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15 stars Welcome to yet another teen romance masuerading as a paranormal novel If you re like me you ve been salivating to read this book for months because f the breathtaking cover and And Quiet Flows the Don of course the premisef a girl waking up in a hospital with no memory Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran of how her friends were killed is pretty intriguing I m sorry to say however that the maddening phenomenon I m calling cover fraud strikes again since this is another book whose interior does not live up to its beautiful cover artMara Dyer doesn t know what happened to her friends the day that a building collapsedn them nor how she somehow escaped miraculously unscathed The family decides to pack up and move to another town to get away from intrusive attention and so that her lawyer father can take n a high profile criminal case Until this point things are pretty interesting and I wanted to know what was going n just as much as Mara did Except suddenly a boy enters the picture and Mara pretty much loses all common sense interest in figuring Hunter's Moon out why people around her keep dying And that s when I lost my interest in this book tooI rarely have trouble adjusting any preconceived expectations about a book s content which is why I m able to go with the flow for books such as Divergentr Delirium which weren t uite what I expected but I liked because the authors handled certain aspects Prince of Lies of them very well So if this was going to turnut to be a romance book with the paranormal stuff thrown in as a bonus well I d be fine with it if I was sufficiently entertained The issue with this is that if the book isn t entertaining and the romance doesn t work for you the whole thing is doomed And this romance did not work for me at allNoah Shaw is Slow Dance onef those guys you re supposed to find charming in spite L'arcobaleno negli occhi of yourself He s arrogant he s got a smart mouth he has a deviant grin and he s slept with just about every girl he s ever looked at As soon as Mara sees him she seems to be struck dumb view spoilerhee hee hee struck dumb hide spoiler This is THE best book I ve ever read I don t rate my booksne star to five stars I rate my books Postcards from Vermont: A Social History, 1905-1945 one star to The Unbecomingf Mara Dyer People always want to know what my absolute hands down favorite book is And it s funny because when they ask they always give me that good minute long silence for me to think it Fire On The Mountain over But I never need a minute And I probably never willThis is my favorite bookThis book is my trump card whenever my friends and I are talking about the most amazing books ever written during those 3 am conversations it s the book that I ve read 14 times it s thenly book that I have that s completely covered in margin notes It s the book that made me a book snob Mara wakes up in a hospital Polska only to findut that her friends are dead from having an entire building collapse upon themAnd her Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology only clue as to how that happened is that she was thenly A Novel Without Lies one that livedAfter burying her friends and her former life Mara s family moves her away thinking that all she needs is to startver New stateNew town New schoolNew friends New lifeAnd Noah Shaw Have you kissed many boys before he asked uietlyI raised an eyebrow Boys That s an assumption Noah laughed the sound low and husky Girls then No Not many girls Or not many boys Neither I said Let him make Wyrm of that what he would How many Why I am taking away that word You are no longer allowed to use it How many My cheeks flushed but my voice was steady as I answered One At this Noah leaned impossible closer the slender muscles in his forearm flexing as he bent his elbow to bring himself nearer to me almost touching I was heady with the proximityf him an grew legitimately concerned that my heart might explode Maybe Noah wasn t asking Maybe I didn t mind I closed my eyes and felt Noah s five I Am Ocilla o clock graze my jaw and the faintest whisperf his lips at my ear He was doing it wrong Noah s the Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and Millais onlyne that believes Mara when she tells him that she s going crazyWhen she tells him that she can kill people with the gun Peppermint Tea of her mind and the triggerf her imagination Is it realOr not Fix me I commanded him This thing what I ve done there s something wrong with me Noah Fix it Noah s expression broke my heart as he brushed my hair from my face and skimmed the line Sunny Holiday of my neck I can t This book is suspenseful and intriguing and riveting and it has a page 359 that ll make you stop breathing I don t have a choice I told him You always have choice He said But without my big mouth none would know that a seventeen year Zhang Xin: On the Return to China old who likes Death Cub for Cutie was responsible for the murders None would *know that somewhere ut there is a B student with a body count And it s important *that somewhere ut there is a B student