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If I have had dark rings under my eyes at lunch today it will was probably be because it s 6AM and I spent the whole night reading Oops Now how could I have resisted Out of the Easy is so damn charming Wonderful settings a flawed MC who makes mistakes but stays very relatable and likeable secondary characters so lovable and true to life Willie Coky Jesse I want to hug them all I couldn t stop reading even if the mystery part was really predictable and a little ludicrous Now if ou would excuse me I m gonna say hello good buy to my coffee maker that just became my new best friend Trop de caf tue le caf PS There s a sort of a love triangle and Winter Magic you know what I didn t mind one bit because 1 the romance part was never overwhelming 2 for once I found it believable and understandable 3 I was very pleased with the outcome Therefore I may be exhausted but I m smiling SO big it was worth it still worth every second of this very long day wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcomI wasn t sure I was going to like this book but I was pleasantly surprised that I did I fell in love with so many characters in the book I felt so bad for Josie having a mother who was a prostitute and didn t care for her at all The brothel her mom was living in was owned by a woman named Willie and I really loved her Willie s character was of a good woman even though she ran a brothel She was kind to those that needed to be kind to and put people right in their place if they needed that as well I loved the fact that she became of a mom to Josie than Josie s real mom She taught her how to shoot guns and use her head She gave her a job as a cleaner unfortunately this involved cleaning up after all of the women after the fact the next day EwwwFor some reason I kept picturing Willie as the character from one of my favorite movies Spirited Away I kept picturing Yubaba when I read anything about Willie LoL The book is set in 1950 s New Orleans asou can read in the blurb Josie lived above a bookstore that she also worked in she lived there since she was a little girl of 12 The owner and author Charlie was very kind to her she also worked with Charlie s son Patrick who was like a brother to her Josie s mom is trouble with a capital T She seems to be in on stealing murders drugs and who knows what all elseJosie meets a nice man that comes into the bookstore She likes him because he seems like a really nice person and it seems there s not too many men like that aroundbuthe gets murdered and this really upsets Josie there is a lot to it but I won t get into that Josie decides she wants to try to get into a prestigious college away from New Orleans and does some really smart things to try to help her get there Josie has had so many let downs in her life There is another character I love in the book it s Cokie he is Willie s driver He loves driving around in Willie s Caddy He is a really sweet character Some of the girls at the brothel are very sweet to Josie too There is also a nice guy named Jesse that I had a crush on and it seemed Josie did too The characters in this book are rich in detail and the way the author weaves the story makes Bird Habitats in Britain you thinkour right there with Josie The ending was sad and brought tears to my eyes well a few things brought tears to my eyes tears of sadness and tears of happiness I was all over the place sadness and tears of happiness I was all over the place this review but Lord I was trying my best not to give out spoilers I have a hard time with that I would liked to have talked in detail about people and what all went on I will just say read the book I look forward to reading books by this author as this was my first by her The only reason I d lift my skirt is to pull out my pistol and plug ou in the head1950 New Orleans Josie the daughter of a heartless and uncaring brothel prostitute dreams of escaping the Big Easy and going

college She wants nothing than start fresh and leave behind the whispers that follow her every waking stepJosie is one of the strongest YA heroines I ve ever come across She moved way from home into an apartment on top of a bookshop at the sheer age of 11 and now at the age of 17 works there Her cruel and selfish mother neglects her steals from her and obsesses over a abusive man that reeks of trouble But despite all of this Josie is not one to dwell on her misfortunes instead she soldiers on determined to one day achieve her dreams Out of The Easy features a colourful cast of characters My favourite character by far though has to be Willie the madame of the brothel I think this description wicked stepmother with the fairy godmother heart fits her well Despite her ice exterior she cares deeply for Josie She was a brilliant if not unconventional mother figureJesse with his leather jacket and motorbike uickly won me over His uiet and shy demeanour slowly gives way to an intelligent and charming الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق young man The blossoming romance between Jesse and Josie is very subtle it develops at a steady place and is honestly just down right swoon worthy I appreciated Sepetys portrayal of the prostitutes she shows that they re not tragic bitter characters instead they re just like us they have feelings and do what they have to do to survive Strong funny and caring these women oddly found a place in my heartI never would have picked this up before I became a book blogger YA historical fiction is just one of the many genres that book blogging has introduced me to and for that I am grateful Out of The Easy is a beautiful heart wrenching story that has uickly made it to my favourites shelf This review also appears on my blog The Page Turner OUT OF THE EASY is another fantastic piece of writing by the stupendous It's 1950 and as the French uarter of New Orleans simmers with secrets seventeenear old Josie Moraine is silently stirring a pot of her own Known among locals as the daughter of a brothel prostitute Josie wants out of life than the Big Easy has to offer She devises a plan get out but a mysterious. Hter of a prostitute and possibly the worst mother ever Josie