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Ut some of the characters such as Great Muta and Inoki as well as the American stars such as Vader Brody and Hansen Definitely fires the bullet to the current Bullet Club well as the American stars such as Vader Brody and Hansen Definitely fires the bullet to the current Bullet Club Wrestling historical read Very fulfilling concise read on the history of NJPW What really helps readers are the in between chapters that take a break from the story to go over some of the promotion s greats or cultural aspects I highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn about NJPW simply superb I started following NJPW this past January when I became hooked by Okada Omega at Wrestle Kingdom As my fandom has grown over the past year I ve found myself searching for old matches on NJPW World and reading Wiki pages for any and all wrestlersChris book which I discovered after stumbling upon his Twitter account is an incredible summation of the history of the company Anything you need to know about every aspect of the company why and how it s constructed as I m an American who has always loved wrestling I discovered Japanese wrestling in the early 90s and was hook US wrestling ust seemed so lame afterwards Unfortunately tape trading was often frustrating and expensive so I never got to watch as much as I would like until NJPW World came along This book fills in a lot of the gaps I had in my NJPW knowledge and points out soe banger matches to watch Definitely worth a buy This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to know the deep history of wrestling in Japan especially on the Development Of New Japan of New Japan Wrestling The author does a great ob laying the groundwork for what led to today s product Without spoiling the book there is attention given to. 0s its influence on the medium at large in the '90s and its downturn and subseuent revival in the last two decades Alongside a detailed and informative history are essays detailing the intricacies of Japanese wrestling psychology how NJPW's key players shaped the company and muchbesidesA crucial reference guide for any wrestling fan Lion's Pride offers an entertaining and insightful glance behind the scenes of the 'King of Sport. ,

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A great introduction to the history of NJPW This book is ideal reading for western wrestling fans that are currently sinking their teeth into The new golden age of NJPW After literally hundreds of books on the US wrestling scene there s Finally A Great History Of a great history of Japan Bringing terrific insight as well as detailed history and what must have been exhaustive research the author has captured perfectly the essence of what made NJPW so great in its first couple of decades before the slump in the early 2000s couple of decades before the slump in the early 2000s Japan again on the ascendant let s hope the author can turn his hand and bring us eually good books on All Japan and the dominant women s era of the 90s Terrific highly recommended and a great purchase This was a very educational book Talks about all of New Japan s history with every other chapter in between talking about a different aspect of the Japanese business I became a fan after watching the G1 in 2013 and it was great to get a background on the company It covers it was great to get a background on the company It covers the starting of the company up to ust before the 2015 G1 so it goes into good detail on the company s rise fall and rise againHowever the book has some problems It tends to go off on tangents umping forward years and then coming back An example of this is when Naito s name is brought up in a chapter on the early 2000 s it then proceeds to detail Naito s career his 2013 G1 win and heel turn then goes back to the original subject Then when the actual chapter on 2013 happens it talks about Naito s whole thing again There s a lot of stuff like that in the bookI think the book needed proofreading to get rid of the repetition there are also uite a few typos Japan has long been the most respected territory in the field of professional wrestling and the most appreciated by hardcore fans worldwide New Japan Pro Wrestling is the country's most recognisable brand It attracts scores of fans to annual Tokyo Dome shows has made household names of its most prominent talent and is increasingly in demand by a rabid international audienceYet NJPW's 40 year history has been a rocky one The comp. ,

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For Many for many book has some photos interspersed throughout Reading this on kindle midway through some of the photos obscure the text which is unfortunate though I m sure the physical copy does not have this formatting issueOverall despite my complaints I loved this book I m so glad a book like this was able to be made and I hope like this will be written in the future Considering the overall history of pro wrestling in the I hope like this will be written in the future Considering the overall history of pro wrestling in the 34 years the WWE has the majority of the history but if New Japan is 2nd it isn t by much It s a must read to understand not only the promotion itself but the culture of pro wrestling and Japan i have gotten back into wrestling but seeing how wwe has bad than good i wanted to learn about other promotions This is a great read and insight for one of Japan a biggest promotion After having recently started following NJPW I was really interested in finding out some of the history of the company that I might ve missed This book does a great great ob of providing details for a lot of points in the NJPW history and getting an idea how the course that the company went throughUnexpectedly though this book has become a terrific supplemental resource for the NJPW World streaming service It has really helped me get the most out of the subscription and giving context to older wrestlers and matches that were a part of the history of NJPW that you might otherwise miss when you are only watching the most current events in NJPW perfect read for fans interested in NJPW History For somebody who knows nothing about NJPW but knew abo. Any has endured strong competition scandals and riots and for a time it seemed like poor decision making would sink what was once a national institutionFor the first time in English Lion's Pride The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling explores NJPW's triumphs and tribulations Starting with the origins of pro wrestling in post war Japan Lion's Pride covers the company's inception in 1972 through its boom in the early 198. ,
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Lion's Pride: The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling