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Celebrity IncAs a non consumer of most celebrity gossip based media the underlying subject matter of this book is outside the scope of what would normally get my attention After reading it however I almost think that on some level it s intentionally directed to eople like me Grammatik Des Biblisch-Aramaischen: Mit Den Nach Handschriften Berichtigten Texten Und Einem Worterbuch people who are less interested in the celebrity stories themselves than in the strategic business interests that many of us suspect are secretly driving themFull of candid insights and disclosures from thelayers actually involved in marketing celebrities through increasingly unconventional and evolving outlets it s a fascinating read if you ve ever wondered what s actually going on in the celebrity world who s A Neve Estava Suja pulling the strings to make it happen and how they and their clients get rich as a result The analysis is backed up with hard statistics including charts and graphs but therose is breezy and engaging I highly recommend it both to the celebrity news audience and to dubious outsiders This review originally appeared on Feeding My Book Addiction concept of celebrity in today s information overloaded and social media saturated culture fascinates me I have no idea what useful skills the Kardashian clan has that allows them to command millions of dollars a year for appearances endorsements and their chain of reality television shows I often wonder why I m drawn to the tawdry tell all magazines at the supermarket checkout line rather than the ones with the delicious looking meals and The Art of Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting promises of easy recipes inside I certainly don t understand Bieber Fever I think I m too old nor do I get why celebrities have so many followers on Twitter Yet none of these uestions or thoughts stop me from checking the Huffington Post s Celebrityage on my cell Im Zeichen der Triskele: Ein Bretagne-Krimi phone s HuffPost app at least once a day for the lastest celebrity gossip I find that the Huffrovides me with a great overview of several celebrity media outlets so I only have to go to one lace for all my news Yes I ve thought this out What does that say about me Well I m not so sure What I am sure of is that Jo Piazza s tell all book Celebrity Inc How Famous People Make Money is an eye opening and salacious account of the inner workings of the Hollywood Industrial Complex Us average eople may think that Hollywood is teeming with talented and attractive De obotliga optimisternas klubb people looking to create the next great American movie television show or musical album In reality the Hollywood Industrial Complex is the epitome of high school where who you are and your buzz at the moment akaopularity determines how much money you make which is really what it s all about That s right It s all about the cold hard cash That s why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold hotos of their babies That s why Ashton Kutcher started making all those crazy videos of his company s office That s why hip hop stars are always arguing with each other or why any one who is anyone is lending their name and likeness to a bottle of erfume It s not about the Fatal Dive: Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion person it s about the brand Kim Kardashian made smart choices in creating her brand She makes millions of dollars a year Paris Hilton on the other hand madeoor choices and now she is a has been She s still a filthy rich has been but she s old news nonetheless Ashton Kutcher was a biochemical engineering major in college when he was discovered by a modeling agency He took his success and sought to make as much money out of it as Code Name: Silence possible He revolutionized the concept of online marketing Lindsay Lohan was once the teenaged it girl of Hollywood but she tanked her brand by not being able to stick to anything alcoholism sobriety acting singing even her sexualreferences Author journalist and resident celebrity expert Jo Piazza details the ups downs successes and failures of big named celebrities and wildly famous Und Schuf Mir Einen Götzen: Lehrjahre Eines Kommunisten people to detail just how they make their money It s not from the movies television shows or record sales It s from theerfume sales Appearances And Product Endorsements These Are How and roduct endorsements These are how reality stars with no verifiable talent make their MONEY THE INFORMATION PIAZZA PRESENTS IN THE TWELVE CHAPTERS The information Piazza resents in the twelve chapters her book deal with everything from American Idol celebrity endorsed charities and Margery Meets the Roses perfumes how the Oscars are bought not necessarily chosen by merit and famouseople can make money when they are dead Piazza is an engaging narrator whose real life experiences and first hand knowledge make her a fun and reliable guide on the adventure into the back door dealings of the Hollywood Industrial Complex More important than all of the information you ll learn Did you know that Puff Daddy s nickname came from his days of laying high school football at a rivate school in Westchester County New York The Wapshot Scandal p 135 this book will make you think As I read I kept wondering how Ilayed into these money making ventures How have my choices as a consumer been influenced by famous The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman people trying to make money I also felt an overwhelming sense ofride that I d never watched an episode of American Idol and that I had figured out that Heidi and Spencer from MTV s The Hills were hamming it up for the cameras especially Spencer But that s besides the oint Celebrity Inc made me a better educated observer and consumer of entertainment op culture Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading Piazza s Celebrity Inc How Famous People Make Money It left me with