with a body count And it s important you know so you re not next This book messed with my sanity It teased it played with it and then tossed it aside and left me trying to gather my wits something that felt like catching feathers in a tornado ImpossibleI was very hesitant to start this book I was convinced it would be nothing special and I wouldn t like it You can imagine my surprise when I felt hooked to this story since page 1 Page 1 That s all it took to dive in a uniue reading experience that almost sent me straight to the asylum pun intended Thinking something does not make it true Wanting something Does Not Make It Real There S Not Much I not make it real There s not much I say about the plot without spoiling you except that it follows the story f Mara Dyer a girl whose best friend was killed when they were together and couldn t remember anything about it She was traumatized she couldn t put it behind her despite her family s efforts and love she saw ghosts and things no ne else could and she was certain she was going crazy And then she met Noah Shaw and everything changed And just like that I was completely utterly and entirely His What makes The Unbecoming Eureka Street of Mara Dyer a uniue reading experience The mystery The mystery is tangible and gives you the creeps There was something utterly disturbing sinking in my skin giving me goosebumps and making my heart race You needed answers but you didn t get them All you got was uestions and a sensef foreboding And a brain smelling like roast potatoes The paranormal element Dead people making appearances portraits looking at you bugs at your food horrible deaths etc etc I will not be able to look at my bathtub the same way again The humor One little joke involving hemorrhagic fever and they brand you unstable As you can imagine some light moments were essential to make you breathe and Michelle Hodkin knew exactly how to make you laugh Turkestan Solo: A Journey Through Central Asia or giggle maniacally dependsn the person not that it happened to me Noah Shaw What could I say Noah despite you being an asshole r maybe because f it I d like to rip I nostri giorni con Anna off your clothes and have your babies Hot Arrogant British Owns a massive book collection Loves dogs Pant dropping smile Sensitive Extremely and unexpectedly sweet HotI loved his scenes with Mara the way he refused to give upn her and supported her He can be the Ferrugem Americana one to save her from the darknessr doom her to a life deprived Storie ciniche of lightWhat say you Care to give it a tryInstagram Twitter Facebook BookNest Well let me get thisut Party in the Blitz of the way The Unbecomingf Mara Dyer has nothing whatsoever in common with The Adoration The Russians Tender Lover (The Sisterhood, of Jenna Fox even though their publisher provided plot descriptions are almost identical What it is similar to is the infamous bestseller Hush Hush but it is just a tad lessffensive So if you are a fan Fred Cress: Stages of that novel The Unbecomingf Mara Dyer is your next natural reading choiceI ll attempt to refrain from excessive ranting here but goodness this novel is just as bad The Nibelungenlied or as good dependingn how you look at it as Hush Hush First there is this wonky messy and too Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a Legend often nonsensical paranormal story line that is naturally all but abandoned to concentraten romance later in the book Mara wakes up from a coma to find Enquanto a Inglaterra dorme out that her 3 friends have died in an accident which she miraculously survived She doesn t remember the circumstancesf it but something strange starts happening to her She seems to be seeing ghosts everywhere people around her are dying she keeps losing chunks f time Things are so bad with Mara
her parents consider sending her an asylum for psychiatric treatment But eventually they all settle n helping her deal with the trauma by moving to Florida Here during her first disastrous day in a new private school Mara meets you guessed it a scorching hot bad boy named Noah Shaw Of course he s been around the block and allegedly dated every girl in the school Of course he is loaded Of course Mara is the first girl he ever cared about cared enough to announce her his girlfriend and Werewolf PTA oh my drive her to school Where have I seen this beforeWhat follows is exactly what you d expect a romance that is pretty much an exercise in sexual innuendo douchebaggery and you are minei belong to you mumbo jumbo I got sickf the constant alluding to nailing The Little Demon or knowing what I put in my mouth before swallowing very uickly To be fair. When Mara Dyer wakes up in hospital with no memoryf how she got there Prince From Her Past or any explanation as to why the bizarre accident that caused the deathsf her boyfriend and two best friends left her mysteriously unharmed her doctors suggest th. The Unbecoming f Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1)

