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I have been giving this book out to my clients for about 5 years since it was recommended to me by a client It can help people through the many options they face the many problems and help them in making the best decision for themselves It also shows a lot of opportunities that people might not know about except by chance I keep this in the retail area of my store so clients don t even have

get online and order it sometimes they ust aren t up to it Everyone who has read this responded that it helped them a lot and gave many peace of mind that they were not alone Comprehensive As a breast cancer survivor living with grade 2 lymphedemia this book isTHE MOST important important reference book to my conditionI use it often "It was my sole orientation to so many very important aspects "was my sole orientation to so many very important aspects taking responsibility for one s health A This is an excellent book for anybody with upper lymphoedema after mastectomy The exercises are really helpful so I haven t needed the other sections on compression bandages and massage Useful tips but overpriced If I were the magic book fairy I would put this book in the hands of every Women who undergo surgery for breast cancer may end up with lymphedema a painful visible swelling usually of the arm Coming to their aid LYMPHEDEMA lays out the many options for preventing and treating the condition The book provides informa.

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Reast cancer survivor As a recent breast cancer surviver my lumpectomy and sentinel node surgery was in Jan 2010 followed by radiation I found this book offered me the most complete and detailed information I sought In fact I had checked this book out of the hospital cancer center library and was so impressed I purchased a copy from It addressed all of my uestions and concerns from symptoms through treatments including a complete illustrated explanation of lymphatic self massage I had learned the techniue "from my physical therapist and this serves as an extremely handy reference "my physical therapist and this serves as an extremely handy reference refreshing my knowledge Further the book is enhanced by the personal stories of several cancer survivors experience with their own lymphedema If you are a breast cancer survivor I highly recommend this book Check to see if a newer version has been released I carried it with me for 3 or 4 years I have given it as gifts and gotten excellent feedback Really helped me This was very helpful to me in my first stages of lymphedema the followed surgery It is still on my shelf for future reference Excellent book to help you if you are at risk for lymphe. Tion on reducing lymphedema through professional therapy as well as exercise and self massage plus helpful illustrations and additional resources It also tells encouraging stories of women who have dealt with lymphedema successfully With upd.
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Lymphedema: A Breast Cancer Patient's Guide to Prevention and HealingDema Massage and exercise instructions to help prevent or control lymphedema A terrific book full of the latest research tips and techniues from or control lymphedema A terrific book full of the latest research tips and techniues from women and internet resources for managing lymphdema Also some coverage of both mainstream and alternative treatments which may help How I wish I had been given this when I first got lymphedema a few years ago Finding good information which wasn t all gloom and doom was very challenging This book is well written organized and encouraging This was very helpful It reassured me that what my physical therapist told me was accurate It also gave me ideas and advice beyond what I have found anywhere else So glad I came across this book uick and easy read but a little outdated info in regards to diet Was really looking for information It does a good ob of covering the basics didnt read enough about it before i ordered so it was not what i wanted my fault really oof to the charity shop great bookeasy to follow and an interesting read for anyone wanting further information on lymphedema and treating it or preventing it I found the massage helpful and do it every day with great succes. Ates "Throughout On The Latest Research "on the latest research and techniues this new edition features expanded nutrition and exercise sections and covers naturopathy acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as well as potential future therapies being teste.