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Read Clearly partially autobiographical this tells the story of a British writer who s flown out to LA to talk about converting his bestselling novel into a movie A shifting cast OF FILM EXECS GRADUALLY MORPH HIS film execs radually morph his past recognition Meanwhile he ets to know the elderly roundskeeper at his decaying hotel who tells him stories of the lory days of silent films Multi layered ironically humorous but ultimately poignant Beautifully doneOther included pieces from the wikiThe included stories and poems are different between some of the editions The US UK and eBook editions have some differences in the stories they contain see table to right Not in US print version Not in eBook version Appears in eBook version as AppleReading the Entrails The Wedding Present Chivalry written for an anthology by Marty GreenbergNicholas Was The PriceTroll Bridge retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff written for the anthology Snow White Blood Red by Ellen Datlow and Terri WindlingDon t Ask JackEaten Scenes from a Moving picture The White Road A narrative poem ueen of Knives A narrative poem The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch Changes The Daughter of Owls Shoggoth s Old Peculiar Virus Written for the anthology Digital Dreams by David Barrett Looking for the Girl Commissioned by Penthouse for their 20th anniversary issueOnly the End of the World AgainBay Wolf A story poem retelling BeowulfFifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot We Can Get Them For You Wholesale One Life Furnished in Early Moorcock Written for an anthology of Elric stories by Michael MoorcockCold Colors The Sweeper of Dreams Foreign PartsVampire Sestina A poem originally published in Fantasy Tales and later reprinted in the Mammoth Book of Vampires by Stephen JonesMouse written for Touch Wood edited by Pete CrowtherThe Sea ChangeHow Do You Think It Feels When We Went to See the End of the World by Dawnie Morningside age 11 Desert Wind Tastings Included in Sirens by Ellen Datlow and Terri WindlingIn the End Babycakes Murder Mysteries written for the anthology Midnight Graffiti Datlow and Terri WindlingIn the End Babycakes Murder Mysteries written for the anthology Midnight Graffiti Jessie HorstingSnow Glass Apples Bearing in mind I read this on my kindle so some stories weren t included in the version I read Also this is hella long All ratings including notes indicates favouriteThe Wedding Present Yes I religiously read introductions4In which a picturesue couple are iven a uaint wedding present that seems to be a retelling Neil Gaiman never disappointsThat s what this book is smokes and mirrors an interesting collection of short stories and poems A diverse mix of crazy dark engaging weird and hilarious This collection of short works some not uite complete is maybe a must read for real Gaiman fans who read everything he does 4 stars for them but not really for anyone else only 1 star for the eneral audience And I say that as one of those fans I really like what Gaiman does both in traditional and raphic novel form but Smoke and Mirrors is not representative of his best work Basically it is a

of things he never bothered ive a final polish to Much of SM is things that were just workbook exercises not intended for publication Some fun ideas and entertaining for the fan or for those who want to study how he develops ideas but others should try American Gods Anansi Boys Neverwhere Good Omens with TPratchett or even Coraline or his Sandman raphic novels It does however contain a few real Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION gems for fans warning different editions of the SM varied the collection slightly so referring to specific stories may be confusing when discussing the book 25 stars a fewems but way too many narrative poems and meh stories Gaiman is literary bacon short stories young adult fantasy adult fiction he s ood in anything Smoke and Mirrors is a collection of 30 or so short stories They run the amut from sci fi to very short parables to fantasy to magical realism It s not his best work but as a collection it s imaginative and provocative I enjoyed a majority of these stories and Gaiman continues to be one of my favorite authors Some of my preferences were Chivalry Changes We Can Get Them for You Wholesale and Snow Glass Apples One of my favored aspects of Gaiman is his ability to slip seamlessly between realism and fantasy One moment the story feels like an honest recollection of his past and the next we re interacting with angels trolls and werewolves He so deft with his word choice that these transitions happen with ease A Mesagerul good example of this is The Price where Gaiman story about stray cats turns from reality to supernatural in an instant This ability also really stood out to me in a different book The Ocean at the End of the Lane I can t hel. From unimaginable evil A young couple receives a weddingift that reveals a chilling alternative history of their marriage These tales and much await in this. I keep saying one Neil Gaiman book and I ll figure out what the big deal is Spoiler I haven t yet Though I did enjoy some of these stories indicated by a There s far that weren t enjoyableIntroduction PLEASE skip this is so so long It s a short story in and of itself Though technically he hid another short story within that The Wedding Present story in and of itself Though technically he hid another short story within that The Wedding Present written as a wedding present this marriage slowly but surely sinks to the pits of despair Chivalry A cute story about an elderly lady snapping up the Holy Grail at a bargain
