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It's All About the Bike The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels

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Icycling It seems like an activity that is best EXPERIENCED DIRECTLY RATHER THAN VICARIOUSLY BUT I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED directly rather than vicariously but I thoroughly enjoyed book The book is written by a serious cyclist who loves I thoroughly enjoyed book The book is written by a serious cyclist who loves sport and he communicates that in the book All members of the Pedalers should be able to connect to this feelingThe author Robert Penn is a serious recreational cyclist In the introduction he claims I cycled across the USA Australia South East Asia the Indian subcontinent Central Asia the Middle East and Europe effectively around the worldand then he explains his need for a new bike I need a talismanic machine that somehow reflects my cycling history and carries my cycling aspirations I want craftsmanship not technology I want the bike to be man made I want a bike that has character a bike that will never be last year s model I want a bike that shows my appreciation of the tradition lore and beauty of bicyclesPenn decides to hand pick
all of the 
of the of his bike and visit the factories where they are built He has chapters on the frame wheels drivetrain saddle and handlebars Each chapter features a visit to the factory or shop where he will get that component stories from his cycling experiences and a bit of cycling history relevant to that component In the chapter on frames he discusses frame geometry and the characteristics of different frame materials carbon steel aluminum and titanium While he owns a carbon racing bike he decides to choose steel for his custom bike Steel s strength and repairability being the most important characteristics to him He expects his bike to last for decades After discussing his decision on steel Penn goes into the history of the Reynolds Tube Company and their steel bicycle tubes and his own experience of breaking a frame and having it repaired in Amritsar India A steel frame can be repaired anywhere you can find a welder A carbon frame can t be repaired anywhere His frame will be custom built by Rourke Cycles in Stoke on Trent England In the chapter on the steering system the evolution of the modern bicycle from velocipedes to high wheelers to the modern bike The reason that this is discussed in the handlebar chapter is that steering is impeded by having the pedals attached to the front wheels Penn otes a journalist from 1869 about the difficulties Velocipedes are pretty things to look Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) upon as they whirl along so swiftly and gracefully operated by some practiced hand But did you ever try to ride one It seems an easy thing to sit on the little carpeted seat put your feetpon the treadles and astonish everybody by your speed but just try it And don t invite your lady friends to witness that first performance either You mount the machine with a great deal of dignity and confidence you see that all is clear you The Four Faces of God undertake to place your feet in the proper position and the trouble begins Your first half hour is spent deciding which shall beppermost yourself or the machine and the machine exhibits an amount of skill and perseverance that astonishes youAttaching the pedals to the rear wheels were the major breakthrough in bicycle design making it much easier to steer and balanceOf course handlebars need a headset so Penn travels to Portland Oregon to get the headset for his bike It is a Chris King headset Chris King invented the sealed bearing headset in 1976 and still sells the same model Since he is visting Portland to get the headset he has to describe the cycling culture there A visit to Milan to pick Cinelli handlebars results in a discussion of Italian cycling to end the chapter In the chapter on drivetrains Penn visits the Campagnolo factory since he plans to buy the Record groupset His original plan was to buy separate components but his builder told him that was madness This chapter also covers the history of Tullio Campagnolo who invented the ick release skewer and the derailleur There is also another chunk of Italian cycling history including the story of the fraud that claimed Leonardo da Vinci invented the bike In the chapter on wheels Penn visits Marin County California to purchase Gravy wheels He brings his hubs with him Having purchased them in England For tires he bought Continental Grand Prix 4000s That is the only component mentioned in the book that I might actually buy His wheels are hand built Since Penn was in Marin County he visited with some of the inventors of mountain biking and rode with them on one of the classic courses of the 70s I co. Urney but this book is than the story of his hunt for two wheel perfection En route Penn brilliantly explores the culture science and history of the bicycle From artisanal frame shops in the United Kingdom to California where he finds the perfect wheels via Portland Milan and points in between his trek follows the serpentine path of our love affair with cycling It explains