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N to pregnancy and fatherhood The author tells it ike it is In A No Holds a no holds approach and writes what men are thinking but aren t supposed to say out oud He also provides facts and helpful tips for men and is ultimately very encouraging of women and the journey they have to travel to becoming mothers Written in a adish tone with snippets of humour which rely on a somewhat outdated understanding of masculinity and sarcasm Some insights which may or may not prove useful in time This book may be peppered with jokes some of them over the top but it does contain useful information on being a dad I wouldn t swear by it but it does ease you into the role I could tell you but my 2 month old is crying in the other room It seems to be built with the assumption that no man really wants to be a dad and the only way through it is to drink yourself into oblivion Despite the occasional balanced and non misogynistic joke and once conceding some men who are delighted to become fathers these viewpoints are uickly buried joke and once conceding some men who are delighted to become fathers these viewpoints are uickly buried the weight of the writer s clear opinion that having kids ruined his ife and he only did because the women nagged andor maliciously got pregnantWhen it got on to the homophobic comments in about the third chapter I decided I was done Sometimes it s hard to know what is a fact and what is author s attempt to be funny He often mixes those two in one sentence. E knuckle ride from conception to the first birthday that also considers the emotional truths and selfish imperatives that fathers are usually asked to bury out of sight A personally informed journey Fatherhood The Truth also touches all the crucial practical bases to make it a one stop know it all manual for the father to be. I bought this book for my husband as we were about be first time parents and thought a humerus instruction manual might be just what he needed I really wish I first time parents and thought a humerus instruction manual might be just what he needed I really wish I t bothered because this book is dreadful and often times uite offensive He paints a portrait that men aren t particularly happy deep down about impending fatherhood and that everyone subseuently is an irritation a disaster or strain My husband read it coming off worse and thankfully didn t take on board anything the author wroteThe entire book just makes out that his ife would have been infinitely better without being SADDLED WITH A KID AND THEREFORE with a kid and therefore all men to feel the same Buy a different book This is rubbish This book was great I read it a few months before our daughter was born and really enjoyed it I was surprised at how few baby books were aimed at dads and was thankful that this one was fairly ight hearted Although Berkmann comes across as a bit of a Winter Sunshine lad he s usually a sports writer he allows ten very diffrent friends to have their opinion too In fact my wiferead it and enjoyed it than the pregnancy books she was reading I felt much prepared and aot Naked Choke less apprehensive thanks to Berkmann s book A hilarious guide to the first few years after the birth of the first baby Actually had meaughing out Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good loud on the train While simultaneously giving me aittle bit of dread at how unprepared I wa. There are Murder at the Mansion lots of books about parenthood But if youook closely most of them are about motherhood Fathers get brief paragraphs about needing the odd cuddle themselves and being helpful for carrying the heavier elements of baby kit but that's it Fatherhood The Truth on the other hand is a shed friendly man's guide to the whol. S for the biggest ife changing event of all Brought as a jokey gift by my wife this amusing book is on the addish British humour but with enough interesting facts to jokey gift by my wife this amusing book is on The Laddish British Humour But With Enough laddish British humour but with enough facts to it a useful readMuch of the first half is told through a guy not really wanting kids and how this is going to impact he s time in the pubDebating either to have another pint of buying nappies just isn T Me Once The Book Takes A Fact Based Approach me Once the book takes a fact based approach started to find it interesting completely agreeing that information Seductive Surrender like 1 in 200 chance is actually worrying that reassuringIt s the chapters that cover the baby being here that was relevant an idea of sleeping patterns nappy changes and feeds that still seems daunting but ateast has a reassuring angle to what s in storeIdeal as a Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, lighthearted gift This book distinct from other pregnancylabourparenting books gives the impression that it was written by a functioning human being It starts off a bit newad making the assumption that most men s first impulse is to run to the hills when faced with the prospect of being a father I think this is just for aughs and as it rolls on it oses this and turns out to be really informative and brutal and funny and un put downable From how many sandwiches you need to pack to get through the average abour to horrible midwives through to the first baby earned oads This is a funny the humor is very British insight E scary ife changing business One that ooks beyond the happy clappy cliches into the fiery hell of night feeds and projectile vomiting 'Shit happens' will suddenly start to make sense as a phrase Providing crucial information and insight on every aspect of parenting with pitch perfect humour it takes the dad to be on a whit. ,

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