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Ected a horror novel you re going to be disappointed because it s not scary Regardless it s still creepybecause of the way he decided to portray his characters including the cats It was such a perfect balance decided to portray his characters including the cats It was such a perfect balance creepy and funny that I suggest you read it ven if you re only a horror manga fan because I promise you you re going to The Color of Our Sky enjoy this mangaLastly this book came in perfect condition so that s a bonus as well Junji Ito s horror volumes stand tall among the best manga in the world and his art style is notoriously recognizable This is a complete departure from his usual fare in subject matter but NOT in drawing style Hilarious well done and absolutely not for those who will be disappointed if they aren t scared sillyHowever J kun as he calls himself here is scared And silly VERY sillyHe portrays the daily struggles of learning to live with cats and yearning for their affection with adorable terror Cat Diary isasily the funniest manga I ve read in a decade A perfect blend of creepy and cute that keeps me Coming Back To Re Read back to re read laughing aloud very timeIf you love Junji Ito and are open to a different kind of xperience from his typical horror please give Yon Mu a chance to wriggle disturbingly into your heart I promise you laughs awwwws and the occasional WTFFFF I m a big fan of Junji Ito But unless you just want of his illustrations or to learn about him this is going to disappoint you I can see how it could have been Obsession entertaining but it was just boring Lol Funny little book to read that won t take too long to finish There isn t a real plot neverthless I found it reallynjoyable It s not the usual horror you can xpect from Ito but it s definetly interesting to see him working on a different kind of creepy A mild mannered artist s wicked fiancee invites two terrifying creatures into their home one with a cursed face and a skull pattern on its back and the other with a habit of. Ently built a new house and has invited his finance A ko to live with him Little did he knowhis blushing bride to be has some unexpected company in towYon a ghastly looking family cat and Mu an. Biting people with its fangs and together they turn his life upside down Be warned this book makes Fragments of Horror look like a trip to Disneyland in comparison This is #THE BEST THING I VE READ # best thing I ve read a horror fan and cat owner the a horror fan and cat Owner The Are Just Realistically Enough The cats are just realistically nough that they hit uncanny valley but are somehow still adorably xpressive Ito draws his xperiences of being a first time cat owner while his wife is a cat veteran and naturally he fights for their affection while being completely unaware that cats WILL mess with you if you try too hard I wish this man continues writing cat manga I am all for thatWhile Ito incorporates some of his notable horror style it isn t a scary manga if you aren t fond of his other work which I find nice as it s an accessible way of showing non horror fans his style The only drawbacks are that it feels too short specially if you re used to reading his collected volumes like Uzumaki which is HUGE and there is a bonus comic that hits you hard with sadness when you least xpect it I ve been a fan of Junji Ito for a very long time Uzumaki caught abs held my attention from the get go So when I first read snippets of this online it was a really hilarious departure from his usual creepy fare It is All Roads Lead Home exactly what the title suggests a diary of his life with his fianc and their cats Yon and Mu But what makes it so funny is that it s still illustrated like a horror story Perfect for those of us with a perverse sense of humor also has cats Bonus This is an amazing book Yon and Mu are loveable and being able to have a look into Ito s life is amazing I m giving 4 stars because I think some ink may not have dried properly leaving a mark on some of the text where it was hard to read Other than that this is perfect and if you want to xplore of Junji Ito s work but you re finding the horror hard to get into this is the book for you Well observed and ntertaining. Adorable Norwegian forest cat Despite being a dog person J kun finds himself purrsuaded by their odd cuteness and thus begins his comedic struggle to gain the affection of his new feline frien. I got into Juji Ito s work after reading how he help create the super creepy PS4 game PT actually the trailer for the now canceled Silent Hills game I got Tomie Gyo Uzumake and a couple of others in addition to Cat Diary I

read all of 
all of all very good horror manga books But when it came to trimming down my library This book Yon Mu was the only one I kept It s funny terrifying and touching I have literally all of his books available in the United States This is by far one of the interesting ones I m very fascinated by Junji Ito as a person so to be able to get a glimpse into his life and thoughts is very intriguing This is NOT a horror manga Although it has horror lements it s short stories about some of his xperiences with getting to know his wife s cats It s actually really hilarious I cant stop laughing at how he draws his wife At any rate if you love the guy and you want to see a different side of Japan s Stephen King then check out this fun little diary My boyfriend and I have been fans of Junji Ito now for a while so naturally while thinking for Christmas presents this year I Ito now for a while so naturally while thinking for Christmas presents this year I to buy him this book It arrived in plenty of time amazing condition and a very funny read The art style is still Ito s classic horror style but this time juxtaposed with the hilarity of the story of a non cat lover adjusting to life with two cats My boyfriend loves it and all is happy so 5 review from me I bought this as a present for my partner and she really The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis enjoyed it She found it funny while being also deep and sad at times I own a cat so reading this manga was comical yet hit sooo close to home There are some parts that Junji Ito has captured so perfectly of owning a cat that I just had to stop and laugh out loud because it reminded me of my cat so much Though I do warn in thepilogue so to speak there s something truly sad so if you want to scape tears don t read that partTo those who xp. HELL O KITTYMaster of Japanese horror manga Junji Ito presents a series of hissterical tales chronicling his real life trials and tribulations of becoming a cat owner Junji Ito as J kun has rec.

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Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu