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who thinks you you his father Really every character except the two main characters Kate and Tom were not what they first appeared to be I just kept waiting for Kate and Tom to be different than what they seemed too The characters were shallow enough that anything is ossible I know there are two other books in this series but I doubt I will read them too bad since the cover art is retty cool OutstandingI love the feeling that comes with finishing a good book the satisfaction of having done something worthwhile The same can be said of finding a new author or a new series and The Wereling by Stephen Cole has been added to my TBR list I enjoyed reading about the trials and troubles of Tom a teenager separated from his family and turned by Kate s arents in their attempt to mate her with another lycanthrope It tracks their race across country dodging villains bent on their capture their race across country dodging villains bent on their capture to reach someone in the hope there is a cure for Tom that will make him human again While I am not normally a fan of horror I found Wounded to be so much complex than that There was a depth to the characters that surprised and encouraged me Tom in articular was endearing in how hard he strived to maintain his humanity in the face of the brutality being roffered against him I d like to start with NOT giving a summary of this bookWhat I d like to start with however is the intensity level of this book which is VERY VERY high well for me The book starts out with Kate Folan in her bed one full moon night skin itching about to burst into what she thinks is her first change into a werewolf I swear I might have held my breath And just when you think she s about to go on her first rampage in her new form IT S ALL A DREAMSpoiler TimeI find both Kate and. Wants is to give in to her evil heritage Then she meets Tom Anderson Tom is a wereling a werewolf who retains his humanity even in his wolf form He was turned by Kate's moth.  .

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Tom very relateable and intriguing but at times I tend to feel for Tom Tom is that visibly tortured soul while Kate times I tend to feel for Tom Tom is that visibly tortured soul while Kate the Diamond in the Rough The transformations throughout the book never get old and you can even icture them in your mind way intense When Tom was captured by the witchdoctor I really f Mini Review Wounded Prey and Resurrection are the books that made me start reading for fun I remember going through the aisle s of my local book fair and seeing Wounded on the shelf After reading the synopsis I decided to buy it It was also one of the first bargain riced books I ever bought with my None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) parent s money since I was still a kid When I started reading I fell in love with the story It was interesting and kept my attention throughout This was a big thing for me since I seem to have the attention span of a suirrel Once I finished I begged my mother to take me back so I could get the other two books I really believe that this trilogy could get boys and girls into reading It sure helped blossom my love for booksFor reviews check out my blog at Cook s Reviews This is a review of the trilogy as a whole for these are short books and what I say can apply to all of themI remember reading these books when I was in school than ten years ago and it s a testament that I remember them and certain scenes characters and uotes vividly I enjoyed them then and I enjoy them now as an adult These are fastaced smooth reads and the writing is economical The only time it does seem to stumble in its acing in when it Has To Give An Info to give an info but they re only a aragraph or so long and they serve to remind you what has happened in the revious books or to give you informa Ugh If I have to read wolf stylized like that again I m going to freak That was so so annoying Writing was subpar but the story was somewhat interesting I finished in a day Won t be reading the next two in the serie. Er who chose wisely Tom and Kate can't help falling for each other But if they give in to their feelings Kate will become the thing she hates most Unless they can find a cure. Tom Anderson s vacation turns into a nightmare when he ends up in the Folan house He is an invalid so why lock his door And every suggestion he makes to leave or contact someone outside gets shot down The enigmatic Kate May Prove His Only may rove his only if both of them can trust each other long enough to get away And even then there may be something bigger going on than just the two of themWhat begins as an accident ends up as something far sinister Through no fault of his own Tom finds hi I was looking for filler before the next Stephenie Meyer and Melissa de la Cruz books This didn t do it for me It tried too hard to be a horrormonster movie It had moments of suspense but the characters were too stereotypical the bumbling British geek turned hero the runaway who gets into trouble the overbearing mother the washed out villain attempting a comeback etc There was too much gore for my taste also I really liked this book It s short and full of suspense The characters could be s short and full of suspense The characters could be in my opinion and the length of the book should be longer because he needs to expand on some things It s very fast aced which i don t mind after reading all of Dan Brown s books I only wish there was content in the book There are some crazy ass eople in this book and it kinda scared me Im not gonna lie I would give this book 3 12 stars but me being an optimist and all happy i decided to stay with 4 stars rather than 3 Goodreads really needs to ut half stars in rating a book It makes life so much easier if we just had the half starsCheers lovelies I just loved this series I thought this first book was a little slow in the very beginning but once you get Cocksure past the turningoint its actually uite good The book is much like the Twiligh I was really hoping to like this series I like werewolf stories but I didn t like how the characters were never what they seemed Nice old lady on the bus who Kate Folan comes from a family of werewolves She'll only become fully 'wolf herself when she mates with a male werewolf But she vows that will never happen The last thing she.