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Ut the controversy surrounding GMO crops in general or about the privacy issues that will arise when genome mapping becomes cheap nough that it is available to veryone One of my favorite books so far this year has been Steven Levy s Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Levy Has A Talent For has a talent for these hackers and forging a narrative from the random hacks that led to the computing revolution the founding of artificial intelligence and the information age By The End Of The Book end of the book found myself wishing that I d been around for a piece of the action Want to get into hacking today the afterword solicited Try biohacking Biopunk was Hackers without the decades of time between action and publication The biohackers profiled here supply intriguing provocations but so far they have not become major players in the synthetic bio movement A theme running throughout the book is the idea that life is less open to the open source movement that somehow bacteria and brainwaves are sacrosanct where lectrical A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, engineering is not The Steven Kurtz case where the FBI came after a SUNY Buffalo professor for his biohacking art projectsmphas Would rated higher if stories were researched but this is not the only. Liant outsiders with few resources besides boundless "Energy And Great Ideas "and great ideas Biopunk Marcus Wohlsen chronicles a growing community of DIY scientists working outside the walls of corporations and universities who are committed to democratizing DNA the way the Internet did information The biohacking movement now in its The Shadow Reader early heady days aims to unleash an outbreak of genetically modified innovation by making the tools and techniues of biotechnology accessible toveryone Borrowing their idealism from the worlds of open source software artisinal food Internet startups and the Peace Corps biopunks are devoted advocates for open sourcing the basic code of life They believe in the power of individuals with access to DNA to solve the world's biggest problems You'll meet. One book that tries to make biotech popular without probably much success when in reality it s the most important thing to give regulatory freedom on Problems Same like Always Religious Superstitions And Fears religious superstitions and fears people just love dying and believing it s their fate This is a wonderfully ngaging book about amateur scientists and technologists who are developing innovations in biotechnology The gadgets you have in your kitchen give you better tools than those that were available in a serious laboratory of a hundred years ago Technologies are developing so fast and become so much cheaper that we may be well on our way to the technological singularityYou can now buy a device the size of a USB drive that gets plugged into a USB PORT ON YOUR COMPUTER PUT A BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE IN on your computer Put a biological sample in and the device can seuence a limited segment of DNAOn the other hand you can send in a coded genetic DNA seuence ATCG to a company and they will produce that DNA seuence for the price of 39 centers per letterMost amateur scientists don t have the financial backing of an organization so they figure out how to do things cheaply They innovate and sometimes develop tools that do the same job as a store bought apparatus for A new breed of hackers who aren't afraid to get their hands wet from ntrepreneurs who aim to bring DNA based medical tools to the poorest of the poor to a curious tinkerer who believes a tub of yogurt and a jellyfish gene could protect the world's food supply These biohackers include A duo who started a cancer drug company in their kitchen A team who built an open source DNA copy machine A woman who developed a genetic test in her apartment for a deadly disease that had stricken her family Along with the potential of citizen science to bring about disruptive change Wohlsen xplores the risks of DIY bioterrorism the possibility of genetic ngineering xperiments gone awry and whether the ability to design life from scratch on a laptop might come sooner than we thin.

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Biopunk Kitchen Counter Scientists Hack the Software of LifeGood book but already outdated Despite the two stars 25 really I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a uick introduction to the topic of DIY biology There s a lot of interesting stuff here about synthetic biology and genetic ngineering and given in a fairly asy to understand format The book highlights several people and small businesses that are working in the life sciences Outside Of Large Corporations Or Large Universities There Are The of large corporations or large universities There are the working to make small cheap DNA readers so that doctors can diagnose diseases in rural areas There s a chapter about how farmers in India hacked GMO seed stock the old fashioned way by saving the seeds trading them and crossing them with their own native seeds to create a better plant and skip paying the licensing fees to bootMy main issue with this book is that it seemed poorly organized with than a little repetition I felt like I was reading a series of ssays that had been published as stand alones lsewhere and had now been gathered and repurposed into one volume I wish there had been a little less repetition and a little depth While it s too much to ask that the author go deep on all of the issues he brings up I could have read abo. Bill Gates recently told Wired that if he were could have read abo. Bill Gates "recently told Wired that if he were teenager today he would be hacking biology If you want "told Wired that if he were teenager today he would be hacking biology If you want change the world in some big way he says that's where you should start biological molecules The most disruptive force on the planet resides in DNA Biotech companies and academic researchers are just beginning to unlock the potential of piecing together life from scratch Champions of synthetic biology believe that turning genetic code into Lego like blocks to build never before seen organisms could solve the thorniest challenges in medicine nergy and The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right environmental protection But as the hackers who cracked open the potential of the personal computer and the Internet proved the most revolutionary discoveries oftenmerge from out of the way places forged by bril. ,