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H the word THEN and NOW so once I was aware of the flow of it I easily transitioned between the times and it became part of the entire spellbinding build up of the tale she was weaving literally Bess migrates to the shore each summer with her family which owns a large beach house hosting the entire clan a new extended family member auntsuncles and counsins every other week of the summer season Bess spends her time working at a local candyice cream shop and hanging and partying with her beachfront community college age friends Although Bess is not really big on drinking and rabble rousing herself she seems to tolerate her buddies on this account fairly well and oes along for the ride On one such balmy beach evening she hangs at the impromptu party of her less than BFF friend Missy and runs into Nick whose Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland got a reputation as the local bad boy When she inuires of Missy who theuy across the room is that s silently bouncing sparks off of her to her Animal Ecology great surprise Missy states Who Nick the Prik you mean With that Bess begins a journey of a love like no other and Hart makes you feel every pang that Nick and her experience in this storyiddiness joy jealousy sadness and lust and lust But most of all deep and abiding long lasting love for one another that s never forgotten I m having a hard time choosing another book this story is so emotionally intense it s one of those that is very hard to move on from It s oing to haunt me like nothing else I ve read in recent memory for a long time Read or listen to this book don t forget about it K This type of book erotic romance isn t one that I would typically read I decided to read this book out of curiosity I wanted to know why romance novels are so popular with so many females on Goodreads These are smart intelligent women who also read and understand James Joyce Leo Tolstoy Franz Kafka and others whose work is freuently discussed and debated Why would they spend their precious reading time with a romance novelThis book started out strong Megan Hart spent time developing the characters vividly describing them using all five senses sight sound touch smell and taste although this was mostly salty Bess Walsh is at the end of a 20 year marriage She has decided to divorce her husband and spend some time alone staying at her parents beach house Here she bumps into Nick her bad boy flirt and fuck friend from her high school days Herein lies the twist Nick s been missing for 20 years Where has he been is Bess oing thou a Ghost like experience imagining Nick The story heats up as Bess s two nearly John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 grown sons join her at the beach house to spend the summerThere is plenty of sex in this book Sometimes it seemed as if the sex was only separated by 50 or 100 or so words placed between the sex seuences so the sex wouldn t all run together This would have been okay with meDue to my lack of experience in this category erotic fiction I really can t speak about how this book compares to to others in theenre If you like erotic romance this book is pretty Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde good You might enjoy reading it Here s why I will likely read books like this and why I recommend this book to my male heterosexual friends While reading this book it occurred to me that the book should have been titled Deeper A view in the mind of Venus I wondered if the mind of Bess Walsh was typical of heterosexual females Do sexually active females respond to the type of foreplay and sex between Bess and Nick so vividly described in this book I m a scientist and so I set out to experiment with my newly formed postulate My research indicates the answer is a resounding yes Souys If you want to increase the amount of sex you re Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation getting and improve your ability to please your partner skip the boring self help sex books and videos and read this book Your lovers will be sorateful that they WILL WANT TO SHOW YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN JUST want to show you again and again just Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question grateful they are Kotta Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism go I hear the shower running SPOILERS BIG FAT EXPLICIT SPOILERSAs I am dabbling in paranormal fiction and because this was recommended by a friend I read itI don t have anything againsthost stories really I don t I don t even mind corporal hosts who are capable of mind blowing sex But if the author oes into too much detail about the nature of the Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson ghost s physical being then I have problems In this case Nick Bess s lover of 20 years ago shows up from theray as he calls it with no idea where he s been But he insists he is real and Bess is so overwhelmed by his physical presence to put it politely that she is easily convinced Don t Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture get me wrong I liked the back story I liked Bess and Nick both The sex scenes as numerous and explicit as they are are well done and I admire the skill that went into writing themBut if you reoing this route it s not a ood idea to tell me that Nick of the enormous erections and tireless libido does not breathe has no heart beat doesn t eat and doesn t sleep Because now I m all caught up in the mechanics and I can t enjoy the story any I want to say to the author things likeYou do realize that Nick s chest won t hitch unless he s breathing right And that without breathing there s no talking Air moving through the vocal chords is what makes the sound And if there s no heartbeat there s no circulation and without circulation there s no erection If Nick doesn t ejaculate why does he sweat and how is it he has saliva s no erection If Nick doesn t ejaculate why does he sweat and how is it he has saliva would have been much better if the author had never raised the subject of breathing or heartbeat Then I could have appreciated the story itself which has a lot to recommend it. Ain And now back at the beach house and taking a break from responsibility from marriage from life she discovers his heartbreaking fate and why he never came back for her Suddenly Nick's name is on her lipshis hands on her thighsdark hair and eyes called back from the swirling ray of purgatory's depths Dead alive or something in between they can't stop their hunger She wouldn't da. .
