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S the same book though I love the way this is written It s as if the visuals are written into the pages The first paragraph of chapter 3 is a fantastic xampleNothing moving Everything still The next few days were ven hotter and the air felt like a clammy skin On the bed in my room with the windows open I waited for a breeze that never came It was like waiting for a miracle a sign to point me towards Mr October or maybe it s because of where I live and I know what it #S Like To Wait #like to wait that breeze on those hot daysBut there are other instances all through the book that brings that same great visual but it s just asier for you to read the book yourself than for me to list them all here The book grabbed me straight away cause let s face it Ben is hanging out in a cemetery and I don t think there is anything wrong with that so it had to be good story Everything fell into place at the right times Looking forward to the next oneIn most books I usually have a stupid moment and this book was no xception It wasn t until page 216 when Ben is facing a demon and the demon calls him Harvester that I realise his name practically matches his profession Yeah Silly me Spoilers belowBen Harvester likes drawing and much to his mum s dismay spends a lot of time in cemeteries drawing the headstones and imagining the people that s dismay spends a lot of time in cemeteries drawing the headstones and imagining the people that wereOne day he meets a man who introduces himself as Mr October That fact that Ben can see Mr October at all proves he has a gift besides his xtraordinary drawing talentMr October works for the Ministry of Pandemonium and after Ben passes a few tests he is recruited to the MinistryThis organisation is hidden in London reminding me of Syrius Black s house there but not there and it contains a room with an ancient telegraph machine Every few minutes a list of names reel out of the telegraph the soon to be departed These are then retyped up on cards and filed under Ministry regulationsThe Minstry s job is to locate these people and guide them to the next life no matter how confused angry or in denial they may beBut there are other forces shape. Racking down lost souls and guiding them to the afterlife And Mr October wants him to be his new recruitAs Ben's apprenticeship begins his A Vineyard Christmas eyes are opened to a new world of wonder a world where magic is real and ghosts hauntvery crime scene accident site and hospital corridorBut with the wonder comes horror Because the Ministry is. .

An interesting premise for a story But sadly disappointed Too many reworked and borrowed tropes character stereotypes tc Editing at least a couple of classic mistakes and dropped this to a 2 star me Sorry a diamond in the roughto find this little charmer in the the local charity used book store I immediately fell in love with the cover and it did NOT disappoint the plot is uniue it is a macabre with all meaning of the word and yet it managed to contain action and humor too I simply loved it and am going to read the seuel From the moment
He Saw Mr October 
saw Mr October in graveyard Ben Harvester s life changedMinistry of Pandemonium is the first in a series of supernatural YA books by Chris Westwood xploring the hidden side of London the supernatural behind the curtain type of story that I love The stories that xplains things that work behind the world that we all see on a daily basisMr October is part of the Ministry which guides dead souls to the afterlife and thankfully never really states which and he rec We are following the story of Ben Harvester someone with the ability to see the dead and like to visit the cemetery for some reason And then there is Mr October a field agent of Ministry of Pandemonium he is the typical wizard guy with mysterious air around him and the ability to shapeshift and cast fireball from his hand Lastly there is Becky Ben s classmate from his new school with the ability to sense the deadThese three is adventuring through London as a part of Ministry of Pandemonium field agents with their main task is to sent the dead to the afterlife But it is always not that asy there is an nemy lurking from the shadows trying to take over the soulEven though the premises is not new but the way it Time Capsule 2020 from 2013 a middle school book review for English classMinistry of Pandemonium is set in modern day London and revolves around an ordinary 12 year old boy named Ben Harvester with an ye and talent for drawing observing This book is really njoyable American readers would know this book as Graveyard Shift it. A spooky fantasy adventure in which death is only the beginningWhen Ben Harvester meets the mysterious Mr October in London's Highgate Cemetery he has no idea what a strange and dramatic turn his life is about to take But Ben soon discovers that Mr October works for the Ministry of Pandemonium a secret organization responsible for

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Shifting demons and horrifying creatures that try to steal these people for themselves With Mr October s guidance Ben slowly develops his talent to defeat these creaturesWhen his own mum s name reels out of the telegraph Ben s own shock and denial prevents him from typing up his mum s card reels out of the telegraph Ben s own shock and denial prevents him from typing up his mum s card in the process the natural order of things is tipped into chaos resulting in a huge battle with the demons and soul stealing MawbreedsI njoyed this story immensely It leaves the reader with a satisfying Math Basics 6 ending but also allows a seuel to follow Looking forward to it A sensitive boy who freuents graveyards Who sees the spirits of the recently departed Who displaysxtraordinary artistic gifts Who finds it hard to make friends when he starts a new school And a boy whose father has mysteriously disappeared and a mother who is seriously ill In other words a youngster who fulfils many of the prime reuirements for the outsider protagonist of a novel This is Ben Harvester who is drawn into a world of ghosts and demons and in the process discovers the latent abilities he has arising out of that sensitivity a sensitivity that ncompasses both his artistic gifts and his concern for those less well off than himselfThrough a Do you remember the series Dead Like Me This has the same premise Young Ben and Becky have the gift of helping newly dead people to find their way to the beyond It s a sweet book Ben is a sweet kid And I hope Mr October comes back Lucky for me that I already have the second book on my borrowed from the library shelf The #greatest compliment I can pay this book is that I had to continually remind myself that Ministry of Pandemonium was not #compliment I can pay this book is that I had to continually remind myself that Ministry of Pandemonium was not fact a Neil Gaiman novel With similar dark and otherworldly themes characters as vivid and ndearing as any Mr Gaiman has produced and a clear style of writing that appears The First Ghost effortless its impossible not to draw similarities Injoyed myself immensely while spending time in Chris Westwood s highly imaginative world and I ll certainly be recommending this as one of the better books I ve read in the male oriented YA genr. Not the only organization hunting spirits of the dead The ghoulish Lords of Sundown want those spirits for their own sinister reasons And as far as they're concerned Ben's just chosen the wrong side in a very dangerous warIll mannered spooks and fearsome monsters populate the alternative London of this charming paranormal adventure. .
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