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Able to look awaylike it was an accident of some kind So why after things started looking p for The Neko did I find myself a bit bored with the storymaybe I do have of a DM than I once thought I m gonna give this 35 stars I really have no idea what else to say about this book so I m not gonna try If "you wanna know something specific feel free to ask and I ll try to answer without spoilers nless you don "wanna know something specific feel free to ask and I ll try to answer without spoilers nless you don mind them Posted at Shelf InflictedI would not have read this book if several of my friends have not already read and enjoyed PL Nunn s work Since I have read many books that explore the darker side of humanity and the evil things people do to each other I wasn t going to let a few warnings like bestiality torture and exaggerated scenes of humiliation sadism and bondage scare me away In Chapter 1 a young Neko named Dharsha was captured and sold as a pleasure slave He went through hell with his first few masters ntil he was sold to a woman who introduced him to pleasures he knew little of Though she was mostly kind she would never let Dharsha forget he was just a slave and he rebelled His rebellion earned a brutal beating and his sale to five woodsmen who didn t waste any time showing Dharsha how to behave like a proper slave I read this chapter just before going to bed and had a dream that I had a I read this chapter just before going to bed and had a dream that I had a of my own Like the Neko in the story he was a young man with feline characteristics such as tail claws and tufted ears He was sitting in my father s favorite chair drinking a tall glass of Coke while I was sitting on the couch with my grandmother across the way My father comes home nexpectedly and my grandmother and I race to the kitchen leaving the Neko sitting A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uietly From the kitchen we can hear glass break and my father shouting about cat hairs on his chair Then he proceeded to beat the Nekontil he howled When I came out of the kitchen to beg my dad to leave him alone my dad started pounding on me for referring to the Neko as a him and not as an it I remember waking p and thinking that this author must have some serious issues with men and cats Chapters 2 through 7 nauseated me with the relentless torture physical and sexual humiliation and deprivations Dharsha endures with the five woodsmen It took me a couple of days to read these chapters as they were too much even for me I then had a dream that my former boss called me into work after I was laid off because he couldn t find any of the employee files When I arrived at the office I saw the file cabinet drawers were open and my former office was a shambles The files were nowhere to be found My boss then grabbed me bent me over the desk tied my arms over my head pulled my pants down and took a switch to my bare ass By this stage the Neko s spirit was so broken and my feelings so numb that nothing that happened next could have shocked me So I kept readingIn the next chapter a trapper comes to the woodsmen Despise his differences he becomes less than human an object for them to sate their frustrations and lust Only when a passing trapper frees him of their cruel ownership does he discover that. .
How I felt when I got to The Scene With The DogI Instantly Wiped scene with the dogI instantly wiped book off my computer I m sick but not THAT sick The line has been drawnBestiality this sideme this side and never shall cross againGROSS DISGUSTING WRONGI feel violated having read this 35 StarsI had a hard time deciding how to rate this one because while I don t approve of censorship I can definitely see why et al won t sell this book It s one thing to read about partially shifted Weres and whatnot having sex with humanish characters and another thing entirely for it to be with view spoileractual animals in this case a dog Yes it s a forced mounting on the neko by the dog and neko being forced to perform oral sex on the dog each time but stillactual bestiality is one of those things I didn t think I d ever find myself reading about hide spoiler 35 starsCruelnasty and extremely sadisticJust for hard assed readersTake the warnings seriously or you re marred for life If you are not into non con physical abuse or manimal sex this book is better left aloneI scrolled through some new reviews and can t stop wondering WHY Why do people ignore warnings and tags and decide to read the book anywayPeeps READ THE TAGS Don t start the book nless you think you are OK with all that s listed in the warnings It s not fair to the author andor the book I don t like ghost stories or m preg so I don t read them hence no nfair one star ratings no bleach for my eyes Simple Yea I did this I was too curious not too So blah blah blah WARNINGS blah blah So yea the first half was all torture AND