Wallbangers sigh sigh There are wallbangers that make you mad because the book is over and the ending isn t uite what you expected There are those that make you mad because they were eternal and you want to release your frustration at having finally made it through the endlessly long uphill climb and there are wallbangers that Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) get you so wound up emotionally that you re crying buckets because it s so sad Then there are those wallbangers that you chuck so hard at the wall you keep doing it again and again leaving pockmarks and dents all over as the pageso flying out and you re still beyond livid at the dumb ass book That s this book and I haven t read one of those in ee whiz a mighty long time This book was excellent up to the end but then the author did this flippin stupid out of nowhere switch that I was ready to spit n 35 stars I know many of you loved this one but in the end I skipped through the last third of the book as the story didn t seem to be moving along And by that time the repetative sex scenes were also etting cliche It did have uite a tear jerker punch to it so I can see why so many people were moved by this story But I didn t care for Bess as too much of her story is told around a bad relationshipmarriage that simply didn t make sense to me And while Nick was Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine great in bed that seamed to be his entire role in the book And for those who prefer romances this isn t really something I would put in that category Womans erotic fiction but not romance Well holy dooly I don t often cry in books but this one did it with the upmost success I would hate to think what my family think of me when they look at mummy and see my bottom lip tremblingBess spends each and every summer at her family s beach house where she works for the summer season at the local Ice Cream shop and just hanging with her friends like a normal young woman One night while hanging with her friend Missy who might I add is a complete bitch they decide to throw an impromptu party where Bess meets Nick Nick is the bad boy or not appropriately named Nick the Prick or Nick the Dick he is the handsome charmer who knows how to pluck all the right chords He had this reputation but dang if I didn t want to jump his bones I can t say he was extremely romantic but he was most defiantly passionateWithoutiving too much away the book alternates between the summer Bess spent with Nick and tells the story of Bess who has a boyfriend Andy and her hot passionate summer romance with Nick After the summer the pair decides to meet up but Nick never arrives To the present day where Bess is Blue Guide going through a divorce and 21 year old Nick has returned from what is described as therey Bess always wondered what happened to Nick and why he never showed but now 20 years later she discovers just what really happened I never felt confused or misguided as both were separated very clearly I can t say that this is a book with a HEA it s not It s not a romantic book about a love story This is a book about the trials and tribulations about love Do I wish there had been a happily ever after for Bess YES But the way Hart aligned everything right down to the last page will have you knowing that everything will be alrightAlso I haven t commented on a cover of a book for a long time but this cover is so appropriate for the book And the man is just effing delicious By the end of this book I was crying like a banshee because as per usual Megan Hart has pushed the boundaries with her heart wrenching stories This pun is not deliberate but she really makes her stories o deeper than any other writer I have read This should probably be a 2 star rating for the story but the uality of the writing just edges it up to 3Unfortunately Deeper was a massive disappointment for me Broken was one of my top reads for 2010 and created was one of my top reads for 2010 and created pretty high expectations of this author s work I had heard that Deeper was fairly controversial and I can usually appreciate that in a book The reviews are polarised and it seems to invoke a lovehate response in readers so at the very least I was expecting to have strong feelings about the book Ummm NoThere was nothing about this book that made me care enough to have a strong reaction either positive or negative On the whole I found it or to be accurate my experience to be decidedly mediocre which was the complete opposite of what I was expecting Any positives were counterbalanced by negatives so I just ended up feeling a bit meh about the whole experienceFirstly I was already aware of what I expected to be a big spoiler in that the hero was view spoilera corporeal host hide spoiler 3 35 starsI am apologizing upfront if this review is everywhere this book left me a little down in the dumps and my thoughts are a little all over the place The story starts with Bess a 40 year old woman returning to her family s beach house for the first time in 20 years after separating from her husband While on the beach she see s an old flame from 20 years ago Nick Hamilton The thing about Nick is he hasn t changed view spoilerYes Nick is somehow a Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare ghost We don tet a clear explanation of what happened or why he has been one for 20 years at first All he knows is he has

been stuck in 
stuck in rey he has no idea how much time has passed or what has happened hide spoiler 5 Stars is NOT enough to do this story justiceAn awsome book Beautiful beautiful love story I m too much of an emotional reck at the moment to write a review without tearing upperhapes this afternoon when I et home from workI have tried to write a review. Some lovers never leave youTwenty years ago she had her whole life spread out before her like a mesmerizing map She was Bess Walsh a fresh scrubbed middle class student ready to conuer the design world And she was taken Absolutely and completely But not by Andy her well roomed intellectual boyfriend who hinted than once about a ring No During that hot summer as a waitress and livi. .