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Unlike Nora Mara does not just uietly take suggestive and ffensive remarks thrown at her she can return them as well the swallowing line is hers Plus Noah doesn t try to kill herI suppose some female readers will find this sort Mass Murders of dating attractive amusing hot even but for the lifef me I can t work up any love for the male lead who is described by Mara s new best friend as a guy who uses and discards his girlfriends like condoms allegedlyWhat else is there to expect In a Becca Fitzpatrick like fashion Michelle Hodkin fills her book with nonsensical things like a teacher in a posh private school throwing stuff and insults at her students Blessed Are You Who Believed or fortuitous situations whereur lovebirds find themselves in various beds with no adults around Archeologia del Sottosuolo Metodologie a Confronto (2 Vol Set) of course there are super duper paranormal reasons why the two can t go all the wayr Buried Secrets one dimensional characters Mara s blonde mean girl arch nemesis who turned a complete slut after datingur hero and an Operación Primicia: el ataque de Montoneros que provocó el golpe de 1976 obligatory best new black Jewish bi friend much better and inventive than thatbligatory best gay friend rightPardon me while I go roll my eyes at this mess some PS I dare you to explain what exactly happened in this book HmmWhere do I even start with this book I guess I should start by saying The Unbecoming Why Pandas Do Handstands of Mara Dyer and I have this awkward lovehate relationship If this book were a person it d be the boyfriend I sometimes had fun with but never wanted to take with me in public because I knew he would do something stupid and embarrass the hellutta me For majority f the first half f the book I wanted to stomp it into the ground with my pair The List: el día en que mi vida cambió of patent leather pumps However somewhere along the lines I started to enjoy myself a bit I d hear a strange sounds coming from my mouthnly to realize Oh my that was a chuckle In many ways I can really see why so many people would really like this book but I can also see why thers would want to gorge their eyes ut with a high school cafeteria spork Mara Dyer wakes up in a hospital bed Submission With a Stranger one day with no recollectionf how she got there Shadow Commander: The Epic Story of Donald D. Blackburn-Guerrilla Leader and Special Forces Hero or what happened to her friends who were killed in the accident that she managed to survive Hoping for a new beginning her family packs up and moves to Florida As the memories Mara thought were lost start to slowly make a reappearance and dead bodies seem to pop up like daisies she notices something is not uite right with her She then struggles to keep holdf reality while trying to figure ut the mystery f what really happened to her in her The Rat and the Tiger old hometownThe GoodI ll start with the good first since there are a few things I did like and I have so much bad to rant about later in the reviewThe cover is beautiful It has to bene Pirate Princess of my favorite coversf the year and I get shivers just looking at it Not Otogi Zoshi: Volume 1 only that but the book s premise really appealed to me and is easily the biggest reason why I continued to turn page after page It was a surprisingly uick and easy read and the writing style wasn t bad either I really appreciated that bothf Mara s parents were around even though they seemed to dissapear at the most convenient Arcadia of times And like I said earlier somef the dialog I did enjoy and found funny Most The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide to Her Magical Performances of the best moments for this book is between Mara and Noah the love interestkaaayyy so that s all I got for the good Man that s a bit pathetic It s barely a paragraphThe BadThis book had a lot Il bicchiere scrivente of potential and for the longest time I couldn t exactly put my fingern what bothered me about the book If it weren t for the following issues this could have been a 4 star read for me possibly The books biggest issues are the actual characters and all the sterotypes that come along with them They were completely extra The gay black guy the extra bitchy popular girl who hates the MC for some vain insignificant reason accompanied by tweedle dumb her trusty side kick Damaged or fashion accessory I can t decide which the bad boy who truly isn t bad he has feelings he s deep and likes to fix people and thebnoxious perfect Table For Two older brother1 JamieJamie is Mara s new best friend in Florida He also happens to be a bisexual Jewish Black male with dreadlocks and a tongue ring Oh and he s adopted Yes I know He is uite a little token cocktail isn t he Hodkin you want to put a PoCr a bisexual Disney Manga: Descendants - The Rotten to the Core Trilogy Book 2 or a Jewish person in your story Be my guest But whyh why did he have to be all THREE AT ONCE And if he wasn t Black enough let s give him dreads And h noz he isn t gay enough either we must add a tongue ring And what the hell let s urbanize him while we are at it Funny thing is he knows he s the token
