Marrying the Enemy (KINDLE)

Eptember 2012Ruby Seaborn proposed marriage to Jax "Maroney To Save Her Company From Financial "to save her company from financial She needed him to stop undercutting her company s prices in the jewelry business And he needed her social standing to get into the inner social circle for his diamond mine business to go global The advantage was mutual But would the marriage in name only stay in name only But will they act on their very explosive attraction while together Their sexual chemistry is volatile Could Ruby and Jax eep their heart intact while enjoying themselves while being married in name only MARRYING THE ENEMY is a story I thoroughly enjoyed It provided "Light Moments Along With Scenes along with scenes provoked significant emotion The give and take in the between Ruby and Jax is very enjoyable Nicola Marsh brought a heroine in Ruby who had no hang ups in getting close and personal with Jax She is sassy and fearless while Jax though an alpha and gorgeous turns out to be a sensitive hero This story had both smoking hot sex sensuality and emotional connection between the charactersMy rating 45 out of 5 star. Ion And if they indulge in certainfringe benefits of their marriage along the way that's fine Because luckily Ruby's heart is as unbreakable as the precious gems she works withisn't I thought this was a decent book I enjoyed the characters and the marriage they went through "For Their Benefit Was Sweet Too Watching "their benefit was sweet too watching fall in love However it was super simplistic and really easy to read into I new what was going to happen before it happened Three stars Good marriage of convenience story with a twist I guess my sugar was low cause I really enjoyed thisno too much angst but charmingsweet and hot sex till the ring sceneI mean wtf so he gave her a ruby not a pink diamondok now I m laughing out "Loud I Mean It "I mean it so not going to happen novel with all those gemsminesmoney partiesblah blah And I still liked it Really enjoyed this one The heroine was gutsy flirty and loved how she was the one who proposed a marriage of convenience she needed him to back off her business while he needed her respectability The hero was closed off and he had reason to be his dream world exploded when it turned out his dad was a scammer and his mom a possible accomplice who disappeared without a word He has spent the last decade building his mining business but people have long memo. Jewelry designer and heiress Ruby Seaborn will do anything to save her family's company from financial ruin And she means anythingIncluding proposing a strictly business marriage to ,

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RiesOverall I loved their marriage it was obvious it was than physical between them and it was good that the hero didn t "Try To Deny It Thought "to deny it Thought story was sweet and cute I enjoy this romance even though you now what the outcome will be I really enjoyed the journey to get there An emotionally closed off bad boy businessman with a chip on his shoulder the size of Australia meets his match in a sassy jewelry designer heroine He needs her connections she needs his money to save the family business A somewhat silly misunderstanding near the finish but loved that the hero had a soft underbelly and that the heroine gave as good as she got A solid read Miniseries Inconveniently WedCategory Classic Romance I shelved this book to read until I had the follow up to it and just spent the weekend with both books what a way to go Loved it great sparklysparky read and both Jax and Ruby are a great combination and it scorches tear jearking too but the ending ah just fab I want one of those More MARRYING THE ENEMY by USA Bestselling author Nicola Marsh is Harleuin Presents release for Iamond mine magnate Jax Maroney the only man able to "Restore The Seaborn Jewelry "the Seaborn jewelry to its former gloryShe needs his money; he needs her socialite credentials it's a win win solut. Marrying the Enemy