the thrift shop Later republished M is for Magic Nicholas Was A 100 word story centered on St Nicholas for one of Gaiman s Christmas cardsThe Price this cat deserves a medal a ball of yarn and a tuna fillet for defending this family against the devil Republished in M Is for Magic Troll Bridge Retelling of the three Billy Goats Gruff While this started on a high note undue time is used to describe the troll s flaccid Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens genitalia Un ironically troll acts like a dick Republished in M Is for MagicDon t Ask Jack Menacing Jack in the Box As if I needed another reason to never buy one Republished in M Is for MagicThe Goldfish Pool and Other Stories Almost written as a reflection for Neil Gaiman on hollywood I was not a fan of his commentsEaten Scenes from a Moving picture please Gaiman why does everything need to be so sex explicit Excuse me as I scrub my eyesThe White Road This wasn t memorableueen of Knives well written by not memorableThe Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch The underground circus leads to the disappearing of one Mrs Finch I wasn t a fan of the book and wasn t a fan of the short story It made too many leaps Changes Once again a Gaiman story became weirdly sexual I really should start expecting this A man discovers the cure for cancer which has the side effect of changing a person sender Now the world is populated by nearly immortal pill popping ender switchers I hesitate to call everyone trans since this is done so reversibly and recreationalyThe Daughter of Owls A irl was found with some owls The locals hate herShoggoth s Old Peculiar H P Lovecraft inspired cult y New England tale Did like how he portrayed the pub though Virus Honestly wasn t that memorable Looking for the Girl A kid looking at a dirty mag spots the most beautiful What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers girl As an adult he finds her again in the mag but she looks exactly the same Logically he devotes his life to becoming the best dirty mag photographer in hopes of meeting this chick in person My interpretation A vampire wanted a free photo shoot every few years and went to a magazine to do itOnly the End of the World Again Richly worded not an interesting plotBay Wolf Baywatch Beowulf Surprisingly uirky and fun Fifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot Each of the Major Arcana first 22 of the 78 tarot cards in a deck is interpreted through a short story We Can Get Them For You Wholesale Howood would the bargain need to be to end the world Despite the dark implications this was a fun readOne Life Furnished in Early Moorcock High school kid who wanted to write and is a huge fan of a series He mail orders a book and never pays for itCold Colors Short poem involving magic and computers The Sweeper of Dreams prose piecewaxes poetic about dreams and their implicationsForeign Parts Sudden sexuality again A man is slowly taken over by a cognizant venereal disease Copious mentions of STDs and masturbationVampire Sestina A vampire poemMouse The married couple s house is infested The man buys a humane mousetrap while his wife seems to et an abortion The man seems to have no reaction to the abortion Upon finding a man seems to have no reaction to the abortion Upon finding a trapped he sets the mouse free outside The Sea Change Lyrical poem about mermaids and the oceanHow Do You Think It Feels Man oes to conference Man meets hot How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar girl Man cheats on wife despite having a couple of kids He justifies it kids are stupid wife is lame When We Went to See the End of the World by Dawnie Morningside age 11 Written from the perspective of a child as the end of the world occurs Unexpectedly chillingDesert Wind Manets lost in the desert and is foundTastings Male Prostitute Female Celebrity Prostitute has powers which lead him to be amazing in bed essentially he reads the minds of his clients without realizing it and he can t read Celebrity s and thus is sucking not literallywell maybe a bit in bed The mundane conversation as they try out pos Initially read in 1999 or thereabouts Not reviewed at the timeUpon re reading The Goldfish Pond and Other Stories by Neil GaimanI m usually not that interested in the whole lamour of Hollywood theme but this is probably the best commentary on it I ve ever. An elderly widow finds the Holy Grail beneath an old fur coat A stray cat fights and refights a terrible nightly battle to protect his unwary adoptive family. Smoke and Mirrors Short Fiction and Illusions