longs to escape from The Big Easy and go to college but she is forever being pulled back by her mother and her ties to the brothel where she works as housekeeper Sepetys introduces a number of lively and colourful characters into this story from the fierce and wonderful Willie who runs the brothel to the shameless and hilarious Dora who works thereThe patriarchal hierarchy of women puts such lusty wenches as these right down at the bottom and it is common to picture a prostitute as a tragic and doomed character like Fantine from Les Mis rables For Sepetys to take such an interesting look into the lives and dealings of prostitutes and to show them as strong funny and oddly empowered women really made me love this book I don t mean that she portrays prostitution as in any way a good profession these women would much rather be somewhere else of course they would But she portrays them as human beings who have been dealt a bad hand in life and instead of falling into a pit of despair they have taken control of their lives doing what they have to in order to survive It is incredibly effective and I was all the angry at the people who sneered at them because of itThis book is one which is at times very funny or heartwarming and at others sad and frustrating in a good way It is frustrating to be inside Josie s head and have to deal with her mother it is frustrating when people expect Josie to never achieve anything just because of where she came from But it is a good frustrating because Riders of the Sea you care so much The dialogue is also fantastic and I laughed out loud several times and teared up towards the end Very very good I am so pleased I gave this author another chance I m reading Out of the Easy exactly aear after reading Between Shades of Gray Sadly the experience was as far and distinct as the setting in the two books I was disappointed to say the least Out of the Easy missed nearly every mark and lacked all the heartbreaking finesse we found in her first novel Not that there isn t an emotional hook the subject matter while not as ambitious as Between Shades of Gray is one that could lift the spirit offer all the grandiose hope we look for in art of all venues Out of the Easy is about Josie She is the daughter of a prostitute she lives in the uarter she works alternately between the bookshop and the brothel and she is smart She is smart and determined and optomistic She dreams of attending college and finally getting out of dirty wicked New Orleans I see a pattern in Sepetys writing Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters young women with a strong will and an inner compass they steer to get them to a better place Inspiring The idea is wonderful and I hope it s a pattern that continues But life is a journey not a destinationes And this book s journey is just simplyflat Reading Out of the Easy gave me the distinct feeling of going through the motions This is a uick read the chapters come and go in a blink of an eye And I felt as if every scene was written and included because it is the formula I think I ve figured out my problem with Sepetys there just isn t enough I felt that way with Between Shades of Gray and I feel it even potently now She doesn t given enough information enough background enough action enoug of anything Josie is a girl who has been made fun of all her life Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) yet we don t really experience this alienation Sure some people turn away from her in a couple of scenes but not enough Josie is supposed to be intelligent a true scholaret the only factors to explore this is her desire to attend school and her job in the bookshop We see her badly wanting to be admitted but I would ve liked to see her be the scholar be this girl that is being described There is a love triangle sort of and Josie s reactions to both boys seem off and abrupt because again we are not given enough of her relationship with either boy to understand how or why she reacts the way she does And with Josie herself I never really got her She seemed an Everyman reacting to the situations she s put in Like she was a manifestation of all of us within the book and all she did was choose the path that of all of us within the book and all she did was choose the path that appease us all She wasn t her own person She didn t have uirks that made her solid and memorable She was bread On a positive note the clouds did occasionally part and I caught glimpses of the writer I loved all those months ago There were sudden slices of sincere heartache ones that finally had me rooting for Josie Slices however and sudden There were also some colourful side characters but then aren t they all Anyway they got me through Some of them Oh and New Orleans I think Sepetys did a fair enough job of transporting readers into this old mythic succulent and sinful place It could ve been effecting but I will say that it was one of my lesser complaintsSo it was disappointment I eventually found myself skimming near the end I m not giving up though because I have this feeling that if Sepetys is inspired enough and really truly driven to tell a story of relevance as I think was the case with Between Shades of Gray not so much with Out of the Easy I think it will be marvelous Maybe next January See ou Out of the Easy I think it will be marvelous Maybe next January See ou This review also appears on The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisherNote This review was made possible by Wendy Thank NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you Darling Reading Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys lead me to conclude that there aren t enough YA books set in a the 1950 s and b New Orleans Andet only a writer of Sepetys skill and confidence could have successfully written such a story Out of the Easy is a murder mystery first a coming of age Good Yes Good. Uth dangling temptation at every turn and escalating to the ultimate test With characters as captivating as those in her internationally bestselling novel Between Shades of Gray Ruta Sepetys skillfully creates a rich story of secrets lies and the haunting reminder that decisions can shape our destin. .