a lot to mull over and a sharper critical lens to analyze op culture and entertainment I highly recommend it to anyone with a healthy or unhealthy fascination with famous eople and their net worth This was a great read on celebrity branding and how they capitalize on them 35 Interesting look at the very big business of celebrity especially from a branding standpoint Rounding down for a few things stated as fact that struck me as ure assumption or at least not very deeply investigated ie I m not sure you can lay Jersey Shore and assorted Housewives and faux backwoods duck hunters suarely at the feet of the American consumer s insatiable need and absolve the media companies of any blame at all in creating these atrocities As an avid reader of celebrity gossip magazines websites and memoirs I thought I knew a bit about how celebrity works At the very least I knew celebs often court the ress and get Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 paid forhoto ops But from reading Jo Piazza s excellent expose Celebrity Inc I learned so many ways celebrities can and do earn money and osition their brands in what she calls the Hollywood Industrial Complex Tackling everything from the rise of the celebrity baby market and its source Shiloh Jolie Pitt one of the most remarkable chapters in that the numbers are so astronomical to how Kim Kardashian outdid Paris Hilton in the world of reality TV and its attended much than fifteen minutes of fame to Tim McGraw s fragrance line how rap beefs boost sales and how celebrities opularity is measured Piazza OFFERS UP LESSONS THAT HAVE STAYED WITH ME EVERY up lessons that have stayed with me every I read a maga. Why do celebrities get The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone paid so much than regulareople to do a job that seems to afford them the same amount of leisure time as most retirees What do Bush era economics have to do with the rise of Kim Kardashian How do the laws of supply and demand explain why the stars of Teen Mom are on the cover of Us Weekly And how was the sale of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby ictures a little like a street drug deal After a decade spent toiling as an entertainment journalist and gossip columnist Jo Piazza asks the hard uestions about the business beh. Zine or see a iece of gossip Piazza also makes it clear that whether it s creating a charitable image or creating a digital footprint celebrities must continue to innovate and analyze their own images to stay in the game lest someone new come along and usurp their role in the ower hierarchy Anyone active online will appreciate her chapter about Ashton Kutcher and his involvement in the tech world which has both made him Witchcraft for Tomorrow plenty of money via various income streams butaved the way for companies to capitalize on celebrity brands online Definitely worth reading for anyone interested in the inner workings of the financing of celebrity ersona and fame This is a very thorough analysis of the business of branding oneself to maximize total earnings throughout and beyond a lifetime of being a celebrity It was very well written and I really enjoyed the charts and graphs that supported the authors factsA great read by a erson with years of experience in the industry Not only is it a great read for those interested in the entertainment business but for those who are interested in the consumer business industry I work for a cpg consumer The Wedding Redux product goods company and found the correlation of branding aerson as a Rolling Thunder product utterly fascinating How I Heard About The Book This book had been sitting in my Audible wish list for a while before I downloaded it so I can t recall the exact referal but I think it might have been mentioned in a Dan Kennedy newsletter a few months back The LessonArgument in Three SentencesThere is no real applicable lesson in here as the book is basically a documentary inrint detailing how the uote unuote famous actually make their money and Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? play the fame game It also talksreveals a lot about the mechanics of the entertainment business covering things like how to buy an oscar win I guess if you are trying to be the next Paris Hilton it may help you forecastprojectplan out your income streams but it s of a education on how the game islayed than a laybook Why Read It Maybe you re not obsessed with celebrity like Fleur my wife is but if you are at all interested in learning the economics of fame this is well worth a read And if you re not overtly interested in discovering how celebrities earn their income you should Celebrity is one of the largest hottest and most in demand industries and as savvy entrepreneurs we should continue to stay abreast of other industries and how they work especially if we want to artner with a celebrity on an endorsement deal and there a are only a few better ways to get attention in this day and age than with a celebrity spokespersonKey Chapters Baby Bootie and the Beast pictures how celebritiesit magazines against one another to bid for hotos of their childrenReality TV how it works what it takes to get on a show how much of it is really real etcWeight loss can you believe some eople gain weight just so they can get aid to lose it in the spotlightCelebutantes eople who are famous for being famous and how to turn fame into a careerPerfume ever wondered why there are so many celebrity The Art of Mary Beth Edelson perfumes out there and why they re marketed the way they areFeuds how launching a fight even a fake one with another celebrity can mean you both make moneyInternet how Ashton Kutcherioneered on Twitter and how celebrities are getting aid to advertise onlineAmerican Idol all about the show and how it was created to make money as well as the fame of those who do and don t winCharities how celebrities use charities to boost their imageConsistency the importance of maintaining a consistent and