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P but admire his It s the little things like referring to crabs and fish as filled with things with too many legs and other things with no legs at all In this collection Gaiman is daring taking on explicit sex politics pornography and even sex change Of course this book was originally published in 1998 when navigating these waters were a little less turbulent than today The book includes an Introduction which ives a short description of the inspiration or background of each story today The book includes an Introduction which ives a short description of the inspiration or background of each story found myself flipping back and forth to this section after each story For example in the particularly sexually raphic story Tastings Gaiman admits that the story took him four years to write largely because he was embarrassed by it I always appreciate short story collections where the author reveals a bit of their motivation inspiration or background of the storiesOne note on Changes it s a creative story idea about the cure for cancer having the side effect of Heads of the Colored People gender change which society turns into recreational use It s laid out almost as author notes for a novel And it could be a fascinating controversial and complex novel But why include it in this form Why not write it Weird and I found it wasteful and disappointingAn aptly titled collection of stories where Gaiman does indeed use sleight of word and a bit of magic to make the unbelievable feel just about real Smoke and Mirrors is the first of two short story collections written by Neil Gaiman This title was first published in 1998 while Fragile Things came out in 2006 Having read Fragile Things mere months ago I was doing uite a bit of comparison between the two as I Apparently I am not a fan of his short stories they are bad Iave his other short story collection book three stars and that was being kind This one is etting two because I am all out of kindnessA better review to come Here is my attempt at a better review Normally I would delete the prereview BS but I like it this time so it stays This is the second short story collect A uilty pleasure sure but with Ray Bradbury s death I d suggest that Neil Gaiman is the best storyteller we have todayConsider the words of Harry Bailly he of the Tabard Inn not George s brother And which of yow that bereth hym best of alle That is to seyn that telleth in this caas Tales of best sentence and moost solaas Shal have a soper at oure aller cost And I d buy Gaiman a meal or three for this sundry collection of tales pulled together from over the years and published in Smoke and MirrorsYou might think I m just showing off with the Middle English but I don t think it s too much of a stretch to draw parallels between Gaiman and Chaucer Chaucer s Tales cover a wide range of enres from the romance to the fabliau to the beast fable to the exemplum and everything in between and Gaiman uses just as wide a contemporary pallet as Chaucer employed from the Middle Ages Gaiman moves from the hard boiled to the horror story he blends prose and poetry with sci fi the sacred and the secular he has an erotic offering here that transcends mommy porn heck he even writes a sestina with vampires in it that worksand that alone has to testify to the enius of the man Elsewhere Gaiman does everything from the full blown novel to YA to children s lit he s written screenplays and comic books and just about everything he does is olden Sure he s had some missteps and not everything in Smoke and Mirrors succeeds at the same level but hey the Friar s Tale is a bit dull and the Priest s lengthy sermon is practically unreadableAnd like Chaucer working from Bocaccio and Petrarch and the Thousand and One Nights among other sources Gaiman is often at his best when he is reworking earlier stories and authors especially fairy tales and folk tales His version of Snow White here is a fascinating retelling that s oing to stick with me for a long time and one of my favorites in the book Shoggoth s Old Peculiar rows out of Lovecraft And even though it s oofy as hell I even like his pastiche of Beowulf and Baywatch with Larry Talbot thrown in as an added plusFinally and thanks for sticking with me this long Gaiman addresses many of the same concerns Chaucer had reed and hypocrisy dreams and where they come from what makes a ood marriage the role of women in a male dominated society and on and on the intertwining roles of magic and technology in Cold Colors try the Franklin s Tale but through them all both authors are really interested in the whole idea of stories and story telling and what makes a The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology good story And what that is if youo back to Harry Bailly is that right blend of best sentence and moost solaas and Neil Gaiman just about always Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome gets it right. Extraordinary book revealing one of our mostifted storytellers at the height of his powers Includes extra material exclusive to this Headline Review editio.