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Uta Sepetys aka the only historical fiction writer to make my list of top favourite authorsWith a mostly absent and selfish prostitute as a mother Josie s life has never been exactly easy The title is therefore very much ironic Josie is a good girl who wants a good education and a good life out of the city of New Orleans which so far only filled her heart with disappointments But if she can t receive a scholarship she ll be stuck in a life she wishes would be different until she meets her creator Though we re clearly aware of the fact that this is a historical novel from the way the people were thinking and living in 1950s New Orleans the point of this book is not to tell ou how things were back in the day although that s part of it but rather make ou experience through the lovely Josie the life of a teenage girl with big dreams in a city that plans to suck the life out of herMore showing than telling And that s so very great because I can t recall the number of times I ve been disappointed with a book because of its annoying tendency to tell instead of to show which incidentally works much better than the former on so many levels It s simply a pleasure to read Miss Sepethys novels I don t worry about being flooded with information or having to put on my intelligence glasses to decipher what she says She writes like she breaths EffortlesslyAnd with an admirable eleganceBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Wow I mean wow This book was so captivating This book is all about this uote from the bookDecisions they shape our destiny And this book tells Engine Performance Diagnostics you that in any given circumstance whatever life dealsou in the end it s YOUR choice of how Once Is Never Enough (Real Men Like It Hard, you want to shape whoou are and make Erebus your life The author was able to bring to life with the descriptions and vivid details of the New Orleans during a rough time Not only did she barely touch on the Uptown families she thoroughly devoted most of the book towards the underground and hidden slums of New Orleans in the 1950 s Times and places we didn t focus on during that time or realize were truly there She was so descriptive I couldn t put it down The main character Josie is an amazing character who al How many college girls cleaned cathouses I was watching a show on tv today and heard the over used phrase You can t haveour cake and eat it too to which I replied Why not When in the history of ever has someone had the dilemma of being given a piece of cake which they weren t allowed to eat dietetic reasons don t count Why would RTA - CIP B702.6 - Renault Clio III, phase 1 de 09/05 a 03/08 you ever want to have a piece of cake ifou couldn t eat it I have to go with Marie Antoinette and her stance of letting people eat cakeor not as it turns out that she didn t really say thisWhat does my book review have to do with cake ou ask New Orleans was the cake that I wanted to eat but never got to Out of the Easy should have delivered on the promise of New Orleans A few mentions of brick dust it S A VOODOO THING MARDI GRAS a voodoo thing Mardi Gras dropping the names of famous streets struggled to fully cement the atmosphere of life at a brothel in the Big Easy during the mid twentieth century I longed to be a part of the surroundings and never uite felt like I made it there in full capacitySince this wasn t a setting driven book we re left to look at the styles of story driven and character driven I would consider Out of the Easy to be a little bit of both but if I had to pick a stronger point I d be likely to fall on the character driven side The cast of characters were an eclectic bunch From the snappy madam to the kindly driver each person had a certain uality which made them uniue You re named after a madam I m named after a murderer Mine s worse There were offbeat characters There was a murder mystery There were the obstacles of prejudice to overcome There was the the tale of a woman coming of age and how she had to learn to make her own way in the world outside of her mother s stigma as a prostit 45If ou d asked me about historical fiction two HERBALISM WORLD: This book includes: years ago I would have toldou it wasn t my thing It had long been a genre that just didn t appeal to me But after discovering goodreads and getting awesome recommendations as well as hearing about books I would otherwise never have known about I ve ran into a series of books that have proved I was wrong about this genre From the bright lights and dazzling atmosphere of Libba Bray s 1920s supernatural murder mystery The Diviners to the character driven story of a Wales occupied by England The Wicked and the Just to a creepy ghost story set at the time of the First World War In the Shadow of Blackbirds and now thisI confess that I was one of the few people who struggled to fully appreciate Between Shades of Gray I know I suck but I had no such problem with Ruta Sepetys second novel and I think I finally understand what it was about the first that failed for me and why this one delivered the characters Both are character driven novels and even though there were numerous threats to the characters survival in Between Shades of Gray the plot is slow moving and our ability to enjoy it depends on some connection with the characters I lacked this MY COLD HEART FELT NOTHING THAN cold heart felt nothing than general human sympathy we all typically feel for others who suffer When people died it was sad because ou sympathy we all typically feel for others who suffer When people died it was sad because ou it s sad when people die not because I really cared about the charactersOut of The Easy is similar in that the characters are the main focus and the plot is slowly built around them But these characters I loved so so much Or loathed but either will keep me interested in a novel s outcome The setting is 1950s New Orleans and the protagonist is the teenage daug. Death in the uarter leaves Josie tangled in an investigation that will challenge her allegiance to her mother her conscience and Willie Woodley the brusue madam on Conti Street Josie is caught between the dream of an elite college and a clandestine underworld New Orleans lures her in her uest for tr. .
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