[New] Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples

Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology gThis is anotherreat book by Thom Rainer I am a new comer functioning as Associate Pastor at a church that fits the description of both the Simple Church and of a Break Out Church see Rainer s book on the subject The senior pastor has been at the church for over 20 years and when I arrived I was pastor has been at the church for over 20 years and when I arrived I was to share with him that I believed the church fit the description of a break out church Then I read Simple Church actually listened to it on Audible and told the pastor about how the church fit the description The pastor said that he had taken the congregation through that book and that they really enjoyed it The insights and principles shared in this book work I see it everyday at Mt Calvary This is a Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning great book to help Church leaders minimize ministry clutter whichets in the way of doing what only churches can do This book helps congregations stop being a social entertainment club and to focus on why we are here to make spiritual impacts It was really fun to read too with the stories illustrations and humor Thanks Eric and Thom This is brilliant book but very frustrating if you are not a church leader or is a position to do anything about it I ve read the 3 or 4 chapters so far but Charlestown Blues gave up as I m not a church leader and not currently in a position to influence the leadership There are manyood things in it worth considering and implementingIf you re a church leader read this I don t think you ll be disappointed I should write an elaborated review of this book But alas timeOverall the intention of the 2 authors is solid and helpful for certain church applications One thing that these two uys do well is pushing the mandate for making disciples As it is well a mandate The American church does a horrid job of bringing this transformation to our countrymenMy major letdowns with the book are three fold1 to our countrymenMy major letdowns with the book are three fold1 thinking is very well developed but the writing is painfully repetitive even in the first three chapters By the time you reach chapter six it s unbearable I can see the value in repeating information that s brand new to some older folks But this oes way beyond what s necessary2 My second letdown with the book may have to do with the authors Building the South Side generations They do a fanatastic job in celebrating the various ways simple church can be applied broadly across the body But when it comes down to it it vastly oversimplifies the diversity in that same body and completely overlooks God s designing these tens of thousands of communities differently on purpose After reading thru their approach isood but applies a one size fits all approach to making churches simple Fine But there is a huge loss in individuality as under their uidance it seems churches would lose sight of the niche things they were created for3 A third thing although the Sunday church may not disappear any time soon they state in the book the worldwide bricks and mortar church is in reat decline That is clear and well documented for two decades nowBut they don t seem to address why Old simplistic church models and old mindsets seem to be the reason The younger Chicagos Urban Nature generation wants less and less to do with a Sunday service or any formal service regardless of how innovative they may appear So the whole model of inviting people to church presumably toet saved and be transformed Made Into Disciples Is Horribly into disciples is horribly and painfully oblivious of the modern culture we all live in And by the way Jesus told us to Cezanne and Provence: The Painter in His Culture go Not to tell others to come to churchAh the comfort mindset of our peopleI m sorry for the criticisms Though these authors do a decent albeit cumbersome job in explaining the simple church approach it s almost like too little too late for oureneration We need models for doing community outside the four walls rather than new models for etting people to come to a bland and demeaning and disrespected existence Just because a simple church may appear to be thriving doesn t indicate that they re doin. The simple revolution is here From thedesign of Apple productsto Googles uncluttered homepage simple ideas are changing the worldNow in paperback multi awarded #1 national bestseller Simple Church uides Christians back to the simple ospel sharing methods of Jesus. ,

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Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making DisciplesScriptural support but without there really being too much solid scriptural exegesis supporting "The Points Of The "points of the The research data supports it but the scriptural support is weak in this I m referring to what is communicated in the book Rainer and Geiger are smart uys and I m sure they have scriptural support than they actually communicated in the bookThird I was sorely disappointed by the lack of scriptural support than they actually communicated in the bookThird I was sorely disappointed by the lack of articulation of any sort of ecclesiology in the book I think this flows from the first two problems mentioned above Better scriptural support would have led them to summarize scripture in a theological manner which would have led to at least a minimal articulation a single chapter at least outlining primary biblical elements of a church For what this book was arguing With the subtitle Returning to God s Process for Making Disciples a failure to adeuately point towards some biblical foundations for discipleship for a church even if these would be Collections of Nothing general values is a pretty huge oversight This book is at best a book focusing on leadership principles for leading a religious organization But the leadership principles advocated are commercially based than scripturally foundedLastly the writers refer to themselves as nerds and the book as a nerdy book As a nerd myself I found the simplistic writing style of the book insulting and ultimately detrimental to the book s argument The simplicitylossed over elements which needed a deeper treatment I suspect the simple writing style was an attempt for the execution of the argument to match the title but as a pastor who wanted to really dig his teeth into this idea I was left with uestions than answersThe reason I really wrestle with recommending this book and why in the end I Communism gave it four stars instead of three is that overall the book does advocate someood principles which actually have some scriptural merit Unfortunately I think the book over values its research