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The ueen's LoverThe life story of Marie Antoinette fascinates many a lover of historical fiction One of the many uestions not completely answered throughout time is whether she had an affair with Count Axel von Fersen of Sweden This book reads as Count von Fersen s memoir with some additions from his beloved sister SophieCount Axel wrote a long stream of letters and kept a diary so there is uite a record of his thoughts from his lifetime Marie Antoinette s correspondence did not survive uite as intact so while there are tantalizing teasers as to a relationship between the two there is nothing definitive uite as intact so while there are tantalizing teasers as to a relationship between the two there is nothing definitive rove that one existed But such are the building blocks of historical fictionThis is definitely Count von Fersen s story and erhaps a third of it encompasses his relationship with Marie Antoinette The rest details his travels to America to help in the Revolution a jaunt with Gustavus of Sweden and his life after Marie Antoinette had been killed I still cannot decide after having read this book whether I am supposed to like Count von Fersen despise him or just be disgusted "by him I suppose that is the sign of a good writer letting her character speak for himself "him I suppose that is the sign of a good writer letting her character speak for himself dressing him up for current times because from all I can discern the count was a man who did not realize that his times were a changin as the song goes He stuck to a code that had outlived his society and he aid a severe rice for it He also seemed to have been somewhat of a ig when it came to women and rather Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and Their Functions in the Book of Kings proud of his conuestsSo where does that leave meEducated interested in learning repulsed Yes all three of these Ms du Plessix Gray spares nothing with her character nor with her writing style to bring this somewhativotal individual to life in this book Whether or not von Fersen slept with Marie Antoinette or not he did have a deep relationship with the royal family and was responsible for the arrangements for their almost escape from France I learned uite a bit about the count from this book It was an interesting way to This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life present it uite a bit of it is Fersen s own words from his letters and diary entries It iserhaps though misnamed as it is about Fersen the man than Fersen the ueen s lover I really really wanted to like this book but it just wasn t Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 possible It was an interestingremise but I just felt like it andered too much to what the author thought the readers wanted The story was about Marie Antoinette s affair with Swedish nobleman Axel von Fersen The ueen was 19 and Fersen was a very haughty wealthy man who counted the King of Sweden and the King of France as friends Apparently he had few morals Not only did he have an aff. A deeply intelligent and spellbinding historical novel of Marie Antoinette on the eve of the French Revolution The Washington PostFrancine du Plessix Gray's beautifully realized the French Revolution The Washington PostFrancine du Plessix Gray's beautifully realized novel reveals the untold love story between Swedish aristocrat Count Axel von Fersen and Marie Antoinette The romance begins at a masuerade ball in Paris in 1774 when the dashing nobleman first meets the mesmerizing nineteen year old dauphine wife of the reclusive rince who will soon become Louis XVI This electric encounter launches a love affair that will span the course of the French RevolutionAs their relationship deepens Fersen becomes a devoted companion to the entire royal family Roaming the halls of Versailles and visiting the rivate haven of Le Petit Trianon he discovers the deepest. ,

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Air with the ueen but with numerous married ladies often at the same time He thought the dauphin was his son but very comfortable with interacting with the kingThere were a lot of stories thrown in that I doubted very seriously Louis XVI was heavy and apparently warned by the doctor that it would affect his heart Really That was a concern back then And frankly the characters are "Not Very Sympathetic This " very sympathetic This will not revise your opinion that these were the most clueless Zheng Guogu people alive Comte d Artois owned 365airs of shoes The women s hairdos were so outlandish that many of them would have to stick their heads out of their coaches windows to be able to fit in Fersen s lanned escape for the royal family was so ridiculous that you might think it was made up if you didn t know betterThere is some urple Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums prose in the book that was slightly offensive The characters are still unlikable and the writing is just average I really wouldn t recommend this book This book was disappointing I was salivating at therospect of reading a good historical novel about the relationship between the Swedish Count Axel von Fersen and his Forbidden Knowledge purported long term affair with Marie Antoinette The story is told through the use of Fersen s actual memoirs and the fictional ones of his sister Sophie The transitions between the memoirs is stilted and the combination of fact and fiction harms the flow of the narrative feels uncomfortably stiff A good historical novel makes the reader feel aart of the time Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms