some info that SOME biographers wanted into their hands and in exchange for that ILLERAMMA Kathalu gave him the creditabiilty he so cravedso discrediting them. «La dinamica delle ultime ore e degli ultimi minuti di vita di Marilyn Monroe è estremamente vaga Ma dopo anni di ricerche e dopo aver separato i fatti dalle invenzioni e la verità dalle bugie sono fermamente convinto di poter finalmente sciogliere un enigma che perdura da cinuant’anni come morì Marilyn Monroe la piùrande star del cinema la più leggendaria icona sexy del mondo» Keith Badman Tesi 1 fu un suicidio Tesi 2 Marilyn fu uccisa per volere dei Kennedy a causa delle sue amicizie compromettenti e della sua inaffidabilità Keith Badman non crede né all’una né all’altra versione Per uesto ha trascorso cinue anni a ricostruire li Gli ultimi iorni di Marilyn Monroe

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Auty talent and most famoussex However this star was than just a symbol of her looks she was a symbol of changeKeith Badman pulls together Marilyn s last few years in this wonderfully written book Starting from her birth Badman sets the setting for Marilyns life telling of her troubled childhood Keith takes through the ups and downs that came with having a schizophrenic mother and oing from foster home to foster home Marrying young at age 16 Monroe escaped her childhood and headed toward adulthood After her divorce she began to chase her dream a dream that we all know her for nowbeing an actress Badman shows Monroe s road to stardom from interviews with close friends and casting directors helping us The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems get a multi perception on who Marilyn really was With a tragic end to Marilyn s life Badman takes us through every scandal or possible scenario in her life Did Marilyn and JFK really have an affair Was she murdered or was it suicideRead this book to find out everything you want to know about Marilyn Badman does areat job of pulling resources as well as doing his own research to make Marilyn s life accurate I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a biography because Marilyn was such a fascinating person and Badman brings her back to life in this book Story skims her early life tho does a fair job of it then ets into a very in depth detailed account of the final weeks days leading up to her death focussing on her private public contexts leads to his somewhat open conclusion as an accidental death from an overdose He re examines some myths about this hints at her men friend relationships the later public enuiry into the scope of the cover up etc I felt that he somewhat pussy footed around the topic of her relationship with the Kennedys and he could have iven a stronger opinion on those who were supposed to be keeping an eye on her barbiturates intakeeg her psychiatrists and her housekeeper who unknown to her was actually a psychiatric nurse and it was a bit thin on the Black Wings of Cthulhu ground about medical reports again perhaps there is yet first hand material to be uncovered also puzzling was MM s use of Nembutal which has to be injected yet there was no specific mention in the book of who did this Allood stuff if you are an MM fan nonetheless CW Sexual abuse rapeThere s always the uestion do we really need another biography of Celebrity X when it comes to these kinds of books I think the uestion we should be asking in this case is do we need another biography of Marilyn Monroe which was written by a manBefore I Girl on the Verge get to the points which had me raging let s cover the basicsThe whole point of Marilyn Monroe The Final Years as stated by the author is to clear up common misconceptions about the actress s last days Badman is obsessive about thisiving facts and figures which make for some of the dullest reading I ve come across which is another strike against this book how the actual fuck do you make Marilyn Monroe dull It s some kind of idiot Women and Alcohol in a Highland Maya Town: Water of Hope, Water of Sorrow Revised Edition genius that s for sure Heets bogged down in details like how much a limo cost her on a particular day or how much she paid for a wardrobe in Mexico Maybe that s FASCINATING to some fans but I wasn t feeling particularly enlightened by this kind of triviaBadman also works to dispel some of the Kennedy conspiracies around Marilyn s demise It s all fine and The Quickie (Sexy and Short Erotica Story) good and I think his account of what must have happened is perfectly solid But that said he relies on someovernmental evidence while openly discounting other mostly FBI reports He ll take on faith one witness s account and some of these accounts are completely unsourced where did they come from who said them how did he find this out NO ONE KNOWWWWWS while discarding someone else s testimony If his oal is to convince the skeptics I don t think they ll find him terribly convincingBut beyond the dull prose the somewhat disingenuous reporting is the sheer constant benign misogyny that Badman never bothers to investigate or comment upon Early on he makes the point that the actress was molested by her mother s boyfriend but what he emphasizes is that she wasn t raped He then cheerfully reports testimony by her ex husband as to the state of her hymen which I won t repeat because I at least have some decency left in me Can you imagine this being written about a living celebrity It s mind BlowingLater His Glossing Over his lossing over sexual assault continues in reporting a particularly horrible rape at the Cal Neva lodge and yes Mr Badman being forced to participate in a sexual act while #YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF CONSENTING IS RAPE HE REFERS #are incapable of consenting is RAPE he refers it as sexual mistreatment Is your head currently doing the same as Linda Blair s in the Exorcist I mean REALLYLesser misogyny pops up throughout as well and again is completely unexamined Badman repeats the old chestnut about how Marilyn had needed to lose weight he literally reports that she had been overweight but had lost 15 pounds to The witchfinder get down to her old waist size of 22 inchesLet s think about this for a moment shall we At roughly 5 poundsinch for a smaller woman that means she had ballooned to a startlingly obese 25 inch waist Last time I checked that s an extra small So in conclusion Badman is interested in tracing what led to her death butlosses over or ignores the specifically female based pressures Monroe was constantly facing He s so interested in the medications she was prescribed that he doesn t bother to look at what Successful Interview Skills: How to Present Yourself with Confidence got her there in the first place I d much rather see a discussion of that than see how much her phone bill wasAnd as regards the sexual mistreatment I hope somewhere the author is fucking ashamed of himself because he is part of theoddamn problem I definitely would not recommend this book to someone just starting to learn about Marilyn The timeline kind of jumps around which even being familiar with Marilyn s life at times was confusing and hard to follow Also the author is constantly reminding the reader that his opinion is different than other researchersbiographers which only needs to be stated once if at all The Enlightened Organization given the fact that there have been literally thousands of bios written about Monroe Also having read multiple books on Marilyn Jack and Jackie Kennedy there are things he denies which I am far inclined to believe are true having read them in separate books about the subjects As narrator he could have maintained a cohesive timeline and his continual use of the words obviously or naturally often went unexplained or were unnecessary Overall an interesting read but not the best Marilyn biography by any means as I stated especially if you are a Marilyn newbie and don t know much about her life this is meant for fans who already have information about Marilyn her early years implied in the title timeline and rumours in existence about her life Though it is lacking it is a uick and interesting read though I wouldn t take the author s opinions at face value as I suppose with any biography on its own however this book in specific I found his logic for denying certain information often naive and not well founded Some of this book makes sense some of it makes little sense especially about her death hmmm I am not sure I finished it but was not that taken in Seemed to be a lot ofoing over same points again and again that ot tedious Lots of making excuses and debunking of some of the Kennedy s involvement I still believe they played a big part in her demise. E fascicoli d’archivio ricevute fatture e testimonianze oculari – una mole di documenti molti dei uali ritenuti da tempo perduti – Keith Badman si cala nei panni dell’investigatore con l’obiettivo di separare la verità dalla finzione le notizie autentiche dalle sciocchezze il mito dalla realtà A cinuant’anni dalla scomparsa un libro che dà risposte definitive ai molti interrogativi che ancora oggi circondano Marilyn e la sua leggenda identifica il padre naturale; mette fine all’interminabile dibattito sul suo rapporto con i Kennedy e ricostruisce nei minimi dettagli la notte della morte e le manovre di “insabbiamento” che seguirono.