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Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2I have to say I liked one the leastBelonging Is A Story About a funny story about s wolf family trying to kidnap him I liked this story because it was written in Derek s POV He loves Chloe just so Much And It S Really Cool To and it s really cool to their love from his erspective It s also interesting to meet other werewolves D Really liked the DerekCain story the Tori story was uite good as well but it was way too short and felt unresolved I think I d actually read both of these before but I never marked them so here we goI definitely read the second one as it was País íntim posted on Armstrong s website But the first one is confusing me Maybe I checked the anthology out once and only read that story Or read it at a bookstoreAnyway these are great I like them better than the first bonusack because they take Under Lock and Key placeost book which tends to be where my interest liesRe Read May 2014Re Read June 2018 This was a really good ending I still have uestions but I think I m happy with the ending the author gaveI was wondering if there would be a bit of crossover between this series andI actually remember Zachary a bit and I m glad that Derek never had to meet himI m a bit mad at this family for kidnapping him but happy that he at least now knows who they areHis cousin is a iece of work thoughChloe and Derek are so cute togetherI feel bad for Tori having to find out that her father is Kit and that she is a half sibling of Simon s though TERRIBLE I DIDN T LIKE IT AT ALL GET IT AWAY FROM MEEEEEview spoilerALL THE DEREKOTHER WEREWOLF STORIES GIVE ME ALL OF THEM Ugh I want Derek to meet the Pack SO BADLY At least this time I can t complain about no makeouts hahahahahahhahaahaa hide spoile. I discovers who her father is and Chloe deals with a vengeful ghost Narrated by Chloe Appearing in Enthralled.

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I love this Facing Facts was in an anthology called Enthralled and Belonging was originally a free story Kelley kid on her Darkestpowerscom site for the fans though she took it down a few months her Darkestpowerscom site for the fans though she took it down a few months completing it to Something Wicked put it in this anthology The first is narrated by Chloe and deals a little with Tori and Simon finding out they re related and also with Chloe coming to terms with using Tori s mother to kill Davidoff The second is in Derek sov and deals with the his bio family tracking him down and kidnapping him as well as giving us some insight into how the others are treating him since he changed and how he s dealing with Lauren s attitude Both are must reads if you re a fan of the series Two novellas that are companion stories to the Darkest Powers trilogy As with the first bonus ack these stories are not meant to be read on their own though they are interesting enough even without context as there is enough explanation to grab a reader s attention Facing Facts is short story 36 in the to grab a reader s attention Facing Facts is short story 36 in the Powers YA Paranormal Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong I loved this story and I so missed Chloe and Derek In this story view spoilerTori finds out the truth about her father When she learns that Chloe already knew and kept it from her she runs away to avoid discussing her feelings Chloe follows her but ends up following an impostor hide spoiler I m not 100% sure on the order these two stories fall in the timeline Facing Facts is first in the bundle implying to me that it s 35 but Goodreads has Belonging listed as 35 so take that with a grain of salt However based on the time references in the stories I m going with Facing Facts as 35 and belonging as 36Facing Fac. Contains two companion stories to the Darkest Powers trilogyBelonging the novella set after The Reckoning Der. .
Ts 35 Very short but I loved seeing Chloe going toe to toe against her fears I also have to admit that I adore Derek and Chloe together She s COME A LONG WAY FROM THE a long way from the who stammered and cowered in his Pjesme presence And Derek s just Derek He growls and is massively overprotective but that s the way he is He wants torotect his ack and he doesn t always stop to think that his orders are a little rough around the edges Short but enjoyableBelonging 36 I love that we re getting some answers as to how Derek ended up in the Edison Group s hands Yes the answers are light but we get to meet some of his werewolf family and see how VERY different he is from them Once again I love the dynamic between Derek and Chloe and how willing the two of them are to step up to the late when the other is in danger As an aside Derek narrated stories are some of my favorites I like seeing his thought rocesses and well I just like the guy I want to see of him More Final Thoughts This is one of my all time favorite YA series I m always willing to step back into this world and spend time with these kids This bonus ack gets a BIG thumbs up from me Kelly Reading the Paranormal I think i may be addicted to this series DBut its definitely a good addictionI just love Chloe And Derek As and Derek as couple They re so cute I really looked forward to read these bonus stories and I thought they were amazing DFacing Facts tells what happens when Tori finds out that Kit isn t just Simon s father but her father as well But unfortunately the story doesn t really deal with her and Simon s emotions about this revealed secret It was nice to read another story from Chloe s POV but from al the bonus stories. Ek's werewolf family comes to claim him Narrated by DerekFacing Facts short story set after The Reckoning Tor.