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Itself Leitner was imprisoned with her family for being Jewish She watched as many went or were selected for the crematoria She survived to give us witness but it was a harrowing survival This memoir deserves needs to be readA copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review True storyMay 28th 1944Isabel and her mother and sisters in Hungary are packing for their big journey the next day is deportation to Auschwitz by train just for being JewsOn the first day in Auschwitz the sisters are put in the life side line their mother sent to burnAnother despicable unimaginable horrendous account of the life in the camps the girls were taken to several as they wasted away to nothing This one however has a better nding then mostWe get to see Isabel s life after she is free and her life in America and how the motional scars never heal Like so many others I ve been thinking about Elie Wiesel with the news of his recent death Thinking about what he ndured and how he turned the horrific xperience of the concentration camps into a lifetime of standing up for the oppressed by teaching us that we cannot forget I thought I might reread Night in tribute to him and I know that I will read it again one day What I decided to do now was to read this memoir that I was fortunate nough to obtain from Open Road Media because we need all the reminders we can get that the holocaust never should have happened and should never happen againBeautifully written I was hesitant to say that How can one write so beautifully about unspeakable loss horrendous treatment hatred about the death of millions of innocent people I can say this because the writing is almost poetic in these brief fragments of the horror the hunger the death the depth of sorrow and yet fragments of hope in this diary like memoir by Isabella Leitner Isabella her mother and five siblings were among the Jews were vacuated on May 29 1944 from a small town in Hungary to Auschwitz Her father was in America seeking papers to bring his family thereLike other memoirs of holocaust survivors this is a difficult read taking the reader to this *unimaginable place in the camps but also the unimaginable place in her heart and soul * place in the camps but also the unimaginable place in her heart and soul is short in length and I could have read it in one sitting but I found myself stopping at times because it is gut wrenching heartbreaking cliche terms I know but I *Can T Find Other Words Isabella And *t find other words Isabella and sisters sustained themselves with their mother s belief in humanity despite the hatred And when this is over With your lives you can create other lives and nourish them You can nourish your children s souls and minds and teach them that man is capable of infinite glory You must believe me I find it almost incredulous that after all she ndures that she does believe her mother When she has her sons Mama I make this vow to you I will teach my sons to love life to respect man and to hate only one thing warIn the camp she was also sustained by a pact with her sisters that they must all survive together Then a new pact since the burden of trying to survive is too great Somebody will have to liveWe cannot all die Some body must live to tell the tale We are so fortunate that Isabella did live to tell the tale This book needs to be readI want to thank my Goodreads friend Sue If I hadn t read her review I would have missed this book I also want to thank Open Road Media for making available these previously published books in lectronic format Thanks to Open Road Media and NetGalley This book very short very motional needs to be read in one sitting Its the story of five sisters a brother their mother and father during WWII The father in the US desperately seeking visas to Searing book fragments of remembered feelings and occurrences that voke perhaps better than most works something unfathomabl. Fragments of Isabella A Memoir of Auschwitz

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A Memoir of AuschwitzIn her memoir Ms Leitner uses her writing skills to share with us her wartime xperiences when she and her family were taken from their Hungarian home and deported to Auschwitz The book was first published in 1978 and in 2016 Open Road Media Provides Us Media provides us updated digital format version of this deeply #MOVING TRUE ACCOUNTTHIS BOOK IS SLIM THE SENTENCES SIMPLE #true accountThis book is slim the sentences simple the chapters short but the tone has depth and captures the horror of the Holocaust one page one sentence and one paragraph at a time In her years of detention she was a careful observer of both the horrors and acts of human kindness She was able to scape during the five mile march to Begen Belsen and ventually freedom and immigration to the US Although this is not my first book on the Holocaust her memoir nevertheless left an A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, emotionalxperience and as a reader that did not live this horror I still have shivers The Shadow Reader each time I read the atrocities people do to others Years later Ms Leitner stillxperienced nightmares and was afraid that one day she will come face to face with one of the people who butchered her family This book is a beautifully written snippet fragments of life death during the Nazi regime I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in xchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review This is the way I see it Fragments of Isabella is an Auschwitz memoir which offers an intimate look into one of the darkest parts of the twentieth century history Each chapter is a short fragment of a certain pivotal point in Isabella s life the deportation the ghetto the train the camp itself Despite those chapters being *Short I Was Amazed At *I was amazed at author s ability to put so many powerful motions into so few words that I needed to catch a break from time to time simply because it was too difficult to continue Her prose