[EBOOK NEW] (Don't Bother Me Mom I'm Learning) BY Marc Prensky

Masturbation but somewhat disappointingly it s actually about xtolling the ducational benefits of gaming As the title suggests it s aimed at concerned parents who are worried about their children s game playing habits And of course by concerned parents I mean overbearing suburbanite moms with maybe just a little too much time on their hands the kind much time on their hands the kind people that are head of the PTA and coach their kids soccer team The author has little in the way of credentials and despite obvious good intentions does not completely convince me that he is an xpert on the subject and worth listening toMany of the arguments are the same freuently cited by defenders of the games industry Basically what they all sum up to is that video games do not cause serious harm to the players He takes it a step further though by insisting that there s a lot for kids to learn from video games He says these skills they pick up in video games are Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society essential as they grow up and join society or at leastssential nough that he ncourages using games in the classroom While I ve long since accepted that video games aren t going to rape my soul and turn me into a serial killer I am completely against games in classrooms Sure they won t harm you and you may ven learn a few things from a handful of titles handful meaning a couple dozenBut games are not and probably never will be about learning They are about njoyment and Black Heart, Red Ruby entertainment and any knowledge injected into them takes second priority Further there just aren tnough titles that are both ntertaining and ducational to make it Worth Buying Say Several buying say several dollars worth of game systems or PCs As much as it pains me to say this using video games to teach is just another gimmick in my New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood eyes Why can t schools hunker down and update ten year old textbooks instead of purchasing the latest gizmo or sportsuipment If I Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ever father children Science help them I definitely won t stop them from gaming at home but I ll whine my butt off to the PTA if I find games at their school This is a book I feel all parents should read For parents this book is a great primer about video and computer games It makes a case for why these games benefit children but importantly itxplains a lot of the gaming and computer jargon and gives xamples of a lot of the popular softwar. S What You Will Learn The aim of this book is to give you a peek into the hidden world into which your kids disappear when they are playing games and to help you as an adult specially if you are a concerned parent or teacher understand and appreciate just how much your kids are learning that is POSITIVE from their video and computer gamesIn the few short hours it takes to read this book you will learn What it feels like to be in the world of computer and video games; How to appreciate the breadth and depth of modern computer and video games and the ways they make your kids learn; How to understand the various USEFUL skills your game playing your kids are acuiring; How to understand your own kids better and build better relationships using games as a base; And most importantly How to augment and improve what your kids are learning by HAVING CONVERSATIONS THAT THEY WANT TO HAVE about their games.

Marc Prensky Ð 9 Summary

Easy read gets the point across that games have value for learning Aimed at parents as much as ducators i likes reading it makes me feel great and matured Most of the information in this book not new to me but there matured Most of the information in this book is not new to me but there some interesting perspectives that are good to hear The real challenge is in how to intigrate this into public schools The key is that how teachers are allocated or allowed to allot their time needs to shift from a blue collar mentality to a white collar mentality The goals of the book seem within parents reach to accomplish than for teachers Interesting ideas but schools don t have the budgets to sustain all the new games that come out Do the games teach real life skills I think after reading this book I would say yes Do the games teach the standards that schools are being measured by NO The funniest title of any book I ve read for February Book Club is Don t Bother Me Mom I m learning Is a guide for parents that most of America should understand that Video Games aren t violent Yet the author Marc Prensky spreads the message to families on how could they improve their children to ducate themselves to work with technology to not abuse their chances to achieve a career in video games if the child amends to that dream than banning video games from the to achieve a career in video games if the child amends to that dream than banning video games from the is no optionAll families have different concepts on how to raise their children ither they want their child to not use tech all day and night to have them focus on their studies to not fall asleep in class or a way that parents don t care about their child is spending up all night not getting any rest Debates on games are vil and not motivation are technically the main issue on why kids can t succeed I seen lots of bad parenting in the years of my family and friends being bad parents on letting them do what they please to not teach them The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs educational things and that is the parent s choice to be a bad parent on whether they should buy this violent game for their childrenPersonally speaking they are games that make children lack their studies like ROBLOX or GTA V are all nighter games that kids will be glued to their chairs because it s addicting like candyye to children whenever they get addicted to something cool I grew up playing GTA as a teen knowing what bad things I shouldn t do in real life. The POSITIVE Guide for Parents Concerned About Their Kids' Video and Computer Game PlayingMarc knows it all depends on how we use our games He knows that if parents place good video games into a learning system in their homes they can reap major benefits for their children and themselves They can accelerate their children's language and cognitive growth James Paul Gee Tashia Mogridge Professor of Reading University of Wisconsin MadisonMarc Prensky presents the case profoundly counter cultural but true nevertheless that video and computer game playing within limits is actually very beneficial to today's Digital Native kids who are using them to prepare themselves for life in the 21st century The reason kids are so attracted to these games Prensky says is that they are learning about important future things from collaboration to prudent risk taking to strategy formulation and xecution to comple. Like what Prensky stated in his book that Gaming has it s short term ffects on how a child thinks Gaming can be a bad influence to people to an Monsieur Pain extent where kids can learn not to bad by better parenting and should not listen to old geezers like trump that thinks what kids really want in order for a better societyParents need to realize that they have a chance to not live in the past where they used to do non tech things that particularly that children won tnjoy More children can A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author evolve and grow into a mindsetven if the parent has them use a little technology Digital natives ven have problems with understanding how their kids learning IM on how to use tech slang like u or k instead of ok and you They tend to grow up in society where natives are stricter and that immigrants were used to games like monopoly or clue which are basic board games Therefore it s okay to have Other Adults Try To Learn Digital Games With Their Children adults try to
digital games with their children say you can teach an old dog new tricks and CTEP is a great xample how older adults can keep up with the latest tech I thought this book was a bit thin intellectually and of course it became absurdly dated very uickly people are doing this newfangled thing called texting However along with another book I read recently it did convince me to The Exhaustion Breakthrough ease up on my dislike of screen time and video games I think the kids are learning I don t think it s useful to call some activities good and some bad as I don t think it s helpful to say sugar is bad and vegetables are good It made me realize that my dislike of video games is my own and perhapsvidence of some deficiencies in my ability to learn The best parts were the uotes from James Gee and mostly this book made me want to read his which seems like it might have substance to it This is overall a good read for parents who are completely opposed to their children playing video games However since it was written in 2006 it is already uite outdated I appreciate Prensky s approach to this topic but it isn t written from a scholarly perspective There are a lot of opinions The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good expressed and very few proven theories Lots of good information He discusses ways that kids learn via video games that I would never have thought of Given the title of this book it could very well have turned out to be about the joys of. X moral andthical decisions Prensky's arguments are backed up by university PhD's studying not just violence but games in their totality as well as studies of gamers who have become successful corporate workers Supplemental Book entrepreneurs leaders doctors lawyers scientists and other professionalsBecause most adults including the critics can't play the modern complex games themselves and discount the opinions of the kids who do play them they rely on secondhand sources of information most of whom are sadly misinformed about both the putative harm and the true benefits of game playing This book is the antidote to those misinformed bombastic sources in the press andlsewhere Full of common sense and practical information it provides parents with a large number of techniues approaches they can use both over time and right away to improve both their understanding of games and their relationships with their kid. .

Don't Bother Me Mom I'm Learning