why we ride It's All About the Bike is like Penn's dream bike a tale greater than the sum of its parts An enthusiastic and charming tour guide Penn ses each component of the. This was a fun introduction into biking culture much as I would ve done as a child if someone asked me to draw a picture of a bike and express what it means to me I would draw some lines connecting two circles and say that biking was a fun way to get from Point A to Point BHow naiveBiking is not just an outdoor activity but an intense culture that spans the globe and the machine itself is ite fascinating when you pay attention Reading this book was like finding myself at a party and eavesdropping on a handful of people telling a really engaging story I didn t know what they were talking about but I wanted I didn t know what they were talking about but I wanted the group and their conversation The analogy holds true for all its pros and cons pros in that th This is definitely one of my favorite books I ve read this year I loved how each chapter was broken down into one major piece of his bike that he was building Then on top of following that we get all this history I love bikes and I love history so this was a very enjoyable book for me I will say since there is so much knowledge given the book was a bit dense and took me a little while to get through But even so I really did thoroughly enjoy this book and everything I learned It has encouraged me to get bike books Somehow Robert Penn was able to convince his publisher to pay for a custom made high end bicycle by visiting all of the factories of that make the parts and writing a book about it How did I not think of thisEnvy aside the book is full of seful cycling history trivia for enthusiasts like myself The prose isn t memorable but I d still recommend it to anyone who nods knowingly at the following descriptionThe bicycle saves my life every day If you ve ever experienced a moment of awe or freedom on a bicycle if you ve ever taken flight from sadness to the rhythm of two spinning wheels or felt the resurgence of hope pedalling to the top of a hill with the dew of effort on your forehead if you ve ever wondered swooping bird like down a long hill on a bicycle if the world was standing still if you have ever just once sat on a bicycle with a singing heart and felt like an ordinary human touching the gods then we share something fundamental This is a delightfully entertaining riff on one of the greatest inventions of humankind the bicycle Cheap elegant efficient and clean it had a tremendous influence on the social s rban development and technological progress of the last 150 years The bicycle was a key driver behind the emancipation of women the mobilisation of the working class the expansion of cities and the nlocking of remote countryside And it served as a precursor to the automobile and the airplane the Wright brothers started out as bicycle mechanics after all thereby contributing to its own demise But today the bicycle s cultural status is on the rise again and we can only speculate about the magnitude of its redeeming future contribution to a world reigned by congestion energy scarcity obesity and burnout Robert Penn relied on a simple and endearing scheme as a scaffolding for his literary tribute after having spent decades on bikes crisscrossing remote areas on this planet he sets out on a journey to put together the ltimate talismanic bicycle Component by component starting with the frame moving on to the handlebars drivetrain wheels and saddle he assembles his fully customised dream bike seeking out the choicest craftsmen who pursue their mechanical trade with spiritual ardour And piece by piece we learn about the surprisingly tortuous history of bicycle invention Altogether it makes p for a fascinating narrative and one that is permeated with the profound love that this most glorious most honest and sanest of inventions can instill in human beings The bicycle saves my life every day If you ve ever experienced a moment of awe or freedom on a bicycle if you ve ever taken flight from sadness to the rhythm of two spinning wheels or felt the resurgence of hope pedalling to the top of a hill with the dew of effort on your forehead if you ve ever wondered swooping down bird like down a long hill if the world was standing still if you have ever just once sat on a bicycle with a singing heart and felt like an ordinary human touching the gods then we share something fundamental We know it s all about the bike Great for the Cyclist EnthusiastI was given this book as a Christmas present so I had absolutely no preconceptions about it I have not read many books about Robert Penn has saddled p nearly every day of his adult life In his late twenties he pedaled 25000 miles around the world Today he rides to get to work sometimes for work to bathe in air and sunshine to travel to go shopping to stay sane and to skip bath time with his kids He's no Sunday pedal pusher So when the time came for a new bike he decided to pull out all the stops He would build his dream bike the bike he would ride for the rest of his life; a customized machine that reflects the joy of cycling It's All About the Bike follows Penn's jo. Nsider the century ride