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Author s understanding of Northern Michigan and Her Obvious I Probably First Read obvious I probably read this when I was in middle school I honestly don t remember what I thought of it back then but I thoroughly njoyed it this time around A wonderful scape to a time before technology dominated our lives A well written story that brings to life the beauty of northern Michigan So glad I found this in the box of books recently retrieved from my parents basement My mom was the one who recommended this book to me it was one of her favorite books parents basement My mom was the one who recommended this book to me it was one of her favorite books her childhood It was well paced had a great storyline and had. Nd mystery when she goes to summer camp and discovers information about the disappearance of some ancestors in the 1820s Phyll. There are a lot Of Typos In The Copy I Read typos in the copy I read just kept popping up Not sure if I read a budget copy that hadn t been proofread or what I wish there was background on howwhy she got to camp what her family is like how old she is how she knows Jan tc So many uestions The character development is pretty poor Beyond rough character sketches we never really find out much Lovely description of the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan Anyone who s ver felt the icy blue water of Lake Superior or smelled the spicy fragrance of Michigan pines will begin to feel nostalgic for Those Places I Loved The. places I loved the. Set near Copper Bay Copper Harbor in the Lake Superior REGION OF MICHIGAN'S UPPER PENINSULA PHYLLIS of Michigan's Upper Peninsula Phyllis finds adventure Really likeable characters A must read I really njoyed this vintage YA book set at a camp in the North Woods by Lake Superior Though the characters and storyline were lovely my favorite Part Of The Book Was of the book was the setting in the cool forest by the lake I love all the outdoors scenes I just felt I was right there on the lakeshore feeling the cool clean air and wading in the bracingly cold water hearing the wind blow through the From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read evergreens sleeping in the woodsy lodge with windows overlooking the shore I really want to go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan now Read andnjoyed it as a chil. Is' adventures roughing it at camp are mixed with the thrills of solving an old family mystery Time period is contemporary 194.

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Mystery at Laughing Water
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