period in the book This book does not do this The occasional use of Dear Reader is annoying and the constant ratheredantic insertion of historical facts makes one feel that one is reading a textbook Still the details of Fersen s life are uite intriguing and in spite of the writing were worth the time spent One interesting revelation at the end The mystery of whether the ueen s son was Louis XVI s or von Fersen was resolved in 1982 by DNA testing Sad to say Louis Charles was the actual son of Louis XVI Okay so I admit it when I saw the hero of this novel was Axel von Fersen I immediately thought of so dreamy makes lesbians faint Jamie Dornan who ortrayed von Fersen in the 2006 Antoinette Nummy Needless to say that mental image helped make this novel awesome But even if your mental image of Swedish courtiers isn t shaped around twenty something Irish actors I still think you re really going to dig this bookTold in arts by von Fersen himself by way of his memoir discovered by his beloved sister Sophie and Sophie filling in the blanks the story starts with von Fersen s introduction to Marie Antoinette Despite. Secrets of the court even learning the startling erotic details of Marie Antoinette's marriage to Louis XVI But his new intimacy with Marie Antoinette and her family is disrupted when the events of the American Revolution tear Fersen away Moved by the cause he joins French troops in the fight for American independenceHe returns to find France on the brink of disintegration After the Revolution of 1789 the royal family is moved from Versailles to the Tuileries Fersen devises an escape for the family and their young children Marie Thrse and the dauphin whom many suspect is in fact Fersen's son The failed attempt leads to a grueling imprisonment and the family spends its excruciating final days captive before the king and ueen face the guillotineGrieving his lost love in his nati. ,
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The title however this novel isn t the story of a love Affair But Rather A but rather a of fictional autobiography by a man whose most notable distinction is that he was once Marie Antoinette s lover The end of the 18th century was a tumultuous time and von Fersen articipated in some of the most momentous events Fighting in the American Revolution with French troops witnessing the French Revolution firsthand and later the sweeping olitical change in Sweden I was captivated by his life I had no idea that retty face had such an interesting back storyI m struggle with how to describe the writing style the feel of the narrative this is a very biographical novel that reads almost like a iece of non fiction However that worked for me it was easy to imagine this is how von Fersen would compose his autobiography very recise attempting some distance and not always succeeding The chapters are titled with the author either von Fersen or Sophie and Sophie s tone is admiring and warm If this sounds like a disjointed way to tell a story I Genocide of One promise it fits together better than I m articulatingLike any good historical I was sad heartbroken to finish this book as the novel ends with von Fersen s death While the jacket blurb describes this novel as a fresh vision of the French Revolution and the French royal family I would actually argue that this is a fictional biography about an eyewitness to 18th century revolution The French Revolution is a majorart of the story and certainly shapes von Fersen but this book is far about loss love and the reality of lofty hilosophical ideals I can t rave about this book enough I was taken by surprise with reality of lofty hilosophical ideals I can t rave about this book enough I was taken by surprise with much I enjoyed it and von Fersen Also if you like me are unfamiliar with Francine du Plessix Gray this Paris Review article and interview Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal provides a great introduction to a fascinating woman I have a weird fascination with Marie Antoinette and her family and was really looking forward to reading this new novel about Count Fersen who waserhaps the secret love of Marie Antoinette s life and the architect of the failed escape The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage plan to Varennes after which the royal family was captured and soon imprisoned in Paris I didn t feel this novel which is told in the firsterson by Fersen himself with other arts narrated by his sister added anything to my knowledge of the story or my understanding of the key figures involved There are some very racy sex scenes with Fersen and the ueen which frankly I found very distasteful it gave me a feeling of being a voyeur at the scene which rather than being titillating seemed simply tacky Fersen comes across as a very unpleasant erson it wa. Ve Sweden Fersen begins to sense the effects of the French Revolution in his homeland Royalists are now targets and the sensuous aristocratic world of his youth is fast vanishing Fersen is incapable of realizing that centuries of tradition have disappeared and he New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book pays dearly for his navet losing his life at the hands of a savage mob that views him as aivotal member of the ruling classScion of Sweden's most esteemed nobility Fersen came to be seen as an enemy of the country he loved His fate is symbolic of the violent speed with which the events of the eighteenth century transformed European culture Expertly researched and deeply imagined The ueen's Lover is a fresh vision of the French Revolution and the French royal family as told through the love story that was at its cente. ,