But none f this matters you re not going to listen to your token black Jewish bi friend are you That is the part where Hodkin almost Kejsarn av Portugallien owed me a new Kindle I literally had to stop readingr I was going to lose it His characterization was poor poor poor It felt like *he was trying entirely too hard to be both gay and Black neither f which I found *was trying entirely too hard to be both gay and Black neither f which I found About halfway through the book we don t see him again and I couldn t even be mad at that because I was too busy celebrating the fact I no longer had to endure his weird hip hop lingo any I realize this may have been Hodkin s attempt to add diversity to her story but guess what 2 DanielOr as I liked to call him The kiss ass perfectionist He was just too The True Tale of Castaway Daniel Foss over the top to be believable He is perfect in every way Perfect student perfect son perfect brother I can totally see why Mara was annoyed by this Every time Mara wants to go somewhere Daniel has to first talk with their mother about it AND IT ALWAYS WORKS I have an issue whenne sibling seems to hold that much power in a hosehold There is a scene in the book where he is looking at the mail and says What lucky institution Myths and Legends of Russia of higher education accepted me today he asked eyesn the envelopes Ah Harvard That s nice And Stanford Wow so not ¿Quién yo? only is he a kiss ass but he s conceded too If I ever saw Danielut in public with his mom it would go something like thisI would to tap him SJWs Never Lie: Censorship is Tolerance! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! on the shoulder and go Hey buddy You dropped something Huh What Where he d say And I would respond Your lips I see themver there dangling Il terrore viene per posta off your momma s right ass cheek Go and get em will ya It s distracting3 NoahNoah is the bad boy love interestf the story that has had sex with the entire female population The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang of the school insert eye roll here His character is alsover the top with bad boy stereotypes He gets away with everything because everyone loves him He is loaded with cash money He s ridiculously good looking with a le gasp English accent He s incredibly arrogant rude and tactless Oh and most importantly he nly has eyes for Mara Of course Once he enters the picture Mara completely forgets about everything coughthe plotcough I suppose it really isn t her fault After all Noah possesses a panty dropping smile Hide your daughters Later in the story a small piece f me actually started to like him but unlike Mara I couldn t excuse his Bellezza crudele original jackassness Nope couldn t do it 4 Mara What is your real name anywayI didn t entirely dislike her but I felt she made some really crappy decisions This story could have really takenff and gone to an interesting place if she didn t become so Encanto: New Poems obsessed with Noah There were times where I thought she would use that crazy brainf hers but then she would turn right around and ignore the problem There was The Return of the Dancing Master one scene when Jamie tells her view spoiler that Noah caught him with his hand up Noah s little sister s skirt and Noah runsff and has sex with Jamie s The Mother of All Meltdowns older sister as revenge hide spoiler 45 starsOh my goodness this book was a good timeI had no idea what to expect going into The Unbecomingf Mara Dyer It is a series I hear mentioned all the time but literally knew nothing about One The Cybernetic Brain: Sketches of Another Future of those everyone has read it but me series Thene you hear EVERYONE talking about but just cannot relateFor 2019 I created a TBR jar to help clear Dark Wind off somef my backlist titles and this was the first book I pulled I knew that I would either love it Doctor Who: The War Doctor: Infernal Devices or hate Luckily for me I truly enjoyed itUpon waking up in the hospital Mara Dyer has no idea how she got there In fact her whole recent memory seems to have been wiped clean Before long she discovers she was involved in a terrible accident that killed her best friend as well as twother kids and left her in a comaHer parents focused Banana: A Global History on Mara s recovery decide to move the family to Florida feeling it would be harmful for Mar to continue living in a town where she has suffered such trauma Once in Florida Mara slowly begins to remember what went down that infamous night Somef it floods back to her in nightmares while some disturbingly during the day as vivid hallucinationsGuys some De twijfel van Salaì of this stuff was hella DARK and it took me completely by surprise The first big spooky hallucination I was likekay we doing this I like this Then to up my enjoyment levels even we meet Noah Noah Shaw Now seriously I am not Brendan Behan's New York one to get all swoony professing love to book boyfriends butI. At she startver in a new city at a new school and just hope her memories gradually come back But Mara's new start is anything but comforting She sees the faces Happenstance 2 of her dead friends everywhere and now she's started to seether peoples. .

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