is so imaginary so brutally vivid that one can t help but find themselves reliving the vents together with the author suffering along with her losing family members one by one ncountering the ugliest The Power Of A Choice evil and the most inspiring instances of personal sacrifice and finally finding the salvation which had nearlyvaded them during the last of death marches It s an xtremely powerful book and a true must read for veryone not just people interested in history It will touch the deepest chords of your soul and leave you breathless after the last page is turned I really can t recommend it highly nough One of the most powerful Holocaust memoirs I have ver read Fragments of Isabella is a slender volume of distilled suffering so beautifully written and utterly heartbreaking that the reader is transfixed a witness incapable of turning away from these scenes of horror I would compare it favorably to Elie Wiesel s Night and cannot understand why it is not widely known I died in May writes Leitner for it was on May 31 1944 that the author then Isabella Katz and her family arrived at the death camp Auschwitz Here Leitner s mother Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley As I start to write this review the Internet is somewhat imploding because of a comic book No the character didn t come out as guy and no I don t really want to talk about because it is dumb But then you sit and think and you have to wonder if some people never read books like this one Today you would think The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right everyone knows about the Holocaust and that we pretty much don t have toducate people about it And then you get smacked in the face by to use polite langue idiots You have Holocaust Denials You have idiots who know there was a Holocaust but think it was one the Jews were killing veryone You have comparisons of people like Obama to Hitler You just have to wonder As a young woman Isabella Leitner was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz; the Nazis murdered her mother and one sister but by. .
Bout what people are learning about history that ven in the modern world where information about the Holocaust is readily available in a wide variety of sources why people are so filled with stupidity Leitner s memoir isn t so much a memoir in the traditional sense of the word If you have read Charlotte Delbo s Auschwitz and After Leitner s work is much like *That Memoir It Is Of Conveying Of Memoir While Leitner *memoir It is of conveying of memoir While Leitner t as poetic as Delbo her book is just as compelling In part this is because Delbo was imprisoned because her involvement with the Resistance and Leitner was Jewish Leitner s memoir starts with the deportment from the Ghetto and follows her Monsieur Pain experiences during the war The free form and very short chapters in which the story is told make it all the compelling because there is a sense of pain that is viscerally felt by the reader Leitner conveys in simple words than other writers do It is this aspect of the book that makes this volumessential reading The sense of pain is ven given recent context in the afterword by Leitner s husbandMaybe if this book was assigned we would not have to deal with idiots The way this holocaust memoir is written is heartbreaking in fragments and in short sentences As if she struggled to revisit the past her memories of being deported to Auschwitz as a young girl A painful memoir of a ruined life I read Elie Wiesel s Night just a few days ago Holocaust literature is not njoyable or asy reading but I felt it was a book that needed to be read so I did Then the library mailed me that this was being held so I picked it up I wasn t sure two such intense books within a short time frame was wise but after reading a couple of lighter books in between I glanced through this one todayNow just a couple of hours later I turned the last page Only 112 pages of raw motion and painful memories made Fragments of Isabella a very powerful book This is not a straight narrative but bits and pieces of her and her three sisters 9 months at AuschwitzHer mother and youngest sister went to the crematorium the day they arrived another sister died at Bergen Belsen after liberation but she and her two other sisters survived along with their brother They all came to America after the warAmazingly she was at Auschwitz the same time as Elie Wiesel though they never met His mother and baby sister were also chosen for the crematorium by Mengele on the day of arrival His account was step by step blow by blow Isabella s was much motional Her memories of her mother brought me to tearsIn retrospect reading these two short accounts so close together gave me a much deeper feeling for the sufferings of the people in the camps She was never able to forgive the Germans and couldn t abide being near them or hearing the language She married and had two sons which she considered her revenge on Hitler To begin to replace the six million he had killed Originally released in 1978 this memoir is a new Open Road digital production for today s readers The Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. experience is intense in the momentxperiential and the title perfectly xpresses the style and content After that day in May 1944 Isabella s life became a series of moments observations on the road toward hoped for survival never knowing what the next breath would bring They were literally fragments of life as she recalls them later and presents them to a world that sometimes chooses to forget Every step thought breath shudder swallow and smell we xperience though her is harrowing and also necessary if we are not to slip into forgetfulness of what some men are capable of doing to their fellow men The Holocaust in Europe took place over 70 years ago but is an ongoing lesson that must be remembered Otherwise history repeats. Unimaginable fortitude and will to survive she and her three other sisters dodged death Her recollections make a sparse and. .