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Poison HeartEr identity and her life back Genevive is slowly taking her place and the air of supernatural permeates Katy s mind is she crazy or is air of supernatural permeates Katy s mind is she crazy or is simply playing games With the help of her next door neighbor Luke Katy starts to unravel a thread from the past that was never meant to be pulled open tricks and seduction take over and Katy s life is thrown upside down the thrilling ending and the chilling twists make the read even better I figured some bits and pieces and pulled a few answers from figured some bits and pieces and pulled a few answers from magic hat but it all fits in and is wonderfully intense at the end this is the perfect weekend read for anyone starving for a tasty story of intrigue and suspense Kasia S This book was amazing i loved it i thought that the ending suited this book so well but i would *have liked For example a short paragraph on the next day *liked For example a short paragraph on the next day up on page a hundred and something so another fair shot at trying to dive into the story but unfortunately I was left to do all the work when reading this because this story didn t pull me in The book is littered with said bookisms I am gobsmacked it even got published And when I say littered I literally mean LITTERED It was rare to come across the word said and I mean rare The book is riddled with I muttered I whispered I grunted I snapped I responded I commented I murmered etc And she could barely ever say I answered she always had to say I answered angrily I replied sternly I asked nervously I began tetchily I answered flatly She shrugged regretfully Hannah called impatiently Honestly I could go on forever It is used way too much and that s all I ever saw I don t see the story playing out in my mind well not as clearly as it could be The dialogue tags were so childish that I couldn t concentrate on what the person was actually saying All I was reading was whether this person was muttering and then the next moment answering forcefully That s fine but when it s on every single page in nearly every single dialogue no joke it becomes tiresome and irritating As for the story ind of cheesy The characters were the stereotypical characters The bubbly best friends and the sweet innocent protagonist I liked how it was set in England many stories I read are set in America even though I don t care where it s set but it was refreshing especially the use of college meaning college and not university The cover is amazing and yes that did sway me to buy it along with the blurb and the I m going to steal your life So judging by all that I thought it would be uite gothic but the only thing disturbing about this book is the mind boggling amount of pathetically childish dialogue tags I was at first sceptic. Eatening side that she only reveals to Katy I'm your worst nightmareWhen Genevieve's behaviour becomes increasingly twisted Katy delves into the girl's past with the help of her best friend Luke Nothing prepares her for the dark truths that she discovers or the new romance she finds along.

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Al about this book after it was reccomended by a friend I ended up hooked on it eager to finish to see reccomended by a friend I ended up hooked on it eager to finish to see happens I was uite confused at the start and took a bit to get into but I think once I got about half way through the book it got a little interesting Poison Heart follows the life of a girl named Katy and everything changes for her when she looks through a window on a bus and finds a girl starring right back at her One of the first things Katy notices about this girl is the colour Of Her Eyes There her eyes there green and now everywhere she goes those eyes seem to be following her Katy becomes suspious of the girl and even so when the girl whose name is Genevi ve enrols in Katy s college And soon she tries to steal Katy s life Katy only seems to have one ally her best friend Luke and together they work at trying to stop Genevi ve But what she isn t prepared for are the secrets that are revealed in the processWow what a spine tingly creepy and disturbing read this is Poison Heart has it all brilliant characters a sweet romance and a deadly threat with an exciting storyline that is full of unpredictable twists and turns and a shocking outcome It s definitely not one to miss out onThe characters are really great Katy is really lovable and Luke is the same They have so many sweet scenes and you really see their friendship bloom and their love for one another come out I really didn t like Merlin and I couldn t help think that maybe Merlin was up to something too I just didn t trust himSB Hayes really nows how to great an intriguing story and what I loved about this book was it was set it England I say this time and time again there aren t enough books set in England and yes I feel passionate about it because I m British When I read a book by an English author I always feel that familiar with it and it s a nice change from the normal America book So I think SB Hayes did a fantastic job because she stayed true to British ways Overall if you re looking for a exciting fresh and thrilling to read then this is the book for you Don t miss out on it read it now Thank you to the uercus for giving me the opportunity to review this "book I enjoyed the thrill It s a very good book "I enjoyed the thrill It s a very good book ept me on my toes guessing to the end I felt close to Katy I felt her emotions anxiety outrage Further the story is rather orinal osciliating between irrational fears and logical explanations This is what I was constantly thinking while reading this book This book was a big yawn Long winded unrealistic way too perfect characters with a too perfect world and sort of obvious It was ind of good but nothing extra super wow happened 3stars. The way Is Genevieve a troubled girl with a difficult childhood Or is the truth unearthly and much frighteningWho is the real GenevieveWhat are her secretsWhy is she determined to destroy Katy's lifeA rich twisting thriller of friendship love and evil that you'll find impossible to put dow. Very creepy and unsettling Poison Heart ept me guessing right up until the end I love books which are slow burners until they suddenly throw a huge curveball until they suddenly throw a huge curveball you which makes you rethink everything you thought you When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Alcohol Or Drugs knew this is definitely one of those booksKaty believes that Genevieve is out to steal her life her friends and her boyfriend Merlin She sets out to discover the truth about her nemesis with the help of Luke the boy next door who she s literally grown up with As the story progresses Genevieve gets and stalkerish to the point that Katy starts to feel that she could be in great danger A brilliant read I couldn t put this book down because I was desperate to find out the secret that new girl Genevieve was concealing When it finally came the twist was clever and made my jaw drop It turned everything on it s head and wasn t predictable in the slightest What I also really liked was that you nevernew whether or not Genevieve could be trusted Is she really evil or is Katy the one losing her mind and being overly paranoidThe friendship between Katy and Luke was another thing I loved about the story It did however seem blindingly obvious to me although not to Katy that he was interested in being than just friends with her Fiendisly clever I was very impressed with this enjoyable debut It was well plotted gripping and a fabulous read I really enjoyed this book I was looking for something to read from my Nook library and the cover caught my eye enough to read the first few pages I was glued to the story within a chapter and greedily continued it on my commute to work on Friday morning by Saturday evening I was finished it was intensefun thrilling scary and intriguing to the end and for a YA read it was wonderful and it had enough substance for someone older than a teenager to appreciateKaty is a YA read it was wonderful and it had enough substance for someone older than a teenager to appreciateKaty is young girl with intense interest in the arts one day she notices a familiar looking girl at another bus and once their eyes meet all hell breaks loose The strange girl s sea green eyes stalk and haunt Katy everywhere she goes slowly the newcomer starts to resemble Kat and begins friendships with her regular friends and starts to get very close to her boyfriend and his family even Katy s mum is starting to take interest in the new girl in town Pretty soon Katy feels her overbearing presence at every waking moment she can t breathe she can t rest Genevive the girl with the bright eyes seems to morph into her routine and to be taking over her entire life Katy is the only one who hears the mean menacing words from the new girl everyone else thinks that she s just acting rudely and strangely but all she wants is From the moment Katy sees Genevieve's beautiful face staring at her from a window her life will never be the same Wherever Katy turns Genevieve is there at school with Katy's friends and worst of all in Katy's hot new boyfriend's lifeBut Genevieve has a menacing side a dangerous side a thr.