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Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders gNd build Because of that I also tend to read books that focus on the beginnings of a romance This book doesn t The MCset together almost as soon as they meet and the whole book is really about exploring their relationship and navigating the sports world together as a couple over the course of YEARS It is about their ups and downs their struggles at being closeted and what baseball means to them I liked the beginning of this book but I didn t love it until 50% or so These characters rew on me so much and my relationship with them blossomed as I read I ot really attached to Matt and Iggy love that name and I was on the edge of my seat emotionally speaking as everything went down towards the end of the book By 75% I just couldn t put the book down and I upgraded my review by a whole star That isn t to say that this book would be for everyone There is a lot of sports content so if you find sports talk to be very boring you might not love this one However even as a non fan of baseball I found it to be an exciting nicely paced read It never Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age got too dry for me which I wasn t expecting I also loved the New York setting As someone who lives just 15 miles from NYC I felt a lot of familiarity with this story The characters and the setting felt like home to me so it was easy for me to slide right into the story I just can t stopI really really liked this story which I don t usually say about sports romances It was a journey through a long term relationship from start to HEA and I was than happy too on that ride with Iggy and Matt Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review One of my favorite MM romances and my ABSOLUTE favorite baseball MM romance Out in the Field will be re released on May 16 I was fortunate enough to Les Innocents get a copy to review and I can tell you that it tops the 2011 version with new scenes and updated to reflect the progressive society we now live in Yes And we ll keep fighting theood fight Tea Party assholesKate s own description of the differences This new edition has been thoroughly reedited I ve expanded some scenes and trimmed others it s I Was A Stranger got about 5000 words of new material now all told I updated the book too for 2016 No flip phones for one thing but also to acknowledge the progress LGBT athletes have made in the 5 years since I wrote the first draft I loved it all over again and it remains firmly on my absolute favorites shelf Baseball romance perfectionMy original review from September 2012Out in the Field was one of those books that had languished on myet your ass in ear shelf for over a year That is a shelf of books I am 90% sure I will love but I just need to find the perfect time to them preferably when I can read them in one sitting since I have a scattered brain and hate taking breaks in the middle of since I have a super scattered brain and hate taking breaks in the middle of ood book because I always forget stuff Well I had that opportunity last night and after reading two books this week that had Absolutely NO Romance In Them What So Ever Out In NO romance in them what so ever Out in Field seemed to fit my reading bill perfectly This was a MM romance lover s dream come true with two masculine but incredibly tender hearted MCs who over the span of four years explore their love of baseball and each other while handling their secret affair with their family friends fans and the press It wasn t all wine and roses and smooth sailing for these two as I had read in a few reviews They dealt with some pretty heavy angst but they dealt with it as a team and that made it so much easier to handle when all I really wanted was a feel The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States good romance Iggy and Matt made my heart sing and were beautiful together I literally cried tears of joy during the last 4 pages of the book It made me ridiculously happyIf you are looking for a lighter romance with a touch of angst that our heroes deal with lovingly together with loving emotional brilliantly hot sex that also includes four years ofreat baseball stories I can absolutely recommend Out in the Field This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews Galley copy of Out in the Field provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review This is one of those books that came out of nowhere and pleasantly surprised me This is the two story of two men who find each other at opposite ends of their baseball careers Matt is nearing the end of his successful one Iggy on the hand is just beginning his This book is a slice of life type of story There s no villain or big twists it s simply the story of two men who fall in love It s about the dynamics of a relationship I loved these two men together they just fit Things I lovedDual POVSteamNice character developmentGREAT relationship developmentAwesome ending it made me tearyWhat I didn t love too muchA teensy too much baseball talk but hey it s a book about baseball players I can t fault the author I definitely recommend this especially to those who love age difference and sports romance story lines 45 Stars Thank you John and Eva for the recommendation I liked it a lot It was sweet hot and feel ood book Easy uick read about baseball The Mc s were likable No unnecessary drama just two men in love trying to balance playing baseball and keeping their love for each other intact. Ch younger man is one thing Having an affair with his teammate introduces a whole new set of complications When a trade and a career ending injury threaten to keep them apart both men have to figure out what they’re willing to risk for the love of baseball and each other. Who completely disagree with me so your mileage may vary An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review