miles that I did several years ago to be one of my significant achievements and the first century ride is mentioned several years ago to be one of my significant achievements and the first century ride is mentioned this chapter They mounted their machines just as the sun was rising and pedalling bravely they reached Mr Starley s residence just as the clock of St Michael s struck the hour of midnight It was a remarkable feat 100 miles on primitive roads Starley was 41 years old and he weighed 196 lb Both men didn t get out of bed for three days but the ride attracted public interestThe last chapter on bike components is about saddles and of course Penn buys a Brooks saddle He is going for a classic bike which will give years of se A major piece of this chapter is on six day races which started in Victorian England The first competitive six day race was held in the Islington Agricultural Hall London in 1878 Riders on high wheeler bicycles rode round and round Prince Henery Sinclair until they dropped slept briefly rose and rode round and round again for six days straight There was no racing on the Sabbath Phew As sport it would not meet with the customs of our timesSix day races reached New York in the 1890s and were a very popular spectator sport through the 1920s Major races were held at Madison Suare Garden and were attended by celebrities like Bing Crosby and Ernest Hemingway The last chapter is on the assembly of all those components into his bike He has to choose a color scheme for his bike At first he chooses purple but his builder tells him no so he decides on Frederick Pedaler colors of orange and blue I wonder how he knew that wese those colors Then he is off to ride his new 5500 custom built bike and it is all that he had hoped for He comes to the conclusionLance Armstrong was wrong I realize this is rich telling the winner of the world s toughest cycle race a record seven times that the title of his global best selling book It s Not About the Bike is erroneous but there you go I ve done it now Lance you don t know what you re talking about It is about the bike It s all about the bikeI thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys cycling I admit it I m biased in favor of this book from the get go I have a background in history I ride a bike and I really enjoy industrial toursOh yeah I m also biased in favor of good writingYou d think this kind of thing had been done before and for all I know it has My ignorance of the existence and depth of such works worked in my favor Given the Tobacco, alcohol and drugs: Choosing health, high school (Choosing health high school) uality of the writing though I don t think it matters how many other works in this style existHere s the story of a man who has been riding bicycles most of his life Now on the downhill side of that life the author and rider wants to have his first and only bespoke bicycle This is the s Beautiful The magic of cycling and bicycles all in one and was a joy to read in the way a nice ride is joyful Just felt swept along and totally taken by the author s own joy and wonder at bicycles and bicycling historyBut I would not recommend it to anyone who wasn t into bicycles they d likely find it inane Their loss Enjoyable paean to the bicycle and craftsmanship Penn tells the story of hisest to build himself the perfect racing bike While explaining how his bespoke bike is made by the best manufacturers and craftsmen of bicycles and bicycle parts he also writes about the industrial and cultural history of the bike With a good editor and half the length this would have been worth four stars With good illustrations and caption it could even have been five stars All about bikeI am a cyclist it has become sort of my identity lately and despite being one I had never read a book on cyclingI was gifted this book and the subject of the book was very interesting to me its about the author s journey of building his dream bike he travels to different part of the world and sources various components This book is for a bike junkie like me a drug fix On a strange My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (My Fair Godmother, uest to build his dream bike Robert Penn takess on journeys through the cultural and technological histories of bikes and cycling as well as some of his own personal bike trips around the world He made me want to get my bike out polish it carefully adjust it tweak it revel in the miracle of elegant simplicity and Harlem Renaissance ultimate efficiency that it is and then go ridingHe visits the factories that make some of the most renowned components some of which are very familiar to any cyclist CampagnoloCinelli Brooks and some Bike as a starting point for illuminating excursions into the rich history of cycling Just like a long ride on a lovely day It's All About the Bike is pure joy enriching exhilarating andnforgettableRobert Penn has worked as a lawyer waiter contractor DJ photographer and journalist and biked to every single job He writes for the Financial Times the Observer and Condé Nast Traveler as well as a host of cycling publications Penn lives in Wales with his wife and three childrenPraise from the UK for It's All About the BikeA gem of a book Economist.