SEX HOWEVER IT DIDN T PARTICULARLY AFFECT ME sex however it didn t particularly affect me think because the torture started straight away I didn t really have time to connect or care about Dharsha There was just no reference to him being free so it was hard to care deeply about his situation Obviously it was terrible but I could read it fairly detachedThen the change in story with Caled and it was nice to see someone care for Dharsha but that story was sort of boring and honestly the thing that annoyed me the most was that most of the sex was at the beginning with the rapists there was only one hand job with Caled The lack of sex wasn t even really to do with trauma from the The lack of sex wasn t even really to do with trauma from the it just didn t fit into the adventureAnyway it was good and interesting to push my boundaries Not sure I could handle it with characters I really cared about which was probably why Bloodraven affected me but who knows shrugs It was free which is probably why its 3 and not 2 stars also I did read this straight after Bloodraven which I loved so the rating is probably lower because of the comparisons as well WARNING This book includes non con torture humiliation bestiality violence WOW UMMM EWWW ICK OWIE YAY BLAH BLAH SERIOUSLYPicking my jaw p off the floorDid I really just like that I think i might have I m shocked with the fact that I found myself turning page after page in the beginning not. The neko are a cat like race that live separate from humans When Dharsha a young neko is captured and enslaved he learns just how cruel humanity can be Sold to a group of brutal woodsmen who.
The Kalarthri (The Way to Freedom,
Cabin wishing to spend a night or two in the stable while his horse recovers from injury Neko reveals the woodsmen s plans for the trapper and the two make their escape Though Dharsha is relieved to be away from his brutal masters it takes some time for him to adjust to his freedom Gradually his feline senses become attuned his claws grow back and he demonstrates skill as a hunter These skills become seful when the trapper s life becomes endangered It was a pleasure watching Dharsha grow and change though I wish of The Story Would Have story would have devoted to his adjustment to his new life and his developing relationship with Caled the trapper rather than the brutality he endured I suspect this is the most violent of PL Nunn s works and will read another of the author s stories just not right away READ THE DESCRIPTION DANGER AHEAD WILL ROBINSONAs my predecssors metioned in their reviews read the blurb and seriously don t read this if ANY of them are not your thing Don t try to think you ll get over itYou probably won tDon t try to force yourself to read itYou won t like itIt s one of those reads that make or break youHeed the warningsThat being said I read this in less than 24 hours And kudos to PL Nunn because you got dark really ick and pretty constantly graphic extremely dark I actually had to disconnect myself while reading a number of scenes But they were necessary in appreciating Dharsha And comparing the suffering while reading a number of scenes But they were necessary in appreciating Dharsha And comparing the suffering s only 8 chapters out of the 20 I am happy to say it s a HEA after all of that I don t know how to rate this so I won tI ve wanted to read this for a while but waited Vérité (Love at Center Court, until it was finished The reviews thatrge caution before reading Neko should be taken seriously Everyone has limits kinky or vanilla and this pushed A LOT of mineand I have VERY FEW limits The first 127 pages are fucking HELL They will make you angry sick to your stomach and test your countenance The story does get kinder after that but there isn t a balance I wanted Dharsha to have his spectacular moment of triumph and vengeance like Yhalen in Bloodraven I yearned for a balance between torture and resilience but there was none What little transcendence and fleeting joy Dharsha experienced was too little too late for me Nonetheless Pam Nunn knows how to write dark paranormal fiction she knows how to pull the reader into her twisted imagination and stoke your curiosity while making You Uncomfortable If That S Your Thing Neko Is For uncomfortable If that s your thing Neko is for and happy reading I initially categorized this as MM bdsm before reading it In my humble opinion Neko should be categorized as noncon or slavery fiction and NOT BDSM of course I know there is often overlap between these two worlds but I feel viscerally and psychologically discomforted by viewing Neko as BDSM Umm yeah I could say but I m buttoning my trap REad it for yourself it s FREE No holds barred with this book Its sadistic and brutal and I loved it. Not all humans are evil And in a new land he discovers as well that he can find love and clan with the one man who needs him as much as he is needed Hard core non con fetish and bdsm situatio. .