I love a ood sports themed romanceAnd I uite enjoyed the baseball aspects in this one Just for fun here s some baseball eye candyThe romance between Matt and Iggy was a bit on the forbidden side with them being teammates And Iggy was uite a bit younger than Matt But I really loved them together The angst in this one centers around them having to keep their relationship a secret But it wasn t drama filled There weren t a bunch of break ups and fights There was some nice steamOverall a really enjoyable read I ll definitely be checking out from this author I enjoy sport related romance Unfortunately most titles I can recall are those from mainstream mf Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth genres I like a balance when it comes to this trope It should respect the sport without being slightly too technical but alsoives space for character built and interaction outside the field Oh and it shouldn t be overcrowded with sex scenes which is always an important thing In mm 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts genre I can only remember a couple of titles that stand out with Sean Kennedy s Tigers and Devils and Bill Konisgberg s young adult Out of the Pocket leading the list for published titles and salifiable s Heart in Hand for real life slashonline fiction Iuess now I can add Kate McMurray s Out in the Field to that list as well AND this is where her story triumphs and also different from those I mentioned above OneThe story is being told from both Matt and Iggy s perspectives those other titles focus on one of the MCs with both men in a different phase of life which result in different problems as well Matt is 38 years old he s basically at the end of his baseball career with knee problem that actually needs to be taken under surgery Iggy on the other hand has just started only 25 years old he s ready to take the world Both are Moonrise (Snowfall, gay both are closeted But Matt can afford to out himself after he retires while Iggy must still consider the outcome of outing himself Even though they re in love with one another the conseuences are not the same This makes the whole issue of coming out as athletes SO COMPELLING And Ms McMurray has written a very thoughtful story about itTwoThere are also portrayals of the day to day life as result of being an athlete We have Matt facing a life after baseball Thinking about the options he have whether coaching or writing a book We alsoet the part where he broods etting slightly depressed I assume this can happen to any athletes after their sport career is over right On the other hand we also have Iggy who wonders about which products he should endorse what with the promise of money and such I love it ThreeThe love between the two uys is written perfectly From that moment Matt and Iggy set eyes on each other the way they realize their love how they work out being in a relationship while in the closet especially when they also must experience long separation since Iggy is still active and Matt is not There are a number of standout and heartfelt scenes which manage to et me all choked up The hospital scene the vacation number of standout and heartfelt scenes Which Manage To Get Me All Choked Up The Hospital manage to et me all choked up The hospital the vacation the one where they finally view spoilerget a house hide spoiler Swing Batta Batta SwingMy annoyance with this built steadily from a A Little Dinner Before the Play good editor would have fixed that to maybe they already didIt began nicely first lines are important and of the three books I picked up last night this one had the bestThings progressed and all was well with an occasional niggle with repetition they both taste metallic oreneral tone vaguely overwrought in some places strangely lifeless in othersTo the 30 percent mark I had a decent list of positives and negatives in mind but once my annoyances with the mood structure and overall unoriginal feel of the book reached a critical mass I Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies gave upIt s a shame Seems to me there really were someood ideas and the potential for engaging dramaBut once characters started screeching into the phone like excitable Heathers or musing during sex as you do how totally hot they looked together I started Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch gettingrumpyIrritation was replaced by outright dislike once a key plot point was flubbed view spoilerplayer A outs player B to another character player A fails to inform player B of this as if it weren t pretty much the crucial tension at the heart of the entire novel hide spoiler Price drop to 099 at US 641945 stars Kate McMurray really shines with this story #Combining Baseball And New York # baseball and New York topics that she knows inside and out with a HOT compelling romance She really hit this one out of the park see what I did thereI ve read some Kate McMurray in the past but I haven t been wowed by her until now And I sort of didn t expect it First of all I m not really a huge fan of sports romances though I have to say closeted men coming out for love is one of my favorite themes But the whole athlete worship thing Yeah doesn t do much for me so I wasn t expecting to adore this one Also this book is a little unconventional for me because I like my romance to wait I prefer the two MCs to not even hook up or Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood get romantic AT ALL until about 50% of the way through What can I say I just loooove the sexual tension to build Blanco is entering the twilight of his career plagued by injuries and two decades of lying about who and what he is but he thinks he still has a fewood years left in the major leagues Then he meets Iggy and everything turns upside down But carrying on an affair with a mu. Out in the Field

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