data an entirely different cultural and social problem in the West and that undercuts how a leader should be truly evaluating hisher church through eyes and values shaped by scriptures Rainer and Geiger do not deny the latter they actually advocate it in the postscript but their practice in the book elevates data points over scriptural exegesisCan it be a helpful book Yesbut it need to be balanced with other books that do proper exegetical and ecclesiological book This book would probably best be used after studying books that do the proper scriptural and theological work because then the ideas contained in Simple Church could be critiued and analyzed in light of the scriptural and exegetical work that has already been explored Ideas for focusing your church ministry Not necessary to dump everything Just How to Read the American City Close Up glean the best ideas that will fit your church and focus on what things are most important Stop trying to do everything especially things that drain resources without fulfilling your mission and purposes Rather American well of course it is American Simple is perfect however and having been in Church leadership teams on and off for the last 20 yrs I can see the need to cut down on all the jobs and meetings which seem to satisfy at least half the membership If they rush about being active doing charity stuff looking SO busy meetings to collect money for preserving buildings etc they can feel they are doing God s work without stopping to listen to God What is He really asking us to be do Stop look listen and in the peace and space the answer will dawn effortlesslyChurch is The People who live in the Faith with God in their hearts Christianity is not just a religion it is just that a FaithWhat this book does is help clarify what is important and what mere dross and prevarication If you are in ministry and wonder why your church is notrowing then here is as Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans good a place to start as anyI ve read it and now I have to do something about it True of anyreat boo. Church examines each idea clearly showing why it is time to simplify This updated trade paper edition includes a new chapter with further insights the authors have Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet gained through hundreds of conversations with church leaders since this landmark books original relea. G all they were designed to do We settle for so little it s disheartening to watchCmon people God never intended the Body of Christ to beckon the world to tie themselves to the four wall modelThe most powerful transformation doesn t happen in the Sunday services anyway The authors even say that Sunday s aren t where real community happens Transformation not just for churchoers but for the rest of the world happens when the church dispersed and made themselves useful in the world not by camping out on Sundays or midweek ie God forcing them out of their comfortable lifestyles into the needy world by sending Roman persecution on them There s a lot to be said for etting discipled on the way when you re already in motion outside the church and
in the worldOk the book fine It s a decent read for those stuck in church especially if they lack cohesive vision and a simple strategy for discipling But it would ve been better back in the 1960 s and 70 s when churches stared to et too complicated These days I d say it s a very basic starting point For other world focused believers and ministries simple church can help streamline your thought processes But please apply it and move on There s so much to do and so little time if you need this kind of book this is a Conversations with Nelson Algren great book if you re looking for entertainment this is not the book for you its research results that are applicable to certain situations But if your church is looking for help inetting organized to reach people this can be an effective tool I liked it and will keep it around to refer to often The information shared in this book could certainly be used in everyday life not just in a church setting I was iven this book by a mentor of mine someone who leads a big church in UK standards after I asked him to recommend me some books that have shaped his thinking and affected him within ministry for the positive of the church he runsThis book is packed full of wisdom and research that will open your eyes up to the effect a simple church structure will have over a complicated church structure and how so often we think to do we need to do when in this day and age to do we "need to do less effectivelyI ve you run a church pastor a church or want "to do less effectivelyI ve you run a church pastor a church or want et involved in church leadership at some point in your life this will have been a fantastic book to have Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate gone through easy to read understandable and with a few fun momentsWell worth the few pounds it will cost you to learn a few life lessons we all need Allood thanks This is a book I struggled with Overall I love the eneral idea of the book simplifying the ministry of the church to effectively disciple People In Their Christian Walks in their Christian walks there were a few elements which ave me pauseFirst the emphasis upon research data They touch on the fact that a healthy church is not about numbers but about people living as God called them but that acknowledgement is buried beneath chapter and chapters which point towards the size or numerical rowth of a church as an indicator of whether or not it was healthy I love research data but there were also times when their research indicated that there were a decent amount of churches which did not meet their definition of simple yet were still thriving This latter reality did not seem to be addressed I would have appreciated at least a chapter or minimally a few pages discussing why this might work But most troubling the emphasis upon data instead of an emphasis upon what a healthy spirituality looks likeSecond there is minimal scriptural support for the principles expressed in the book This is the most troubling to me While scripture is uoted and referenced in some chapters sparingly than others upon a closer examination freuently the scripture doesn t actually support or advocate the point It is used illustratively or to support a peripheral point supporting the main thesis of the chapter All this adds up to a sense of. No bells or whistles reuired With insights based on case studies of400 American churches Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger prove the disciple making process is often too complex Simple churches thrive by taking four ideas to heartClarity Movement Alignment Focus Simple.
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