A Thing Beyond Forever Ascension (Soul Mates, Ascension The Inextinguishable Symphony: A True Story of Music and Love in Nazi Germany
For this wonderful book but find that I can not The story seems to have reached into the centre of my being and stolen a tiny piece of my heart What I really need is someone to hug and sob with So instead I ve written how this book made me feelI hope you understandEveryone who has read a review of this book will know that it s the story of Bess and Nick The story is about what they had once what have now and what happened in between I loved both parts of their story I loved Bess because on a personel level I understaood exactly how she ticked she was me at the same agenever knewcouldn t say the right thing at the right timeI fully understood how she came to be where she is now because I too could ve made the same decision Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within given the same set of choices I loved Nick both as he was then and the Nick he became They were bothiven a chance to put things right between them and I felt that they did I loved the way the story was writen I loved the way it moved between now and then and to be honest I was there with them totally swept up into the story I can picture the Beach the town Sugarland Bess on her bike Nick on the beach both then and now I think the way this book makes me feel is the way a Call the Next Witness good book should make people feel and whilst I agree that the unconventional ending may put some people off for me it was the right way for things happen This story doesn t lend itself to being a Romance but it is a Love story For me the sexual relationship between Bess and Nick was part of who they were then and who they became Beautiful and touching sad and intense are all words that describe this for meIfyou love aood well written erotic love story this one may be for you just remember the tissues Ok I just finished this and I can t seem to stop crying for the past half hour I m just Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities glad my husband s out tonight and my children asleep so they won t see me in this terrible messThis started asreat became slow and contrite after 100 pages and picked up pace again after 70 80 pages I must admit that before I read the last 2 3 chapters I was very angry with Bess and meant to rate it with 3 stars but the ending changed my mind It was like a punch in the Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology gut and I m not still sure if I mean it in aood wayTo be honest I had Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning guessed from the reviews and even the book s back cover why Bess and Nick were originally separated so it wasn t a surprise for me Still reading about it was different from imagining it and it moved me profoundly my heap of sodden kleenex is solid proof of thatI will say that Nick was the ultimate bad boy as we imagine him in our twenties Handsome charming plays around and never stays for long But in the end I couldn t help but fall for his charm He hides a scared boy inside him that Bess being the ultimateood Charlestown Blues girl and complete opposite of him surprisingly manages to reach I really understood the way he reacted to Bess s pressure he was not auy to react well in pressure or emotional blackmail no proud man or woman is and although he was harsh he was never mean Bess however Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition got on my nerves I have never seen a woman muddle up every single important conversation in her life before her She either didn t know what she wanted and expected others toive her the answer or managed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time She didn t speak a clear sentence in her life except in the very end I think we re over I don t know if I love him I sort of have a boyfriend I was so angry WITH HER JUST WHEN I WAS her Just when I was to ive up on her she made one clear choice and one with which I agreed obviously and saved the day However I found her too weak and that s what mainly made me rate it with what mainly made me rate it with stars I have only recently started to tap on eroticaromantica but this one had much depth and serious plot that any other I ve read Also the sex is rather tame think Passion by Lisa Valdez for erotica if plenty If you re looking for a real bawler this is it I just hope I can et my eyes dry before my husband comes home cause I ll start crying once again if I have to tell him the story REVIEW UPDATED BELOW 5 Just completed this book audio version right now and I m still completely stunned and deeply emotional over it One reviewer already said they bawled their eyes out and I have to say the tears were just a rollin for me as well I HIGHLY recommend this to erotic romance lovers it s highly erotic and for those who don t mind a REALLY WELL WRITTEN romantica don t miss this one Additionally if you are an audiobook listener skip reading it and indulge in the complete emotional journey including the music at beginning and end that Savannah Richards takes you on in her narration of this audiobook Whew I ll update my review with a bit book information after I ve decompressed EDITED TO ADD I ve been thinking about what I could or should or even can add to my review on this book It s difficult because this is such an unconventional romance that the smallest comments seem to take away from the mystery and plotline of the book And it s one that even I the mystery and plotline of the book And it s one that even I of wanting to know the spoilers was lad I only had the tiniest amount of information on Suffice it to say that you should be warned it will not conform with many of your romance sterotypes in the end but that said take it as a draw to one of the if not THE most haunting and captivating erotic romances you ll EVER read Megan Hart is a fabulous weaver of emotional storytelling The story is told between THEN and NOW in a back and forth fashion I was never lost in flash forwardflash back because each chapter change specifically started out wit. Ng on the beach she met Nick a dark haired local bad boy He was to put it mildly not someone she could take home to Daddy Instead Nick became her dirty little secret; a fervent sexual accomplice who knew how to ignite an all consuming obsession she had no idea she carried deep within her Bess had always wondered what happened to Nick after that summer after their promise to meet ag.

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