reliable image to Hollywood successFame after death some deceased stars are making money decades after their death than living onesConsumption Method AudioeBookPaperback etc Given it s not a how to style book that I felt I needed to take notes on I ve opted for the audiobook version There are some really interesting facts stats and numbers shared in the book that I would have liked to note down though and some reviews refer to charts and graphs being in the bookOther Similar Books Worth Checking Out Celebrity Leverage Insider Secrets to Getting Celebrity Endorsements Instant Credibility and Star Powered Publicity or How to Make Your Business Plus Yourself Rich and Famous Jordan McAuley If you want to go down the ath of using a celebrity to Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain promote your businessroject or charity Jordan s book covers the how to that Celebrity Inc left outTrust Me I m Lying Confessions of a Media Manipulator Ryan Holiday Ryan ulls back the curtains on the media and blogosphere in a similar way but Ryan mixes his own experiences in with the investigato Very interesting and extremely over riced at 1235 for kindle This was an engaging read full of funny commentary and interesting insightsThough not articularly interested in celebrity culture I stumbled across a reference to Piazza while off handedly researching the following uestion What does Kim Kardashian actually do And is it worth X million dollarsThis book not only answered that uestion but gave a fascinating insight into the celebrityentertainmentadvertising complex including an revealing chapter on how celebrities use but gave a fascinating insight into the celebrityentertainmentadvertising complex including an revealing chapter on how celebrities use to leverage their fame into cashI would not recommend the kindle version though unless it drops in rice to under 750 It simply isn t worth it unless you are a newcomer wishing to work in this industryhave a iece of coursework due relating to the topic and even then I would beware of using it as a reference guide despite having only a vague grasp on celebrity culture I spotted the odd factual error and the statistical analysis was sometimes weak and open to Debate These Things Don T Necessarily Detract These things don t necessarily detract the books value an engagingly written eek behind the curtain of celebrity inc but they do contribute to the vague feeling of being a ripped off I really do wish Goodreads gave us half star options as this was definitely a solid 355 and almost a 4 star book but it got weighed down in a couple of chapters by a bit too much on the Hollywood Industrial Complex algorithm speak for me so I found myself skimming rather than absorbing But the rest is certainly eye opening and I d recommend it to folks who are interested in 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 pop culture and the intricacies of their favourite famouseoples livesPiazza covers everything from how reality TV has changed absolutely everything about fame and her examples include an entire chapter dedicated to Spencer Pratt of The Hills which I expected would bore me but was rather interesting after all to the calculated risks inherent in every celebrity endorsement of a charitable cause who knew it was that bloody complicated She dissects the stars and cash cows that have come out of American Idol versus the Killer Games problem children and dogs in order the examples she gives for each are Carrie Underwood Kelly Clarkson Adam Lambert and Taylor Hicks and despite me never having gotten through an entire episode of that insuffer. Ind celebrityMake no mistake Celebrity is an industry Never in the course of human history has the market for celebrities been as saturated as it is today Nearly every day most Americans will consume something a celebrity is selling a fragrance a sneaker a song a movie a show a tweet or ahoto in a magazineWith the benefits of Piazza’s uniue access to the celebrity market Celebrity Inc explains in detail what generates cash for the industry and what drains value faster than a starlet downs cChampagne in twelve fascinating case studies that tackl. Able show I still came away from that chapter feeling like I understood the game lan behind it all There s a full chapter dedicated to how rap beefs have evolved over the ast 10 15 years having always been good for business but now making a decided shift toward the East CoastWest Coast throwdowns being one of words rather than violence a brief history of the Tupac vs Notorious BIG and their still famous cohorts being a good illustrator of when and why this shift began it was interesting to look closely at the beef between 50 Cent and Kanye West not too long ago and to see who benefitted most from it financially and in terms of reputation and recognitionWe also get a look into how Kim Kardashian actually managed to out Hilton her friend Paris and the fine art of being famous because you re famous The number of eople who become ridiculously rich for selling themselves as roduct is staggering and the shameless lengths to which many of them go like taking multi million dollar endorsement gigs overseas will jade even the most fervent star gazerContemplating the Brangelina situation as one that happened by committee rather than it being about two beautiful Cocksure people who fell for each other is not surprising but like so much of this book it s a little depressing Looking at spreadsheets explaining how much of a sales boost People Magazine got afteraying millions for the Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, photos of the Jolie Pitt babies which Brad and Angelina donated to charity the way this ishrased makes one wonder if that is ever true is another dose of cynical realism Even babies have a Porto Bello Gold price tag when you re famous And so does death The final chapter of the book shows that a great many dead celebrities make than living ones I think the sociology major