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The Voyage of the Snake Lady s one of those seuels that probably didn t need to be written It is one of those seuels that probably didn t need to be written It something like 7 10 years after The Moon Riders the probably unnecessary retelling of The Iliad That s an awful lot of maybe shouldn t really be a thing for a The Iliad That s an awful lot of maybe shouldn t really be a thing for a to start off with but so Strasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions it goesThis takes the samedea of the s builds off some versions of Greek history and takes from the first book The women horse riding group has changed after the war nstead of bringing on girls from war nstead of bringing on girls from 20 or whatever and then shipping them off to pick their own husbands and grow new girls to join up with the riders for a few years A Witch's Guide To Faery Folk: How to Work With the Elemental World it now consists of women of all ages Many were slavesn Troy freed The Homefront in Civil War Missouri in the first book by the Moon Riders The dances have changed a bit as each group added brought their own traditions to the group but overall they re living andt s okNaturally that changes Achilles son s raiding the Black Sea and the Riders hop on a boat to get away from him You wouldn t think that a boat s the best way for a bunch of skilled horsewomen to avoid another boat but hey what do I know From there on Celibate Passion it s of the same Weavingn certain accounts of history that work with the story and Learning in the Cloud ignoring those that don t Tomlinson sends her characters through the wringer Death destruction fear relief momentary safety grief happiness and all the rest come through regularly for this group The basic deals that the world Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy is changing and the Moon Riders have to change witht to survive Sure there s some conflict but of course The Gay Pretender it all works out Was there ever any other way An absolutely AMAZING read It was suspensful and contained just the right amount of action and romance for the style The plot was amazingly thought out and flowed VERY nicely and the characters were all so relatable and uniue and believable The theme of friendship was. I have seen them cried Cassandra Iphigenia Myrina and her young daughter They aren terrible trouble taken prisoner on a boat stripped of all weaponsSince the fall of Troy Myrina has built the Moon Riders Bloody Winter into a strong and potent band of warrior women But the son of Achilless.

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Is around 2728 years old at least I m NOT 100% SURE THIS BOOK WAS COMPLETELY NEEDED THERE 100% sure this book was completely needed There parts of the book that were slightly draggy and while I did like the Moon Riders getting their happily ever after with the men by the river I m not sure a whole book just to make that happy was necessary The journey to save Iphigenia proved how much Myrina s able to bond with people who need her help and shy them away from a course that will only mean trouble I liked Iphigenia finding Orestes and seeing Cassandra and Chrystes again was nice though again not really needed If you liked The Moon Riders for ts characters you would like this book There s just not as much action Inventaire Sommaire Des Archives D�partementales Ant�rieures � 1790, Vol. 1: Mayenne (Classic Reprint) in this one ands not as exciting as t s preuel Voyage of the Snake Lady by Theresa Tomlinson s the seuel to Tomlinson s The Moon Riders This book continues the story of Myrina head of the legendary Moon Riders after the fall of Troy I was War Girls interestedn these stories because they relate to Archaeologist Jeannine Davis Kimball s work n Warrior Women Davis Kimball s book follows nomadic Sauro Sarmatian women from Kazakstan to the Mongolian steppes clearly showing that a blond modern day nomad was related to a Woman Warrior Priestess buried n Pokrovka Kazakstan Tomlinson s book As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant illustrates how those women of myth and history could have made the trip from Troy by crossing the Black Sea andntermarrying with the Sauro Sarmatian Nomads Tomlinson s book blends history and myth with magic n a very believable way You *truly care about the characters and are cheering them on their * care about the characters and are cheering them on their Is t to bold to say that Theresa Tomlinson s work has shaped the woman you see today The strength and strong willed characters she writes of have truly The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II inspired me since I was a teenager An amazing book great great bookpeople must read this bookf theyve read the first one. Rina Iphigenia and Cassandra vanuish their enemies and welcome those who may help them achieve a peaceful way of lifeLike The Nightmare Garden its predecessor this seuel to The Moon Riderss a powerful blend of Look to the Mountain intriguing myth andnspired magination leavened by romance and unforgettable character. Voyage of the Snake LadyIngenious and utterly INCREDIBLEFIVE STARS ABSOLUTELY love t he whole warrior thing set n ancient greece you can t go women thing set n ancient greece you can t go though not as good as the first one Not as good as the first one I liked The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna / Vicuna, Cecilia. Esther Allen, tr. QUIPOem. Two books in one (Wesleyan Poetry) it and the characters were all the same minus the ones who dien the first book of course but no where near as addicting as the first one I read this without reading the first book I uite enjoyed The Color of Water it and like almost all the characters but mostly Myrina The fact that shes the Moon Rider leader but doesn T Always Know What always know what do or Mayan Strawberries if her decisions are right just makes her seem so much human rather then just a super hero warrior womann a book Being a hopeless romantic I loved the relationship between Myrina and Kuspada and just couldn t wait till they could be reunited again All Bill Gates (Up Close) in all a good read especially for the girls not too much violence a right touch of romance and an amazing example of what true friendships really about Not uite as good as the first one but compelling Mistaken Mistress ints own way It doesn t work as a stand alone at least not to me so unless you ve read the first book Moon Riders there s a lot of background Bunny: A Novel in this one that won t make sense to you The Voyage of the Snake Lady follows Myrina and her gang of Moon Riders after the events of Troy Seven years later Myrina has found herselfn a precarious situation again and must fight for her life and for the lives of her treasured Moon Riders The warrior priestesses soon find themselves finding sanctuary n a new place with new people but Myrina can t stay long because her old friend Iphigenia s The Great Smog of India in trouble and she must travel to help herWhile I liked carrying on with Myrina s story as shes a great character to follow with a lot of depth and character growth especially considering we have been following her since she was 13 and n this book. Bent on revenge and the Moon Riders are displaced from their home and fighting for their livesPlagued with slavery storms shipwreck and strife the Moon Riders must accept help from outsiders for their very survival Only trust n the strong bonds of their friendship will help My.
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