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Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters
The Boyfriend Next DoorHem I m learning That Often Than Not The Artwork Is What Sets A often than not the artwork is what sets a apart especially in the aoi genre There are specific tropes that come up freuently along with key plot points in each story and after a while the repetition becomes clear regardless of the writer or artist This story has some uniue elements to it a oung child being cared for one of the protagonists slightly realistic view of the pressures of college life for a Protagonist Who Isn T who isn t in the academic world and a HFN ending that seems realistic for the protagonists than a forced HEA The artw. Habby looking fellow that’s tough on the outside but soft ON THE INSIDEOR IS IT THE the insideOr is it the way aroundMatsuda can’t seem to figure Yaotome out at first but soon enough their acuaintance evolves.

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Ork is breezy and there are some lovely panels but it s not a standout to me Lovely slow developing relationship no insta love Thankfully this one wasn t graphic I ve always had a weakness for stories where one of the guys has a kid This is a very nice example of that kind of story overall There Wasn T As Much wasn t as much as I would have liked since the seme was a little too hung up on his previous love of his life but I really liked the pacing of the story Love at first sight can be fun love of his life but I really liked the pacing of the story Love at first sight can be fun read about too but I actually prefer the slowly falling in love kind of story. Into friendship and the two begin to uncover new sides of each otherLocalized by Kagami Productions Translated by Claire RouveyrolEdited by Ishaan SahdevLettered by Claire Rouveyrol Ishaan Sahde.