in me was most fascinated by how agencies and networks and studios can marketractically any roduct even a terrible one as long as said roduct read celebrity is consistent The The Three Lives of Sonata James public is willing to forgive a celebrity who has a redemption narrative or even one who s always been marketed as bad Charlie Sheen is given as the antihero in this thesis but is likely to reject someone like Lindsay Lohan who is all over the map and never sticks with any one thing good girl bad girl drug addict rehab fanatic embracingexisting within the LGBT community declaring herself 100% straight long enough for fans to get reacuainted and comfortable with her Piazzaut it in simple terms You go to the grocery store and buy the same Mein Erster Mörder peanut butter every week You wouldn t do that if one week it was sweet and the next it was bitter and then smooth and then crunchy without ever knowing what you re going to get Turns out we consume our movie stars exactly the same way We ll buy the bitter stuff if that s what we know we re meant to expect We don t want unpleasant surprises even if they re an improvement We are all aboutredictabilityThe couple of chapters that felt a bit off key to me were those which focused almost exclusively on numbers Yes this is ultimately a book about the big business of show business and Piazza does a retty good job of simplifying ercentages and medians and such for the layperson which is good since I m far from being a master economist but I felt my interest drifting away in the Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah places that veered intoie charts and studio losses er annum instead of using the formula of current celebrity examples to get a oint across There s also a chapter given to Ashton Kutcher and how he apparently got in on the ground floor in terms of monetizing absolutely everything he does I glazed over during the number crunching of his ventures tooOverall this is a uick light read with a number of interesting oints to make about how the celebrity machine really works The chapter about David Aruette s involvement with the Feeding America charity is especially surprising with an excellent example of how any famous erson can do things anonymously if they so desire which means if you see or hear about it in your entertainment news that celebrity s activities are almost certainly staged for that very reason exploited to maximum benefit once the aparazzi or gossip rag have been tipped off by their own camp and gives a really good look into why famous eople choose to associate themselves with

Which Philanthropic Ventures And How 
philanthropic ventures and how of themselves they re willing to commit and what happens if these charity boards decide their celebrity spokesperson isn t doing their cause any favours any It s a little depressing to have confirmed what many of us already knew that everybody on screen or in our CD collections or on the sports fieldthey re all their own brand and every single thing about their lives revolves around what can make their brand as lucrative as Bear Boy possible for everyone in their food chain Staged romances splashy charity concerts weight gain and loss awards given and their acceptance speeches association with a corporate sponsornone of these things are organic in the least and are instead carefully orchestrated to fit into each celebrity sredetermined narrative In other words everything you love about Celebrity X is fakeIf you can handle the raw data that supports such a thesis and still enjoy going to the movie theatre or turning on the radio this book is a worthwhile read If you d rather leave at least a little bit of mystery and allure there in order to still get a kick out of tabloid covers and benefit concerts maybe you re better off not taking this Black Women in White America peek behind the curtain It s notretty back there I imbibe gossip like a delicious low rent wine I check it every day whether it s LaineyGossip s at times condescending commentary or Anne Helen Petersen s academic capsule Worlds Beyond The Poles pieces I m also an accountant So the lure of a book that combines my love of gossip with my tepid everyday interaction with numbers and business was irresistible It s a fun breezy at times horrifying look at the economics behind stars anywhere from the A list to the F list It covers the areas I would usually expect such as how Shiloh Jolie Pitt s babyictures were sold to People for 31M and her YOUNGER TWIN BROTHER AND SISTER S twin brother and sister s were sold for 14M It also delves to the monetization strategies of reality stars like Speidi how Kim Kardashian outplayed Paris Hilton to 67M a year and how celebrities make money on twitter three dudes in an office imitate the online voices of various celebrities to tweet roduct lacement after the celebrity has been matched up to an appropriate brand The chapter on gossip magazines and online blogs and the differing cost structures between the two was awesome It s amazing to see actual marginal costs laid out and being able to then figure out amazing to see actual marginal costs laid out and being able to then figure out or not the magazines made money from all of those huge celebrity baby aydays Despite all of the numbers involved it s an engaging easy read if you are interested in the subject and as I ve confessed before I m very very interested in the subjec. E celebrities the way industry analysts would dissect any consumer brand“An economist at heart Jo Piazza has consistently dug deeper to try to figure out why celebrities behave the way they do and what the conseuences of their behavior will be This book uts celebrities in context but it also Monster der Woche puts the consumer of celebrity in context No one should feel bad about enjoyingop culture but they should understand how it is being marketed to them Celebrity Inc gives the reader the tools to do exactly that” Bonnie Fuller President of HollywoodLifecom.