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Wood for London I did not expecting this book to turn out so well and i am truly enjoying it For normal person
Like Us We Used To 
us we used to how is the life of the rich and famous even for their offsprings This book provide the insight for that life which was being depicted as not so nice and stressful Jessica who since young felt the pressure of being the only child of two famous legend Edward Granger and Angelica Dupree strive to have a normal life as she can find it have been proven to be very difficult what with her identity and the interference from her father Her father likes to et involved in the things that she do With the last intereference from HER FATHER WHERE HE BOUGHT ALL father where he bought all art displays from the BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. gallery where she was working she decided to move away from her life and start anew in London It was at her new place that she found herself and her love Paul who are holding principally on honesty and soon found herself in conflict to acknowledged her true identity or not hence jeopardizing her relationship with PaulReading thru this book make me wonder that being rich and famous does not alway make one happy just as in this case Jessica She have been looking for her true identity one does not encompasses both her parent and found it too difficult and have to decide to find it elsewhere far from her home Sad isnt it to think of it This book also tell that the honesty from the begining is very important and as seen in the plot the trouble that Jessica have too thru just because of the non disclosure of her identity I like the character of Edward and Angelica who although is famous But Possessed The Commoner Sense Of Humor It Make Me possessed the commoner sense of humor It make me whenever they appear in the book New author for me thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish This book is an absolute stunner except for the fact that the story ends in the way the reader expectsMeet Jessica Grainger Her dad Edward Grainger played world s famous James Bond and her mom Angelica Dupree was rated as the world s sexiest ever bond irl for playing Heavenly Melons In hollywood Jessica can t do an. N right So she flees Hollywood for London seeking independence in a city where nobody knows her name But when she finds a job as a celebrity booker on a chat show she realizes the friends she makes the harder it becomes to keep up the lies about who she is And when Jessica fal. Right So this book was supposed to make a three hour train ride less dull It didn t succeed I m used to these types of books being predictable but really This was so impossibly used to these types of books being predictable but really This was so impossibly of clich s it made me want to tear my hair out Given the choice of staring idly out the Window At The Landscape Or Reading To Pass The Time at the landscape or reading to pass the time m not sure I went with the better option Jessica is the daughter of James Bond and Heavenly Melons or at least the actors behind those much loved roles She s fed up of everyone treating her differently because of who her Parents Are And Decides To Jump On are and decides to jump on plane to London and create a new identity for herselfJemma s writing is amusing and I even managed a chuckle out loud in places I did much prefer the story of Jessica s parents than the central plot We barely stop to think that A listers are often parents too and whilst some things are easier for them than the average Joe in many ways they are just the same as you and meWritten in third person the narrative seems to jump perspective uite a lot When there s a conversation between love interests I don t really want to know the thoughts behind both sides at that moment in time It takes all the mystery out of it and makes it a bit predictable I think I would have preferred the viewpoints to be distinguishedThe story also attempts to deal with a serious subject that of post natal depression However it s not brought up in the first half of the book and therefore seems a little out of place after all the frivolity The first half concentrates on an American s view of the British Jessica trying to be normal and making friendsboyfriends At 472 pages it s longer than I personally like in a chick lit read but some people like to et plenty of pages for their moneyDefinitely a fun read if you want something easy Mr. Jelly's Business going this summer Having read Jemma s book Me and Miss M and really enjoying it I decided to buy this book from Jessica Granger is 27 she has famous parents now divorced she is fed up of Hollywood she hates being recognised andetting jobs because of who she is she decides to leave Holly. Can you run from James Bond Jessica Granger is desperate to know her father is one of the most famous actors to tackle the part and as Heavenly Melons her mother was voted sexiest Bond irl But for Jessica it's an embarrassment too far she simply wants to be a person in her ow. From London with Love

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Ything without etting noticed She escapes to London away from all the Fame To Bloom On to bloom on own hiding her identity She stays there with Aunt Pamela to all the fame to bloom on her own hiding her identity She stays there with Aunt Pamela to a new job for herself She becomes a celebrity booker on a chat show There in the city of fun Jessica falls for Paul The old 007 magic plays the rest of the plot D Complete Entertainer D475 pages and I completed this book in a day Jessica s dad Jessica 3 They ve an awesome father daughter relationship Loved every bit of it Jemma Forte made me skip a few pages with her repetitive monotonous writing 28 stars out of fiveA light read that made me laugh several times but the ending and some of the other things in between were uite predictable Still it was exactly what I needed right now Though a little predictable still a really fun read If you re on the bench about reading this book and like fun light ish stories then this book is definitely for you It s about a Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı girl who s looking for her identity separate from her famous parents She sot a loving father who despite being the most famous James Bond ever is a softie at heart who ets emotional very uickly think crying during Cheaper by the Dozen And then there is her mother the most famous Bond Girl Ever Heavenly Melons So when she escapes to London she thinks she s left all behind Or has sheI loved this book It was funny sweet dramatic suspenseful and very entertaining It s almost 475 pages and I finished it in about four hours or less only putting it down when I had to I Had Read The Premise had read the premise this book a long time ago and was eagerly awaiting publication of this book I was worried that the book might not live up to what I was hoping it would be but it met my hopes and passed them I put off reading the book for a couple of months after I had otten it and finally picked it up today and I am ever so The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River glad that I did and you will be too OK I really don t know again what this book was about Jessica who had famous parents and didn t want that the world knows about this SoThere was a bit about a post natal depression and Iuess this should be the importan. Ls for Paul a writer on the show her life as a double agent puts him in double trouble When the truth explodes like a thunderball can she convince Paul to live and let live rather than live and let die Perhaps a sprinkling of the 007 magic might spice up her love life after al.